Games in May

I apologise about the lack of posts this month, as I mentioned last month had a lot going on.

In the end I managed 9 Games of 40K, mainly due to the Two Tournaments I took part in. Both of which I managed to win, in no small part due to the Dice Gods loving me deeply.

Information on the games I played in these tournaments will be following in the next few days.
Next month I have a 40k Doubles Tournament and hopefully a chunk of friendly games. As I now have two fully painted Grey Knight Armies at 1000 Points & 1750 Points I am aiming to start filling out pictures of models in the Galleries... with luck by this time next month you will all be able to see more pictures of the models I have!

Anyway, here are the games from this month:

Grey Knights vs Eldar, 1750 Points, Seize Ground, Win
Grey Knights vs Blood Angels, 1000 Points, Dawn of War, Annhilation, Win

Partick Tournament (4 Games, 1000 Points).
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves, Capture & Control, Win
Grey Knights vs Eldar, Sieze Ground, Win
Grey Knights vs Salamanders, Annhilation, Win
Grey Knights vs Space Wolves, Annhilation, Win

Intrepidation Tournament (3 Games, 1750 Points)
Grey Knights vs Imperial Fists, Sieze Ground, Win
Grey Knights vs Dark Angels, Capture and Control, Win
Grey Knights vs Tau, Annhilation, Win

50 Tonne Game - Draw
100 Tonne Game - Win


Pete W said…
Impressive record. Well done, good sir.
Kraggi said…
Thank you very much.

A lot of it is down to people not knowing Grey Knights, or how to deal with flying Dreadknights.

I imagine the more games I play the more realistic my Win/Draw/Loss will become.