Grey Knights - Fast Attack Review.

So in this section we have again only two choices.

The Stormraven
Grey Knight Interceptor Squads.

Starting with the Stormraven… well not much needs to be said here. Its 4 points more exspensive than a BA one, and that 5 points gets you Fortitude to help you ignore Shaken & Stunned Results.

You also swap your Rockets out for Mind Strike ones. These allow you to cause a Perils of the Warp test for each Hit, and then still allow you to wound the enemy with the damage.

These are very situational to be honest as its very rarely you will see a Psyker standing on his own for you to target.

I can think of a few occaisions where it might be worthwhile, and that’s just me using my vague recollections of the Tyranid Codex. But given that Perils allows you to start taking easy wounds off people its not such a terrible thing. For the most part you will end up using them without benefiting from this rule, but everytime it works in your favour you can’t really complain.

Other than that not much to say on the Stormraven… you can find plenty of info on the BA version and it does pretty much the same job as the Grey Knight one.

Grey Knight Interceptors:

Now to begin with I thought these guys might be a tad over priced, especially as I wanted to give them Force Halberds for that I6 charge. However having used them now in several games I really think they pay for themselves.

I tend to run mine in a full 10 man squad, Psybolt Ammo, 2 Incinerators, Daemonhammer and then the Halberd on everything else. The result is a unit that can Shunt 30” during their movement phase, allowing them to get their Incinerators in the best position for use on Infantry. Add in all those St5 shots (16) and they can cause problems for pretty much every type of infantry out there, and any tank with AV11 or less on its rear or side armour.

If you keep them hidden then the enemy has a real problem trying to protect all of his assests on the table and it gives you a could chance to strike at him from somewhere unexepected. I advise using them in tandem with something else arriving close to the enemy either through Deep Strike, Flat out or another unit Shunting. If you just shunt them forward on their own, they will die horribly.

They also have Warp Quake, which again and really disrupt an enemies plans.

This unit has been one of the most fun to play with for me, and I look forward to future games with them!

That’s it for Fast Attack guys… next time Heavy Support!