Intrepidation 1750 Battle Reports (Pt 3)

So here is the final installment in my Intrepidation Battle reports.

This time it was a game against the Tau.

Annhilation, Dawn of War.

My main concern with Tau is the amount of ranged firepower, and how hard they can be to catch up too. I knew I would be shunting my Dreadknights & Interceptors in the first turn so if I didnt get that right I would be chasing him around the boad all day.

Below is a picture of the Tau army I was facing.

Here is a detailed list of what I was facing

XV8 Shas'el - Fusion Blaster, TL Missile Pod
2 x XV8 Shas'vre Bodyguard - TL Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster

XV8 Shas'el - Fusion Blaster, TL Plasma rifle, Hardwired Blacksun Filter
2 x XV8 Shas'vre Bodyguard - TL Missile Pod, Flamer, Hardwired Blacksun Filter

2 x XV8 Shas'ui - TL Missile Pod, Flamer

6 Fire Warrior 'la

10 Kroot with 4 Kroot Hounds

10 Kroot with 5 Kroot Hounds

Fast Attack
4 Pathfinders
Pathfinder 'ui - Hard wired Drone Controller, Gun Drone & Gun Drone
Devilfish -  Burst Cannon, 2 x Grun Drone, Disruption Pod

2 Piranha - Disruption Pods, Flechette Discharger, Targeting Array

Heavy Support
3 Broadsides -
TL 'ul - TL Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, Hardwired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones, Hardwird Target Lock

Hammerhead - Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod, Multi-tracker

Hammerhead - Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod, Multi-tracker
My Grandstrategy roll got me 1, so I gave my Strike squad Scout.

We rolled off for deployment and I lost! Not the ideal start.

The Tau setup two Kroot squads in a fortified area on the left of the board, while his Command Unit setup in the middle of the table.

Turn 1:
In his movement phase he moved all of us units onto the table. With the Hammerheads sitting in the middle of the Board, the Broadsides in the Fortified area behind the Kroot. He also had his Devilfish, Pathfinders & Fire Warriors in there. A nice juicy 5 kill points if I could get into it.

His first turn of shooting caused no casualties as he either fluffed his attack rolls or failed his Night fighting spotting distances.

My turn rolled on, and the Interceptors & both Dreadknights shunted onto the table. The Interceptors wide on the left, with the Dreadknights alot more central.
The Strike squad moved into the Runis in the centre of the board, while the Terminators advanced in their long strung out line.

In the Shooting phase, everything passed its Night Fighting spotting distances, I dont believe I failed one. The Interceptors opened up on the Kroot Squad on the left causing enough casualties to force them to Break and run.

The Dreadknight in the middle had the Heavy Incinerator so he targetted the Pathfinders, and torched them, breaking the unit so it would not rally.

The Strike squad then unleashed a volley at his HQ & Bodyguard. I didnt kill the Bodyguard, but I did kill the Commander. The Dreadknight with Greatsword ran to get closed to the enemy, while the Terminators tried a few shots at the Devilfish (but failed to do anything).

After my turn this is where my men were sitting on the table.

Kill Points
Grey Knights: 2
Tau: 0

Turn 2
At the beginning of his turn he rallied his fleeing Kroot who turned round ready to shoot at my Interceptors. His Battlesuits moved into position on the Dreadknight with Greatsword. The Devilfish turned tail and ran away from the Compound.

The Pirannhas turbo boosted up the board on the right hand side.

With night fighting out of the way, he unleashed a torrential rain of firepower at me. It did take all 5 of his railguns to kill my Greatsword Dreadknight but he did it. Unfortunately for him the rest of his AP2 stuff missed, and I saved all the other wounds caused. Including all the Rapid Fire stuff from the Kroot on my Interceptors.

In my turn my remaining Dreadknight jumped into the Fortification, passing its Dangerous terrain test to land closed enough to the Broadsides to charge them in the next phase

The Interceptors moved up to the Kroot ready to shoot and then charge if needed. The Terminators shifted themselves so they had line of sight on the Battlesuits in the Centre of the Board. The Strike Squad stayed put ready to deal with more Battlesuits, Priannhas or a Hammerhead, depending on what was the threat.

In my Shooting the Interceptors wiped out the Kroot they were next too, while the Terminators took out the original commanders bodyguard suits. The Strike squad then opened up on the Pirannhas and wiped them out as well.

In combat my Dreadknight got the 6 he needed and charged the Broadsides, killied one of them. With no wounds caused back it was enough to force them to flee off the table.

Kill Points:
Grey Knights: 6
Tau: 1

Turn 3
Things were now looking desperate for the Tau. With the Grey Knight bearing down on them, he did what every good Tau Commander would do. He turned round and started putting distance between himself and me.

In his shooting he took two wounds off the Dreadknight, while the Kroot near it prepared to charge into it. A terminator was killed by Battlesuit firepower, but nothing else happened to cause the Grey Knights any concern.

His Kroot charged into the Dreadknight and managed to cause a whopping 7 wounds... of which I failed two! Meaning the mighty beast died, with barely a squeak as he only killed 3 Kroot!

My turn came around and the Interceptors moved up ready to take on the Kroot, and avenge their fallen brother. The Terminators started chasing the running Tau, and the Strike squad tried to move out of the Terrain towards the Hammerhead nearest them... although when I say tried I do mean tried as they got a double 1 for their difficult terrain.

In the Shooting the Interceptors once again wiped out a Kroot unit from shooting, while the Terminators targetting the second HQ and Bodyguard. Their shooting this time caused no Casualties on the Bodyguard, but they did cause 4 wounds on each, which was enough to kill the Commander!

The Strike Squad targetted a Hammer Head and managed to Immobilise it. .

No combat this turn as the Tau were too far away but things looked Grim for them.

Kill Points
Grey Knights: 8
Tau: 2

Turn 4
The Tau once again moved away from the Grey Knights leaving even further for my men to Travel.

Their shooting this turn was a lot more effective, with 5 of the Strike squad dying to their combined firepower.

The Terminators continued chasing the them, as did the Interceptors.

In the shooting phase the Strike squad was ineffectual, while the Terminators wiped out another Tau Bodyguard unit.

Kill Points:
Grey Knights: 9
Tau: 2

Turn 5
So we entered possibly the final turn... the game was now looking well and truly out of reach for the Tau at this time.

They again moved away from me, their shooting proving the bane of my Strike squad once again, as they managed to kill the remaining 5 of them this time.

In my turn, my men once again moved up, chasing the Tau, well the Interceptors didnt, having seen what he did to the Strike squad they hung back, leaving only my Terminators advancing on them.

My shooting was ineffective with only one squad shooting. They managed to take the Railgun off the Hammerhead which was not immobilised.

Kill Points
Grey Knights: 9
Tau: 3

Turn 6
We got a turn 6 this game. The first time all day that I had gone past 5 turns. The Tau once again moved away from me, with their Shooting even less useful, only downing 1 Terminator.

In my turn the Interceptors recovered their bravery and darted forward to get line of sight on the Battlesuit.

The Terminators closed in on the Hammerhead without a Railgun.

In my shooting the Interceptors easily overwhelmed the remaining Battlesuit, with the Terminators finally killing a Hammerhead.

This was the last turn of the game.

Kill Points:
Grey Knights: 11
Tau: 3
Result: Win

This game ended with me winning the Tournament overall... another excellent day of excellent games against good opponents.