Grey Knights - Heavy Support Review

So in our final instalment of the Grey Knights codex review we have the Heavy Support slots.

In this section we have the following units:

Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight
andraider Crusader
Landraider Redeemer.

I will cover off the Landraiders first. Basically whenever you look at these guys remember everything you know from landraiders already. Then add the following:

5 Points for Psychic Power Fortitude. Allowing you to ignore 1/3 of Penetrating results and 2/3 of Glancing results. Never a bad thing one way or another.

They also have the ability to ad Psybolt Ammo for 5 points. Now the +1 STR is great for a standard Landraider & Redeemder as their Heavy Bolters become STR 6, and Assault Cannon basically becomes a Psycannon.

However on the Crusader it moves your Hurricane Bolters from Defensive Weapons into Main Weapons… this does cut your firepower a bit compared to your standard Landraider Crusader so be aware of it.

The Redeemer can also benefit from Psyflame Ammo, giving it STR 7 Inferno cannons, nice for dealing with Higher toughness beasties and for the lightly armour tanks it will help too.

Other than that they are pretty much the same as the result of the Landraiders you see out there.

Now moving on to Dreadnoughts. This is supposed to be the workhorse of the Grey Knight codex… well according to the Internet. Myself I haven’t had to use them yet and I do intent to at some point, just not got round to it yet.

The ‘net list standard Dreadnought you see is dual twin linked Autocannons with Psybolt Ammo making them STR 8. Good for everything upto AV14. For myself I prefer the idea of giving the Dread an Assault Cannon with Psybolt Ammo… this makes it into a Psycannon basically (and therefore allows me to get the Forgeworld Dreadnought arm), 4 shots that can harm a Landraider.

The Autocannon (with Psybolt) has a 1 in 6 of glancing. An Assault Cannon (with Psybolt) has the same chance of getting a rend, but if it rends then it is only a 1 in 3 of it glancing, and a 2 in 3 of it penetrating. For me this is better… but again will have to try it out a bit more.

Dreadnoughts also benefit from two other nifty rules. Fortitude so ignoring those pesky Shaken and Stunned results, and Reinforced Aegis. For me the Reinforced Aegis is the only reason to take a Dreadnought as -4 to the enemies Leadership for Psychic tests at any Grey Knight unit with a model within 12” of the Dread is awesome… but they can die very easily. That one stray Autocannon shot can comfortably kill it, and don’t get me started on a Long Fang pack.

After the Dreadnought we have the Purgation Squad. These boys are allowed to tote 4 Special Weapons around same as the Purifiers, although they pay more for Psycannons. It’s a cheap way to get in more Psycannons or Free Incincerators into your army, nothing wrong with either option there. Their bonus Psychic power (other than Hammerhand) is that they can ignore LOS. Grants your target a 4+ cover save that cannot be improved, but even so the ability to hide out of sight and unleash hell is not too shabby. Again not used these boys yet but I am looking forward to when I can.

In the final slot in this category is my favourite (and according to the internet at large) and everyone elses most hated unit. The Nemesis Dreadknight. I love the model, but that is down to personnal taste.

These guys are not cheap, especially as unless you are willing to Deepstrike em they are not actually that mobile without the 75 point Personal Teleporter upgrade. However if you go with that upgrade it is worth every point of those 75 points as a Dreadknight goes from a minor threat until late in the game to a OH MG GOD ITS IN MY ARMY ON TURN1 threat. The 30” Shunt means that with the right weapons nothing is safe from this unit. The Heavy Incinerator is my personal favourite, especially as it eats annoying Command Squads for Breakfast. Every Vehicles can call to its high STR.

Ok to see the best out of a Dreadknight with a PT I advise using two… both of these appearing in someones face will give them a challenge in wiping out 8 T6 wounds. Most likely will take em a couple of turns by which point the rest of you army should be in position to lay on the hurt.

They aren’t a unit you should just throw forward without a care in the world. They will die to massed firepower, they will die to Guard Squads in combat… but if you can use them to force your opponent to make bad decisions then you will be fine.

hey have made all the difference in every game I have played because people have to figure out how to deal with them… and at the moment very few people have come up with a sure fire way to do so.

Anyway that’s the end of my Grey Knights Codex review. I will be linking all of these posts on the Grey Knights Tab you see at the top of the page…. Feel free to drop me your opinion, whether you agree with me or not I like hearing about other peoples experiences!

Grey Knights - Fast Attack Review.

So in this section we have again only two choices.

The Stormraven
Grey Knight Interceptor Squads.

Starting with the Stormraven… well not much needs to be said here. Its 4 points more exspensive than a BA one, and that 5 points gets you Fortitude to help you ignore Shaken & Stunned Results.

You also swap your Rockets out for Mind Strike ones. These allow you to cause a Perils of the Warp test for each Hit, and then still allow you to wound the enemy with the damage.

These are very situational to be honest as its very rarely you will see a Psyker standing on his own for you to target.

I can think of a few occaisions where it might be worthwhile, and that’s just me using my vague recollections of the Tyranid Codex. But given that Perils allows you to start taking easy wounds off people its not such a terrible thing. For the most part you will end up using them without benefiting from this rule, but everytime it works in your favour you can’t really complain.

Other than that not much to say on the Stormraven… you can find plenty of info on the BA version and it does pretty much the same job as the Grey Knight one.

Grey Knight Interceptors:

Now to begin with I thought these guys might be a tad over priced, especially as I wanted to give them Force Halberds for that I6 charge. However having used them now in several games I really think they pay for themselves.

I tend to run mine in a full 10 man squad, Psybolt Ammo, 2 Incinerators, Daemonhammer and then the Halberd on everything else. The result is a unit that can Shunt 30” during their movement phase, allowing them to get their Incinerators in the best position for use on Infantry. Add in all those St5 shots (16) and they can cause problems for pretty much every type of infantry out there, and any tank with AV11 or less on its rear or side armour.

If you keep them hidden then the enemy has a real problem trying to protect all of his assests on the table and it gives you a could chance to strike at him from somewhere unexepected. I advise using them in tandem with something else arriving close to the enemy either through Deep Strike, Flat out or another unit Shunting. If you just shunt them forward on their own, they will die horribly.

They also have Warp Quake, which again and really disrupt an enemies plans.

This unit has been one of the most fun to play with for me, and I look forward to future games with them!

That’s it for Fast Attack guys… next time Heavy Support!

Grey Knights - Troops Review.

So as a much later addition to my Grey Knight Codex Review, here is a post regarding the troops.

Now there are only two options for you in a Standard army, that is either the Grey Knight Strike Squad, or the Grey Knight Terminators.

The Strike Squad has the same stats as your basic marines, except they cost 5 points more per model. What does that 5 extra points get you?

Well it gets you a Force Weapon, Storm Bolter & Hammerhand & Warp Quake as Psychic powers and the ability to Deep Strike.

Warp Quake is a nice one when you are facing pesky armies that reserve and deep strike into you. Anything that ends its deep strike within 12” of a model in the unit automatically mishaps… and it stops teleporter homers and the like from working.

Hammerhand is the standard +1 St in combat which is nifty when not fighting anyone special.

With regards to shooting if you are taking a full unit of these guys then Psybolt Ammunition is a must. The extra threat against Light Transports at S5 shots is amazing, especially when you are throwing out between 16 & 20 of them in a turn.

Their Special Weapons really only leave one choice for me and that is a Psycannon or 2. Incinerators require you to close the distance, which you may do, but does mean sacrificing shots on the way in, and the Psilencer doesn’t do it for me.

The Grey Knight Terminators are also a solid choice. They are coming in at 40 Points per models which is the same price as Assault or Normal Terminators in most other codexes.

These guys really make the others seem over priced as they can rock around with Thunder Hammers, Swords for +1 INV in combat or Halberds for I6 all the time. They can do the role of both type of terminator for a standard army. What they Lack are Storm Shields, however with an option for Stormshields you would only see 1 type of Grey Knight Terminator on the board so I don’t think they suffer too much from this.

They also have ForceWeapons & Hammerhand that benefit from their Psychic powers so they can get some decent buffs in combat.

With regards to upgrades you can pretty much tool these guys up how you want em. The Brotherhood Banner means you Automatically pass your LD test to charge your Force Weapons… still means it can be stopped by Psychic hoods, but gets round Runes of Warding and Shadow in the Warp Quite nicely. Add in +1 Attack for each model in the unit and I think it’s a bargin for 25 points.

Special Weapons are a bit more of a decision. For me I think you always want a Psycannon as you are relentless and then able to kill anything in the game due to Rending, but depending on how you use them you may prefer the Incinerator or even the Psisilencer.

Again Psybolt Ammunition is awesome on a full squad of 10, and is still worth it on a 5 man unit as well.

Not much else to say really. They may have only two Troop choices, but both are solid choices. I used to think that the Standard Grey Knights were overpriced, but on the flip side of that the Terminators are underpriced so it does balance out.

Both can be kitted out to do pretty much anything from being beasts in combat to being dangerous at range so it gives you a good degree of tactical flexibility.

Grey Knight Analysis - Elites

So after the HQ analysis we have the Elites. Now in the Elites section we have the following options:

Venerable Dreadnoughts

Again this is all based on my opinion, so don’t take it as I believe everyone has to use these units as written its, just a different perspective.

We will start with Purifiers these guys are just awesome. They are basically your Strike Squad pumped up to 11. If you want I6 Marines, then compare the Purifiers to the Strike squad, both with Halberds, you will find the Purifiers are only 1 point more expensive. So what does that 1 point extra per model get you?

Well it gets you an additional Psychic power, an extra Attack, and the ability to take additional Special Weapons, of which the Psi-Silencer & Incinerator are free!

All in all these guys are just plain awesome, and pretty reasonable on points (as Grey Knight units go). Especially when you take Crowe and have them as troops. If you are someone that likes taking Halberd on their Strike Squads then I would advise taking Crowe for this reason alone.

Following on from those guys, we will look at Paladins now these guys are the Point sink, the Deathstar unit. They can have FNP for the few times they fail a 2+ save, 2 wounds, WS5… all the weapon combo’s to make a Thunderwolf & Nob units seem pleasant and easy to deal with. The problems with them? Strength 8, AP 1 & 2 are these guys bane. If you take them you want to have them Either Deepstriking, or with some mode of Transport. They will take a beating from enemy firepower, and if you have these guys then you won’t have much else.

I personally love the idea of Paladins, the heroes of the rank & file. The few games I have tried them in they have had a helluva lot of firepower directed at them, this is somethign that in turn has kept the rest of my army alive to win the game.

Don't forget as well if you have a spare 55 points it could be worth investing it in a Paladin. Ok so its a relatively easy Kill point... but. It does bring a large ST5, Rng 12", Large Blast template to the party. Deep Striking it should also be less of an issue as its only a 1 man unit. Just an idea.

The Venerable Dreadnought comes up now, nice model (well I lie here, its an awesome model imo) but expensive in points. Costing 60 points more than a standard Dreadnought. What do those points get you? Well a point of better BS & WS, and the ability to force your opponent to re-roll any damage results. He can also be made into an advanced version of the rifleman Dread for just less than 200 points. 4 Twin Linked Autocannon shots at BS5, S8 is nothing to be sniffed at, although with such a good BS I would probably give him an Assault Cannon so that you have Rending for the ability to take out the really big boys.

He also has a Reinforced Aegis meaning Psychic tests are at -4 for the bad guys, another nice bonus on a model that is hard to shift.

Following on from a Dreadnought is the… Techmarine (of course, it makes sense when you think about it). The Techmarine might seem like a bit of a waste, especially when its competing against some of the other things in this list, however I feel that it does have a place if you use it right.

The Techmarine gives you the ability to improve a set of ruins from a 4+ cover save to a 3+ cover save, not to be sniffed at. Then add in an Orbital Relay and cheaper Servo Skulls, if the two of them interact how the rules indicate they could (Orbital Relay rolls 1D6 less for scatter) then he is useful as a static character, with preferably a static unit sitting on an objective. Admittedly my whole reason for liking him is based on a rule that could be FAQ’d away, but he has a soft spot for me at the moment.

After the Techmarine I am moving to the Assassins there are of course 4 of them available, each for a relatively high points cost, basically the equivalent of 7 basic Grey Knights. I honestly cannot say that they are worth their points, not at the moment. I will be picking up the models and painting them up, and trying them out as and when I get the chance. I see them as something that would be more used in a Henchmen heavy army, which pretty much ties them down to Coteaz. I think there are too many other good options in this category that if you had the points spare for an Assassin you could take a Techmarine with Orbital Relay, Purifiers or even 2 Paladins.

Finally we have the Henchmen option. These guys aren’t in competition with the other elite slots as they don’t take up a force Organisation slot. This instantly increases their attractiveness. They also have some of the best squad combinations possible. Although my favourite has to be 11 Deathcult Assassins… WS5, I6, S4, 4 Power Weapon Attacks on the charge for only 15 points a model! An absolute bargin in this codex, throw in a 5+ invulnerable and you laughing. Admittedly this is just a close combat monster unit, but the number of options here really makes them a unit you can tailor to your preference. You have to take an Inquisitor to have a squad, or Coteaz to have more than 2, but if you decide to go down the Henchmen route I reckon you could find yourself with a much larger army than most Grey Knight players.

I advise staying away from the Razorback spam, because there are enough armies out there that can pop so many of your Tanks in the opening turn that, for me, the list wont be competitive for long. More and more people are building their army lists with MSU (Multiple Small Unit) in mind, and they are preparing these lists to deal with a 5-6 man Space Marine squad jumping out so the internet lists I have seen with 3 Henchmen do not bode well.

Please remember these are all my opinions and my gaming experiences... its hardly gospel, but just here for food for thought.

Dystopian Wars Dreadnoughts - Painted

 A quick post to show you all some painted pictures of the new Dreadnoughts for the game.

These look even better painted than they do as renders!

Yes I know I am around about a month behind on posting these guys at the moment... working on catching up I promise.

Dystopian Wars - Prussian Dreadnought Preview

Here is the Prussian Dreadnought preview... another beast of a ship. So it might only have 1 more turret than the Battleship, but it is also running a Shield Generator... and it just looks awesome!

Again here is a shot of it next to the current Battleship for the Prussians.  

If this is your first visit to my blog and you haven't heard of Dystopian Wars then click here to see all the related posts, or visit the Spartan games homepage & forum for more information.

If you decide you want to pick any up and you live any where near Kirkcaldy then I advise visiting Kingdom of Adventure as they will happily order you some of these excellent models in.

Dystopian Wars - Kingdom of Britannia Dreadnought Preview

If this is your first visit to my blog and you havent heard of Dystopian Wars then click here to see all the related posts, or visit the Spartan games homepage & forum for more information.

The models are excellent and well worth a look .

If you decide you want to pick any up and you live any where near Kirkcaldy then I advise visiting Kingdom of Adventure as they will happily order you some of these excellent models in.

Here we have a preview for the Kingdom of Britannia Dreadnought.

As you can see from the bottom pictute the hull for this destroyer is significantly larger than the current Battleship hull.

Can't wait to paint this beauty!

Why all the Dreadknight hate?

This is a pet peeve of mine.

The Dreadknight seems to take an awful lot of hatred from people on the net, both for the model and the rules.

Now for the model thats a personnal taste thing, not gonna argue with people there, each to their own and all that.

As for the rules... well so far I have played 20 games with my Grey Knights, I have never left home without a Dreadknight or two, and the Dreadknight (or two) have always had a Personnal Teleporter.

Yes I know its expensive but hear me out...

Now I must have cost the Grey Knight chapter around about 30 Dreadknight suits of armour. They can be killed, and for me nearly always are. I play aggressively with them to force the Opponent to focus fire on them instead of on the rest of my army.

The last 10 games I have played have all been tournaments, and so far I haven't lost a game. 7 of those games had two Dreadknights in my army, the last three had just 1.

Lets look at the pluses of them compared to something else in the army of a comparable cost.

My Dreadknights run at a cost of 230-235 points each.

For that cost (plus or minus say 30 points) I can get the following instead:

2 Rifleman Dreadnoughts
A Landraider
A Stormraven
A 10 Man Strike Squad with 2 Psycannons & Psybolt Ammo
A 5 Man Terminator Squad with Psycannon & Psybolt.

Those are the models I own or can easily convert, but feel free to post other suggestions in the comments.

Now my problem with the first three options are: They are all Vehicles! A Devastator / Longfang / Tank could conceivably kill all of these with 1 shot (2 for the 2 Dreadnoughts) and thats all those points wasted. It hasnt absorbed any firepower and half the time it hasnt helped you (if you dont go first).

The Standard Longfang Squad that you see out there (6 Rocket Launchers) can do damage to a Landraider, although it is not likely. Against my Dreadknight they are gonna be lucky to do anything, and what they do do (always makes me laugh when I write that) to it will not reduce its effectiveness.

Even against Railguns, which are the bane of Landraiders, my Dreadknight is still getting a 5+ Invulnerable save. It might not be much, but your will be surprised how often it can come good for you (just ask a Daemon Player, or a Guard player when he is allowed to take armour saves).

Now the Strike Squad & Terminator squad, both take more shots to kill, and can all deal out more damage at range and in combat.... they just dont have the movement that I want to threaten my enemey lines (I also dont own enough Stirke Marines at the moment, and 10 Terminators in an army seems like enough).

When they get into combat they are throwing out 4, WS5, S10 attacks. 5 on the charge. These guys tear through Vehicles of all descriptions.

What about Horde units I hear you cry!? Well yes against a Horde unit he will have a problem. I had one charged by 14 Kroot who managed to land 7 wounds on it (very good rolling) and I failed two of them. Now at this point my Dreadknight was already down two wounds, and had got me 2 Kill Points already.

Thats also why I run him with a Heavy Incinerator. Ignoring cover saves, Strength 6 with AP4... Horde units hate it. You can break or severely reduce a horde units ability to hurt you with good Incincerator positioning. Or say that company command squad hiding behind all those Guardsmen?

In another Kill Point game I had one Dreadknight Die in turn 1 without doing anything, and the second reduced to 1 wound before it got into combat.... when it got into combat though it chewed through an Ironclad, Librarian, Tactical Squad & Predator before it died.

A lot of people seem to struggle to deal with a T6, 2+ Save creature, thats before you consider its shunt, Heavy Incinerator or 12" movement.

I also think that all these games in, if you are gonna take a Dreadknight, take 2. One of them can die very easily.... but when people have to consider splitting their fire... thats when it gets interesting.

Now if you have had bad experiences with Dreadknights I would love to hear about them. Its gonna happen to me, and I would like to know what people are finding is killing their Dreadknight.

Anyway, enough of me Rambling. Just my thoughts on the Dreadknight. People who play me now celebrate when they kill one... which is fine, cause at that point the rest of my army is poised ready to deal out a whole bucket load of hurt.

Here are some examples of the most basic of overviews of what my Dreadknights did for me in my last three tournaments (of which I won all 3 and didnt drop any of my 10 games).

Game 1: 2 Dreadknights went into this game. 1 came out. Between them the Dreadknights killed: Rhino, Rune Priest, Lone Wolf, Grey Hunter Pack. They were also in involved in the destruction of 2 more Grey Hunter Packs and the Long Fangs.

Game 2: 2 Dreadknights went into this, none came out. They killed 3 War Walkers, and a Harlequin Unit. In addition to holding the Harelquins up for over 4 rounds of combat.

Game 3: 2 Dreadknights went into this none came out. This was a Kill Point game, and in addition to absorbing two turns of shooting from the Salamanders. They got me 4 kill points. Libby, Tactical Squad, Ironclad & Predator.

Game 4: The Dreadknights were much less effective in this game against the space wolves. Although they did again get me 2 Rhinos, Rune Priest and a unit of Long Fangs

Game 5: Sieze Ground, Pitched Battle. 2 Dreadknights went in, 1 Survived. They helped kill the following enemy units – 2 Tactical Squads, Company Command Squad, Company Commander, 2 Landspeeders

Game 6: Capture and Control: 2 Dreadknights went in, 1 Survived. They again helped kill 4 Deathwing Squads, and Belial was the sole responsibility of one of the Dreadknights as well.

Game 7: Annihilation: 2 Dreadknights went in, none survived. They killed the Pathfinder squad & the Broadside unit before both were dead.

Game 8: Annihilation: 1 Dreadknight went in and survived. He killed the Mek Boy, Ork Warboss & 3 Kill Khans.

Game 9: Seize Ground, 1 Dreadknight went in and Died. He killed a Rune Priest and assited in killing the Grey Hunter unit. He also absorbed all of their Rocket Fire and an Orbital Bombardment.

Game 10: Capture and Control: 1 Dreadknight went in and died. He killed 8 Fire Warriors. He then took the shooting of the entire Eldar and Tau force before dying.

In total.

10 Games
17 Suits of Dreadknight Armour Employed.
4 Survived
13 Suits destroyed in battle.

Given the above stats I am pretty sure the Chapter Master does not want to lend me any suits of Dreadknight armour in Future! Regardless of how good they are, the Grey Knights will just be running out of suits.

I should clarify here that I dont think they are the most survivable model in the rules but they do a job, and used correctly they do it magnificently.

Playing games & Learning about myself.

A quick warning this is a definite ramble post!

Now that three tournaments over two weekends is behind me, I can take a moment to reflect on the games I played.

I started Originally wanting to win 50% of my games in the first weekend. 3 or 4 out of 7 would do me for my first two tournaments.

I ended up winning all 7.

I can honestly say that out of those 7 games when I started them, only 1 of them was a game I was confident I could win.

The other 6 I looked at and knew they would be a serious challenge. Of those 4 of them were games where I thought that it was going to be an uphill struggle, and in the end I won 3 of them comfortably.

What I am trying to get at here is that I have a negative outlook on how my games will go. I see what is against me, and can do a good assessment of what it counters in my army and what I counter in it.

This has resulted in me on several occasions stating to my opponent that they have won the game (normally because of one poor combat / round of shooting for me or a good one for them). Now a chunk of the time when I make this statement I am right.

However in one crunch game at the end of the first tournament I was convinced I was going to lose. The army I was facing had beaten me up a couple of times, and the player is a top class player. He doesn’t get over excited or overly depressed when things go wrong he just keeps playing.

However (and this just proves that your mental attitude doesn’t affect the dice one way or the other) I ended up winning it after a string of unlucky rolls for my opponent and a sting of very lucky ones for me.

Now I ended up winning something like 7-4 on kill points, but with only 1 model left on the table at the end of the game with only 2 wounds left it was a lot closer than the KP suggested.

I guess what I am trying to do, is to tell anyone reading not to take the dice rolls personally (a piece of advice I was given recently). If you do, then you end up with awesome highs when it all goes well.. but the lows behind it can ruin not only your game but your opponents. This isn’t something I want to do, but I am fully aware that I have done this in the past, and even with a supreme effort it will probably happen again in the future. After all I sure as sure am not perfect.

The advice was given to me after my first tournament in these 3, and it certainly helped me take a more relaxed approach to the games on the second tournament.

Now I do not mean don’t celebrate when you roll 13 dice and don’t fail an armour save, or that holding your head in your hands when you roll the same number and don’t get higher than a 2.

Just remember no matter how you feel the dice will do what they do. Having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) will not get you better dice rolls (contrary to what people tell me). What it will do is allow you to ignore the absolutely terribad dice rolls you get when they are followed or proceeded by the amazing ones your opponent gets.

With a PMA you are much more likely to enjoy your games, much less likely to forget your rules, or to move your models or to shoot with them. You are also much less likely to ruin your game or your opponents.

Something for people to think about, most of all me. I can talk the talk... but I really need to walk the walk with this one.

And for those of you who put up with me in foul moods during or after games, or for those of you where I have ruined a game for you (I hope there arent too many of these), or even annoyed you in a game, let me publically apologise. Its not my intent.. and I promise I am trying to improve!

Calling Dystopian War Bloggers!

So second time round for this, the last time I posted about it was late last year.

As you may or may not see, on the left handside of my Blog there is a section labelled Dystopian Wars Bloggers.

This is a blog roll I am trying to build up of people who are collecting, modelling and gaming about the Dystopian Wars.

As anyone who has played it can atest this is an awesome game, and I am trying to do my bit to up coverage of the game.

I got an awful lot of my weekly traffic to the Blog from people coming to read my Dystopian Wars Review. I figure the more information peopel can find out about this Game the better.

So if you would like to be included on the Blogroll on the left handside then please drop me a comment here, or an email to

As I mentioned yesterday I have some pages setup for my Various Games Systems, on the Dystopian Wars one, I will add any websites or blogs that would like to be added that contain Dystopian Wars content, just as another way to try and improve the amount of information out there and hopefully to make it easier to access.

So any help, suggestions ideas or weblinks will be greatly appreciated... cause I reckon that with a little bit of work we can further help increase the amount of information out there for Dystopian Wars newbies and players alike!

Extra Pages

So across the top of this page you can see extra links like the Book of Grudges, Dystopian WarsWarmachine & Hordes & Warhammer 40,000.

These pages have been there for a while, and been underconstruction for nearly the whole time they have been there.

Well not any longer! Now I am updating them with the Battle reports, Army lists and pictures of the models painted for each category.

It will all be links to other parts of the blog, but should hopefully allow you an easier and faster way to navigate the Blog if there is information there you want to see.

I love reading peoples blogs for Battle reports which is why I have included those, Army lists for people who want to see how I build my armies and pictures for those wanting inspiration for painting models (although I dont see my painting providing that much inspiration lol).

Hope they are useful, and as usual please feel free to leave comments here or on the pages as all feedback is welcome.

Also if there is anything you would like to see me write about then let me know and I will do my best to accomodate you.

If you want to get in touch, drop me an email at

Nemesis Dreadknight

This bad boy is just an awesome model to put together. I would advise anyone against Gluing the guns to the arms or the right hand.

With a little bit of practice you can easily get this model so that it has two shooting weapon options, and all three melee options.

The first set of pictures below show an armless Dreadknight... but the bits at the top are there to rerepresent the Personal Teleporter.

And below the finished product... all in all pretty happy with how this guy turned out.

Dystopian Wars - Federated States of America Dreadnought Preview!

 So here is the fourth post about the new Dreadnought class of ship for Dystopian wars. This time its the Federated states I am showing.

This is yet another excellent looking mini that I look forward to being able to paint.

And below you can see a comparison shot of it next to the current Battleship for the FSA.

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If you decide you want to pick any up and you live any where near Kirkcaldy then I advise visiting Kingdom of Adventure as they will happily order you some of these excellent models in.

Dystopian Wars - Empire of the Blazing Sun Dreadnought Preview

So this time I bring you (still weeks behind when it appeared on their forums lol) the Blazing Sun's Dreadnought.
Another beast of a ship that will be terroising waters near you in the future!

The shots below have it side by side with their current Battleship. 

If this is your first visit to my blog and you havent heard of Dystopian Wars then click here to see all the related posts, or visit the Spartan games homepage & forum for more information.

If you decide you want to pick any up and you live any where near Kirkcaldy then I advise visiting Kingdom of Adventure as they will happily order you some of these excellent models in.

Grey Knights - Answers!

The Grey Knights FAQ is out!

You have probably seen the above headline a lot this last week, appearing all over the blogosphere.

So what does this FAQ mean to me?

Well having read it through Thoroughly I can say only 1 quesiton gives an answer that I was hoping against.

That is the:

Q: Does a Dreadknight with a Nemesis doomfist strike at Strength 6 or Strength 10 in close combat? (p34)
A: Strength 6, as it is not a walker.

This is a bit frustrating as it certainly reduces the big guys effectiveness against Independant Characters & Vehicles.

Although for me it also makes sense. Given how the rules work now you get three options:

Standard Loadout: +1 Attack (free)
Thunderhammer: Strength 10, Thunderhammer (10 Points)
Greatsword: Re-rolls to hit and wound & Armour Pen. (25 Points)

However on the flip side of that I am generally hitting these characters and wounding them often enough that they would die anyway... but I always wanted the easier option.

Does this make Dreadknights better or worse? Well for me a little worse, as its 4 points of Strength lost.

Although that said its only 10 points for the Thunderhammer option which now has a place on the Dreadknight.

Other interesting points are that the Ulmeathi Plasma Syphon works against Tau Pulse Rifles... a nice touch if you know you are going to face large Tau armies.

I have seen some people say that being unable to Shunt in a Scout move & that Falchions only giving +1 Attack are bad answers but I dont think so.

Shunting in your Scout move makes it terribly overpowered, even at 75 Points for the upgrade on a Dreadknight, but for the Interceptors they would just be eveyones go to guys.

The Falchions is exactly what I expected. At 10 points a standard Grey Knight for the upgrade then yuppers they are overpriced but that what you have to deal with. On a Terminator or Paladin they are only 5 points, and that is not a bad deal at all.

Other than that I am pretty happy with the FAQ, I dont see it changing my armies, nor do I see it affecting how I play too much.

Moving on to the main Rulebook, the ability to stack Hammerhand is very nice. So if I decide to with a Character of some description in the unit and the unit itself I can have basic Grey Knight striking at Str 6! At lot of people have been on about higher Str than that, however for me this is the most likely one to happen and lets be honest... its pretty damn good.

How do you think this FAQ is going to effect you playing as or playing against Grey Knights? I would love to know!

KoA Doubles Battle Report - Game 3

So in our third and final game of the day we had a dual Eldar & Tau list.

Not my ideal choice. The list may well be Footdar, but the guy playing them was very good at what he did, and David his team mate was also well up on what to do with the Tau.

The list we were facing was something like:

Farseer, Singing Spear, Warding Runes, Fortune & Doom
10 Striking Scorpions
10 Dire Avengers
3 War Walkers
1 Wraithlord

Tau Commander Battlesuit
3 Tau Battlesuits with TL Rocket Pods & Flamers
11 Tau
20 Kroot
20 Kroot

To see the list my Brother and I took please click here.

The mission was Capture and Control and we both put our objectives on the right hand side of the board, nearly directly opposited each other.
Due to this we reduced the board size (in essence) from a 6 x 4 to a 4 x 4.

The two pictures above show our deployment.

Turn 1:
We won the roll to go first (for the first time this game) and set ourselves up relatively agressively.

Our oppoenents decided to reserve the following units:

Kroot - Outflank
Kroot - Outflank
Piranha - Reserve
Striking Scorpions - Outflan
WarWalkers - Outflank
Tau Commander - Deep Strike

This left us with very little on the board to deal with.

In our first turn the Interceptors & Dreadknight shunted across the Board, while the Strike Squad moved up enough to be in range of their Dire Avengers.

The Stormraven moved flat out 24" forward, while the Assault Marines moved up the right hand flank towards the objective.
The Dreadknight killed 7 Tau Fire Warriors with his Heavy Incinerator, while the Interceptors & Strike squad killed lots of the Dire Avengers, however both units passed their Break checks.

In our opponents turn 1, their Farseer, Fortuned his own unit, and Doomed the Dreadknight. This truly spelt the doom for him as he was shot at by 3 Battlesuits, 3 Dire Avengers & 5 Tau Fire Warrirors & a Wraithlord. This unfortunately killed him in one turn, but did leave the rest of our army untouched.

Turn 2:
In our second turn the Stormraven deposited the Terminators so they could charge the Wraithlord while the Assault Squad & Librarian moved up towards the Battlesuits at the backend of the table.

The Strike Squad moved in on the Farseer & the remaining Dire Avengers.

The shooting phase yielded little in the way of damage to our enemies, however in combat the Interceptors & Terminators charged.

The terminators killed the Wraithlord in one combat, while the Interceptors killed the last Dire Avenger but lost one of their own to the Farseer... a drawn combat.

In the Eldar & Tau turn 2, the War Walkers and Striking Scorpions did not arrive, nor did the Pirannha. However both Kroot units did, as did the Tau Commander. The Kroot arrived on both board edges, so one unit was out of the fight for a few turns, while the other was surrounding the Blood Angel Assault Marines.

The Tau Commander tried to deepstrike to get a shot on the Stormraven, however he scattered into the Raven and mishapped and died. One less unit for us to worry about.

The Farseer once again cast Fortune on himself, and this time Doomed the Assault Squad. The Tau firewarriors didnt move and opened up on the Terminators standing on the body of the Wraithlord, while the Tau Battlesuits & Kroot opened up on the Assault Marines, reducing them to just two Marines & the Librarian, however they passed their break check.

In combat the Farseer and Interceptors duked it out with the Interceptors causing a wound and another Interceptor dying to the Farseer. Drawn combat this time.

Turn 3:
So with our turn back, we began the process of reposition for some serious damage on the enemy forces. The Stormraven moved 6" so it was able to fire its full salvo at the Tau Battlesuits, while the Strike squad moved foward to get range on the Kroot.

The Terminators turned round ready to assist their Brethern if required.

In the shooting phase the Stormravens opening salvo wiped out the Battlesuits to a man, before the Strike Squads shooting annhilated the Kroot so that they broke and fled off the board.

In combat the Interceptors once again only managed a wound, but still to the loss of one of their men. So drawn combat again.

In our opponents Turn 3, the War Walkers & Pirannha turned up. The Priannha moved into the midlle of our battle lines to get a shot at the Stormraven although this did leave it close to the Terminators.

The Warwalkers arrive on the Board edge we were close to and moved into range and line of sight for my Strike Squad.

The Kroot that had arrive in the previous turn moved up again to get closer to their objective, now less than 12" away from the terminators and a lot closer to the Interceptors.

In the shooting phase the Pirannha missed, while the Warwalkers unleashed a horrific volley at the Strike Squad that killed the Inquisitor outright, although I managed to pass all of my 3+ saves minus one Grey knight that died.

Combat opened up again on the Farseer this time the Interceptors this time they finally managed to kill him, consolidating out of cover.

Turn 4:
With 2 new arrivals last time and the Kroot finally being in the fight this turn would make or break us.

The Strike Squad moved to get good positioning on the War Walkers, while Interceptor squad moved next to the Kroot squad to get the maximum number with their Incinerator.

The Stormraven shifted position to allow it to target the Tau Squad that was next to the Kroot. The Terminators line themselves up for a bash with the Piranha

In the shooting phase, the Stormraven killed all of the Tau Fire Warriors, before the Interceptors broke the Kroot who fled off the board.

The Strike squad opened up on the three Warwalkers and managed to kill 2 of them, leaving one unable to shoot next turn.

In combat the Terminators charged in, and even needing 6's to hit landed two blows that destroyed the Pirannha.

In one turn we had reduced our opponents to a WarWalker and a unit of Striking Scorpions that would turn up this turn or next...

In their turn they rolled for the the Scorpions again... who failed to turn up.

The Warwalker hid in Cover away from my Strike squad, and that was their turn.

urn 5
Now in turn 5 my Brother and I had a difference of opinion, as he moved his Assault Marines off the objective and into the Stormraven... we were now only holding one objective...

In my shooting (as the rest of the movement was moot in the middle of the board at this point) I managed to score 4 penetrating hits and a glance on the Warwalker... however Finaly in his cheesest rolls passed all of the cover saves.

n their Turn 5, the Scorpions turned up... on the wrong side of the board! So we were left with only a WarWalker to worry about.

He moved it around the wall, into charge range. His shooting did nothing, and in combat I had to move my men out of range of the objective to get into combat with him... a cunning tactic!

However I passed my Psychic test for Hammerhand, and with our attacks back managed to Wreck the Warwalker. I then consolidated back onto the Objective.

At that point our opponents conceded the game.

My third tournament in 2 weeks, my third first place, in no small part to the tireless efforts of the Blood Angels and my Brother, cause he did most of the damage in this game.

Warpstone Flux Army List Challenge!

Quick double post today,

Just a reminder for anyone interested that over at the Warpstone flux the voting is now up for the best cheap starting army for new players.

It includes a list and the price to buy the models new. Pop on over, having a look and cast a vote!

Warpstone Flux

KoA Doubles Battle Report - Game 2

So in our second game we were playing Sieze ground and we rolled 5 Objectives, we also had a Spearhead deployment.

Our opponents were Crimson Fists & Space Wolves.

Their lists looked like this;

Space Wolves:
Rune Priests, Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning
Grey Hunters x 8. Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino.
Grey Hunters x 8. Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Drop Pod
Long Fangs x 6, Rocket Launchers x 6
Wolf Guard x 3, Arjac Rockfist, Combi Meltagun & Power fist x 2

Crimson Fists:
Pedro Kantor
Tactical Squad, Flamer & Rocket Launcher
Scout Squad x 5, Sniper Rifles, Telius.
Assault Squad x 6, Power Weapon
Attack Bike Squadron x 3, Multi-Melta x 2, Heavy Bolter
Again we lost the roll for first turn and were forced to go second.

If you missed our list last time, click here.

The table looked like this:

Turn 1:

Unfortunately for us, their drop pod Arrived where they wanted it, and Arjac jumped out and threw his Thunderhammer at the Stormraven, penetrating then blowing it up. Two games now and the Storm Raven had last a total of 3 turns.

The rest of their shooting was pretty ineffectual, however losing the Stormraven early meant no Terminators across the board like we had hoped.

In our Turn 1, the Inquisitor left his strike squad to join the Assault Terminators in dealing with the drop podding Wolves.

My Interceptors leapt forward 12” to deal with the 5 man Tactical squad in the woods near an objective, while one of my other Grey Knight squads moved round to open up on the Attack Bike squadron.

The Dreadknight Shunted towards the Rhino with the Rune Priest, although our shooting and heavy Incinerator were unable to kill it and allow him to charge in.

The Assault Marines and Librarian charged towards the attack bikes intent on taking them out.

The shooting reduced the attack bikes to only two left, while the rest of our shooting at the Space Wolves knocked them down to 6 men (including Arjac).

In the assault phase the Interceptors charged into combat with the combat squad, killing two for no losses, although with Kantor on the table they were stubborn and didn’t flee.

The Assault Squad and Librarain didn’t manage to do much, as they only killed one of the bikes due to some terrible dice rolling on our part.

The Terminators & Inquisitor killed all of the Space Wolves, excluding Arjac and only lost one of their men in return. Of course Arjac is also Stubborn so he didn’t go anywhere either.

Turn 2:

In their Turn 2, their assault marines leapt towards the Blood Angel Assault Marines intent on saving the Attack bikes. The Rhino with Rune priest moved so it wasn’t hit automatically in combat next turn and the Rune Priest began reading his Jaws of the World Wolf for my Dreadknight.

Other than that their movement was pretty quiet.

In their shooting the Scouts started by opening up on one of my Strike combat squads, fortunately no casualties were inflicted.

Their Long fangs and Missile Launchers hammered into the Dreadknight scoring 2 hits out of 7 shots (hence calling them MISSile launchers this time). However no wounds were inflicted.

The Rune Priest targeted the Dreadknight but he passed his Imitative test.

In combat the Assault marines charged into one of the Blood Angel Assault Marine combat squads, laying about them, but ultimately inflicting few wounds. The attack bike died this time, and the Blood Angels passed their Break checks as they lost 3 marines in total to only 2 wounds caused.

The interceptors made short work of the combat squad form the previous turn, allowing them to consolidate out of the woods.

Arjac turned his attentions to my Inquisitor and made him go Squish in one turn, while the Terminators took a wound off him… except he had eternal warrior so that fight went on….
In our turn 2, the Interceptors joined the Dreadknight next to the Rune Priests Rhino, while one of the Strike Combat squads took aim at the Rhino itself.

The other Strike combat squad set its sights on the Scouts in the woods.

In the shooting phase the Strike squad popped the Rhino, ensuring its contents were there for the Dreadknight & Interceptors to shoot at them, another 3 Space Wolves died from the combined fire.

The second Strike Combat squad opened up on the Scouts in the woods, killing two of them, although they didn’t flee.

In the combat phase the Dreadknight & Interceptors made short work of the Rune Priest & Space Wolf Squad, while Arjac and the Terminators failed to cause any wounds on each other.

In the centre of the board the Assault Marines duked it out, with the Crimson fists squad being reduced to just the Sergeant & two marines who promptly passed their break check.

Turn 3:

Both sides were beginning to look a little thin on the ground now with losses beginning to mount. The Space Wolves & Crimson Fists had no movement this time, so we were straight to the shooting phase.

They combined all their firepower on the Dreadknight and this time managed to bring it down with a torrent of failed saves! Another suit of Dreadknight armour irreversibly damaged. This included the Oribital Bombardment from Pedro himself (which was what took the last wound off the Dreadknight).

The scouts shot again at the Grey Knights, killing one, but they passed their pinning check.

In combat, the Assault Marines flailed at each other doing no damage and drawing combat. The Terminators on the other hand managed to kill Arjac, with only two of them left alive.

In our Turn 3, the Interceptors shunted towards Pedro Kantor, both Strike squads started advancing towards objectives, with the one on our left flank keeping an eye on the Scouts.

The Interceptors unleashed a torrent of Fire on Kantor and his squad, killing the last troop choice for them, but leaving Kantor unwounded. Although he was eying my interceptors with a worrying glint.

The Strike squad once again unleashed hell on the scouts but only managed to kill Telion, the scouts once again refused to break.

The Assault phase finally went in our favour as the Blood Angels killed off all of them except for the Power Sword sergeant, they won combat but once again he refused to break.

Turn 4:

In turn 4, our opponents really were running low on mins, with less than 10 left on the table. Kantor moved himself into a better position to charge the Interceptors, the Scouts sat still, as did the Long Fangs.

The shooting phase was quiet with Kantor shooting at the Interceptors but failing to harm them. I can’t remember what the Long Fangs did except it wasn’t much. The scouts also were not a lot of use for them .

In combat the two Blood Angel Assault Marine squads killed off the last enemy Assault marine, and consolidated towards the objective.

Kantor charged in and my Interceptors got to strike first. Now at this point I had 1 Normal Attack and 6 force weapon attacks. Needing 4’s to hit and wound meant I figured I would better to go for Hammerhand rather than charging the force Weapons. Doing it this way resulted in two failed Invulnerable saves on Kantor, and his return attacks only squished one of my Interceptors. Without Hammerhand I would have wounded once, and I was glad I did it the way I did.

In our Turn 4, the Strike Squad moved up to and objective with 4 Assault Marines next to it, the other combat squad was down to 1 Assault Marine left who went for another objective and hid out of the way.

The Strike squad then turned their guns on the Scouts in the woods, and finished them both off… finally.

In combat my Interceptors managed to kill Pedro, with 5 of them still left alive.

Turn 5:

With only the Long Fangs left they moved up towards my Interceptors, shot them (and killed one) and then charged them. In combat the Long Fangs lost by 2 and passed their Leadership check.

In our Turn 5, our men moved to hold more objectives while the Interceptors managed to break the Long Fangs in combat, they out ran us and were fleeing as the game ended!

Another victory for the Blood Angels & Grey Knights.

With two down we only had one to go, and it was either dual Tau (which scared us) or Tau & Eldar (which also scared us).

That report to follow next time.

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