KoA Doubles Battle Report - Game 2

So in our second game we were playing Sieze ground and we rolled 5 Objectives, we also had a Spearhead deployment.

Our opponents were Crimson Fists & Space Wolves.

Their lists looked like this;

Space Wolves:
Rune Priests, Jaws of the World Wolf, Living Lightning
Grey Hunters x 8. Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino.
Grey Hunters x 8. Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Drop Pod
Long Fangs x 6, Rocket Launchers x 6
Wolf Guard x 3, Arjac Rockfist, Combi Meltagun & Power fist x 2

Crimson Fists:
Pedro Kantor
Tactical Squad, Flamer & Rocket Launcher
Scout Squad x 5, Sniper Rifles, Telius.
Assault Squad x 6, Power Weapon
Attack Bike Squadron x 3, Multi-Melta x 2, Heavy Bolter
Again we lost the roll for first turn and were forced to go second.

If you missed our list last time, click here.

The table looked like this:

Turn 1:

Unfortunately for us, their drop pod Arrived where they wanted it, and Arjac jumped out and threw his Thunderhammer at the Stormraven, penetrating then blowing it up. Two games now and the Storm Raven had last a total of 3 turns.

The rest of their shooting was pretty ineffectual, however losing the Stormraven early meant no Terminators across the board like we had hoped.

In our Turn 1, the Inquisitor left his strike squad to join the Assault Terminators in dealing with the drop podding Wolves.

My Interceptors leapt forward 12” to deal with the 5 man Tactical squad in the woods near an objective, while one of my other Grey Knight squads moved round to open up on the Attack Bike squadron.

The Dreadknight Shunted towards the Rhino with the Rune Priest, although our shooting and heavy Incinerator were unable to kill it and allow him to charge in.

The Assault Marines and Librarian charged towards the attack bikes intent on taking them out.

The shooting reduced the attack bikes to only two left, while the rest of our shooting at the Space Wolves knocked them down to 6 men (including Arjac).

In the assault phase the Interceptors charged into combat with the combat squad, killing two for no losses, although with Kantor on the table they were stubborn and didn’t flee.

The Assault Squad and Librarain didn’t manage to do much, as they only killed one of the bikes due to some terrible dice rolling on our part.

The Terminators & Inquisitor killed all of the Space Wolves, excluding Arjac and only lost one of their men in return. Of course Arjac is also Stubborn so he didn’t go anywhere either.

Turn 2:

In their Turn 2, their assault marines leapt towards the Blood Angel Assault Marines intent on saving the Attack bikes. The Rhino with Rune priest moved so it wasn’t hit automatically in combat next turn and the Rune Priest began reading his Jaws of the World Wolf for my Dreadknight.

Other than that their movement was pretty quiet.

In their shooting the Scouts started by opening up on one of my Strike combat squads, fortunately no casualties were inflicted.

Their Long fangs and Missile Launchers hammered into the Dreadknight scoring 2 hits out of 7 shots (hence calling them MISSile launchers this time). However no wounds were inflicted.

The Rune Priest targeted the Dreadknight but he passed his Imitative test.

In combat the Assault marines charged into one of the Blood Angel Assault Marine combat squads, laying about them, but ultimately inflicting few wounds. The attack bike died this time, and the Blood Angels passed their Break checks as they lost 3 marines in total to only 2 wounds caused.

The interceptors made short work of the combat squad form the previous turn, allowing them to consolidate out of the woods.

Arjac turned his attentions to my Inquisitor and made him go Squish in one turn, while the Terminators took a wound off him… except he had eternal warrior so that fight went on….
In our turn 2, the Interceptors joined the Dreadknight next to the Rune Priests Rhino, while one of the Strike Combat squads took aim at the Rhino itself.

The other Strike combat squad set its sights on the Scouts in the woods.

In the shooting phase the Strike squad popped the Rhino, ensuring its contents were there for the Dreadknight & Interceptors to shoot at them, another 3 Space Wolves died from the combined fire.

The second Strike Combat squad opened up on the Scouts in the woods, killing two of them, although they didn’t flee.

In the combat phase the Dreadknight & Interceptors made short work of the Rune Priest & Space Wolf Squad, while Arjac and the Terminators failed to cause any wounds on each other.

In the centre of the board the Assault Marines duked it out, with the Crimson fists squad being reduced to just the Sergeant & two marines who promptly passed their break check.

Turn 3:

Both sides were beginning to look a little thin on the ground now with losses beginning to mount. The Space Wolves & Crimson Fists had no movement this time, so we were straight to the shooting phase.

They combined all their firepower on the Dreadknight and this time managed to bring it down with a torrent of failed saves! Another suit of Dreadknight armour irreversibly damaged. This included the Oribital Bombardment from Pedro himself (which was what took the last wound off the Dreadknight).

The scouts shot again at the Grey Knights, killing one, but they passed their pinning check.

In combat, the Assault Marines flailed at each other doing no damage and drawing combat. The Terminators on the other hand managed to kill Arjac, with only two of them left alive.

In our Turn 3, the Interceptors shunted towards Pedro Kantor, both Strike squads started advancing towards objectives, with the one on our left flank keeping an eye on the Scouts.

The Interceptors unleashed a torrent of Fire on Kantor and his squad, killing the last troop choice for them, but leaving Kantor unwounded. Although he was eying my interceptors with a worrying glint.

The Strike squad once again unleashed hell on the scouts but only managed to kill Telion, the scouts once again refused to break.

The Assault phase finally went in our favour as the Blood Angels killed off all of them except for the Power Sword sergeant, they won combat but once again he refused to break.

Turn 4:

In turn 4, our opponents really were running low on mins, with less than 10 left on the table. Kantor moved himself into a better position to charge the Interceptors, the Scouts sat still, as did the Long Fangs.

The shooting phase was quiet with Kantor shooting at the Interceptors but failing to harm them. I can’t remember what the Long Fangs did except it wasn’t much. The scouts also were not a lot of use for them .

In combat the two Blood Angel Assault Marine squads killed off the last enemy Assault marine, and consolidated towards the objective.

Kantor charged in and my Interceptors got to strike first. Now at this point I had 1 Normal Attack and 6 force weapon attacks. Needing 4’s to hit and wound meant I figured I would better to go for Hammerhand rather than charging the force Weapons. Doing it this way resulted in two failed Invulnerable saves on Kantor, and his return attacks only squished one of my Interceptors. Without Hammerhand I would have wounded once, and I was glad I did it the way I did.

In our Turn 4, the Strike Squad moved up to and objective with 4 Assault Marines next to it, the other combat squad was down to 1 Assault Marine left who went for another objective and hid out of the way.

The Strike squad then turned their guns on the Scouts in the woods, and finished them both off… finally.

In combat my Interceptors managed to kill Pedro, with 5 of them still left alive.

Turn 5:

With only the Long Fangs left they moved up towards my Interceptors, shot them (and killed one) and then charged them. In combat the Long Fangs lost by 2 and passed their Leadership check.

In our Turn 5, our men moved to hold more objectives while the Interceptors managed to break the Long Fangs in combat, they out ran us and were fleeing as the game ended!

Another victory for the Blood Angels & Grey Knights.

With two down we only had one to go, and it was either dual Tau (which scared us) or Tau & Eldar (which also scared us).

That report to follow next time.