Grey Knights - Troops Review.

So as a much later addition to my Grey Knight Codex Review, here is a post regarding the troops.

Now there are only two options for you in a Standard army, that is either the Grey Knight Strike Squad, or the Grey Knight Terminators.

The Strike Squad has the same stats as your basic marines, except they cost 5 points more per model. What does that 5 extra points get you?

Well it gets you a Force Weapon, Storm Bolter & Hammerhand & Warp Quake as Psychic powers and the ability to Deep Strike.

Warp Quake is a nice one when you are facing pesky armies that reserve and deep strike into you. Anything that ends its deep strike within 12” of a model in the unit automatically mishaps… and it stops teleporter homers and the like from working.

Hammerhand is the standard +1 St in combat which is nifty when not fighting anyone special.

With regards to shooting if you are taking a full unit of these guys then Psybolt Ammunition is a must. The extra threat against Light Transports at S5 shots is amazing, especially when you are throwing out between 16 & 20 of them in a turn.

Their Special Weapons really only leave one choice for me and that is a Psycannon or 2. Incinerators require you to close the distance, which you may do, but does mean sacrificing shots on the way in, and the Psilencer doesn’t do it for me.

The Grey Knight Terminators are also a solid choice. They are coming in at 40 Points per models which is the same price as Assault or Normal Terminators in most other codexes.

These guys really make the others seem over priced as they can rock around with Thunder Hammers, Swords for +1 INV in combat or Halberds for I6 all the time. They can do the role of both type of terminator for a standard army. What they Lack are Storm Shields, however with an option for Stormshields you would only see 1 type of Grey Knight Terminator on the board so I don’t think they suffer too much from this.

They also have ForceWeapons & Hammerhand that benefit from their Psychic powers so they can get some decent buffs in combat.

With regards to upgrades you can pretty much tool these guys up how you want em. The Brotherhood Banner means you Automatically pass your LD test to charge your Force Weapons… still means it can be stopped by Psychic hoods, but gets round Runes of Warding and Shadow in the Warp Quite nicely. Add in +1 Attack for each model in the unit and I think it’s a bargin for 25 points.

Special Weapons are a bit more of a decision. For me I think you always want a Psycannon as you are relentless and then able to kill anything in the game due to Rending, but depending on how you use them you may prefer the Incinerator or even the Psisilencer.

Again Psybolt Ammunition is awesome on a full squad of 10, and is still worth it on a 5 man unit as well.

Not much else to say really. They may have only two Troop choices, but both are solid choices. I used to think that the Standard Grey Knights were overpriced, but on the flip side of that the Terminators are underpriced so it does balance out.

Both can be kitted out to do pretty much anything from being beasts in combat to being dangerous at range so it gives you a good degree of tactical flexibility.