Grey Knights - Heavy Support Review

So in our final instalment of the Grey Knights codex review we have the Heavy Support slots.

In this section we have the following units:

Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight
andraider Crusader
Landraider Redeemer.

I will cover off the Landraiders first. Basically whenever you look at these guys remember everything you know from landraiders already. Then add the following:

5 Points for Psychic Power Fortitude. Allowing you to ignore 1/3 of Penetrating results and 2/3 of Glancing results. Never a bad thing one way or another.

They also have the ability to ad Psybolt Ammo for 5 points. Now the +1 STR is great for a standard Landraider & Redeemder as their Heavy Bolters become STR 6, and Assault Cannon basically becomes a Psycannon.

However on the Crusader it moves your Hurricane Bolters from Defensive Weapons into Main Weapons… this does cut your firepower a bit compared to your standard Landraider Crusader so be aware of it.

The Redeemer can also benefit from Psyflame Ammo, giving it STR 7 Inferno cannons, nice for dealing with Higher toughness beasties and for the lightly armour tanks it will help too.

Other than that they are pretty much the same as the result of the Landraiders you see out there.

Now moving on to Dreadnoughts. This is supposed to be the workhorse of the Grey Knight codex… well according to the Internet. Myself I haven’t had to use them yet and I do intent to at some point, just not got round to it yet.

The ‘net list standard Dreadnought you see is dual twin linked Autocannons with Psybolt Ammo making them STR 8. Good for everything upto AV14. For myself I prefer the idea of giving the Dread an Assault Cannon with Psybolt Ammo… this makes it into a Psycannon basically (and therefore allows me to get the Forgeworld Dreadnought arm), 4 shots that can harm a Landraider.

The Autocannon (with Psybolt) has a 1 in 6 of glancing. An Assault Cannon (with Psybolt) has the same chance of getting a rend, but if it rends then it is only a 1 in 3 of it glancing, and a 2 in 3 of it penetrating. For me this is better… but again will have to try it out a bit more.

Dreadnoughts also benefit from two other nifty rules. Fortitude so ignoring those pesky Shaken and Stunned results, and Reinforced Aegis. For me the Reinforced Aegis is the only reason to take a Dreadnought as -4 to the enemies Leadership for Psychic tests at any Grey Knight unit with a model within 12” of the Dread is awesome… but they can die very easily. That one stray Autocannon shot can comfortably kill it, and don’t get me started on a Long Fang pack.

After the Dreadnought we have the Purgation Squad. These boys are allowed to tote 4 Special Weapons around same as the Purifiers, although they pay more for Psycannons. It’s a cheap way to get in more Psycannons or Free Incincerators into your army, nothing wrong with either option there. Their bonus Psychic power (other than Hammerhand) is that they can ignore LOS. Grants your target a 4+ cover save that cannot be improved, but even so the ability to hide out of sight and unleash hell is not too shabby. Again not used these boys yet but I am looking forward to when I can.

In the final slot in this category is my favourite (and according to the internet at large) and everyone elses most hated unit. The Nemesis Dreadknight. I love the model, but that is down to personnal taste.

These guys are not cheap, especially as unless you are willing to Deepstrike em they are not actually that mobile without the 75 point Personal Teleporter upgrade. However if you go with that upgrade it is worth every point of those 75 points as a Dreadknight goes from a minor threat until late in the game to a OH MG GOD ITS IN MY ARMY ON TURN1 threat. The 30” Shunt means that with the right weapons nothing is safe from this unit. The Heavy Incinerator is my personal favourite, especially as it eats annoying Command Squads for Breakfast. Every Vehicles can call to its high STR.

Ok to see the best out of a Dreadknight with a PT I advise using two… both of these appearing in someones face will give them a challenge in wiping out 8 T6 wounds. Most likely will take em a couple of turns by which point the rest of you army should be in position to lay on the hurt.

They aren’t a unit you should just throw forward without a care in the world. They will die to massed firepower, they will die to Guard Squads in combat… but if you can use them to force your opponent to make bad decisions then you will be fine.

hey have made all the difference in every game I have played because people have to figure out how to deal with them… and at the moment very few people have come up with a sure fire way to do so.

Anyway that’s the end of my Grey Knights Codex review. I will be linking all of these posts on the Grey Knights Tab you see at the top of the page…. Feel free to drop me your opinion, whether you agree with me or not I like hearing about other peoples experiences!