KoA Doubles Battle Report - Game 3

So in our third and final game of the day we had a dual Eldar & Tau list.

Not my ideal choice. The list may well be Footdar, but the guy playing them was very good at what he did, and David his team mate was also well up on what to do with the Tau.

The list we were facing was something like:

Farseer, Singing Spear, Warding Runes, Fortune & Doom
10 Striking Scorpions
10 Dire Avengers
3 War Walkers
1 Wraithlord

Tau Commander Battlesuit
3 Tau Battlesuits with TL Rocket Pods & Flamers
11 Tau
20 Kroot
20 Kroot

To see the list my Brother and I took please click here.

The mission was Capture and Control and we both put our objectives on the right hand side of the board, nearly directly opposited each other.
Due to this we reduced the board size (in essence) from a 6 x 4 to a 4 x 4.

The two pictures above show our deployment.

Turn 1:
We won the roll to go first (for the first time this game) and set ourselves up relatively agressively.

Our oppoenents decided to reserve the following units:

Kroot - Outflank
Kroot - Outflank
Piranha - Reserve
Striking Scorpions - Outflan
WarWalkers - Outflank
Tau Commander - Deep Strike

This left us with very little on the board to deal with.

In our first turn the Interceptors & Dreadknight shunted across the Board, while the Strike Squad moved up enough to be in range of their Dire Avengers.

The Stormraven moved flat out 24" forward, while the Assault Marines moved up the right hand flank towards the objective.
The Dreadknight killed 7 Tau Fire Warriors with his Heavy Incinerator, while the Interceptors & Strike squad killed lots of the Dire Avengers, however both units passed their Break checks.

In our opponents turn 1, their Farseer, Fortuned his own unit, and Doomed the Dreadknight. This truly spelt the doom for him as he was shot at by 3 Battlesuits, 3 Dire Avengers & 5 Tau Fire Warrirors & a Wraithlord. This unfortunately killed him in one turn, but did leave the rest of our army untouched.

Turn 2:
In our second turn the Stormraven deposited the Terminators so they could charge the Wraithlord while the Assault Squad & Librarian moved up towards the Battlesuits at the backend of the table.

The Strike Squad moved in on the Farseer & the remaining Dire Avengers.

The shooting phase yielded little in the way of damage to our enemies, however in combat the Interceptors & Terminators charged.

The terminators killed the Wraithlord in one combat, while the Interceptors killed the last Dire Avenger but lost one of their own to the Farseer... a drawn combat.

In the Eldar & Tau turn 2, the War Walkers and Striking Scorpions did not arrive, nor did the Pirannha. However both Kroot units did, as did the Tau Commander. The Kroot arrived on both board edges, so one unit was out of the fight for a few turns, while the other was surrounding the Blood Angel Assault Marines.

The Tau Commander tried to deepstrike to get a shot on the Stormraven, however he scattered into the Raven and mishapped and died. One less unit for us to worry about.

The Farseer once again cast Fortune on himself, and this time Doomed the Assault Squad. The Tau firewarriors didnt move and opened up on the Terminators standing on the body of the Wraithlord, while the Tau Battlesuits & Kroot opened up on the Assault Marines, reducing them to just two Marines & the Librarian, however they passed their break check.

In combat the Farseer and Interceptors duked it out with the Interceptors causing a wound and another Interceptor dying to the Farseer. Drawn combat this time.

Turn 3:
So with our turn back, we began the process of reposition for some serious damage on the enemy forces. The Stormraven moved 6" so it was able to fire its full salvo at the Tau Battlesuits, while the Strike squad moved foward to get range on the Kroot.

The Terminators turned round ready to assist their Brethern if required.

In the shooting phase the Stormravens opening salvo wiped out the Battlesuits to a man, before the Strike Squads shooting annhilated the Kroot so that they broke and fled off the board.

In combat the Interceptors once again only managed a wound, but still to the loss of one of their men. So drawn combat again.

In our opponents Turn 3, the War Walkers & Pirannha turned up. The Priannha moved into the midlle of our battle lines to get a shot at the Stormraven although this did leave it close to the Terminators.

The Warwalkers arrive on the Board edge we were close to and moved into range and line of sight for my Strike Squad.

The Kroot that had arrive in the previous turn moved up again to get closer to their objective, now less than 12" away from the terminators and a lot closer to the Interceptors.

In the shooting phase the Pirannha missed, while the Warwalkers unleashed a horrific volley at the Strike Squad that killed the Inquisitor outright, although I managed to pass all of my 3+ saves minus one Grey knight that died.

Combat opened up again on the Farseer this time the Interceptors this time they finally managed to kill him, consolidating out of cover.

Turn 4:
With 2 new arrivals last time and the Kroot finally being in the fight this turn would make or break us.

The Strike Squad moved to get good positioning on the War Walkers, while Interceptor squad moved next to the Kroot squad to get the maximum number with their Incinerator.

The Stormraven shifted position to allow it to target the Tau Squad that was next to the Kroot. The Terminators line themselves up for a bash with the Piranha

In the shooting phase, the Stormraven killed all of the Tau Fire Warriors, before the Interceptors broke the Kroot who fled off the board.

The Strike squad opened up on the three Warwalkers and managed to kill 2 of them, leaving one unable to shoot next turn.

In combat the Terminators charged in, and even needing 6's to hit landed two blows that destroyed the Pirannha.

In one turn we had reduced our opponents to a WarWalker and a unit of Striking Scorpions that would turn up this turn or next...

In their turn they rolled for the the Scorpions again... who failed to turn up.

The Warwalker hid in Cover away from my Strike squad, and that was their turn.

urn 5
Now in turn 5 my Brother and I had a difference of opinion, as he moved his Assault Marines off the objective and into the Stormraven... we were now only holding one objective...

In my shooting (as the rest of the movement was moot in the middle of the board at this point) I managed to score 4 penetrating hits and a glance on the Warwalker... however Finaly in his cheesest rolls passed all of the cover saves.

n their Turn 5, the Scorpions turned up... on the wrong side of the board! So we were left with only a WarWalker to worry about.

He moved it around the wall, into charge range. His shooting did nothing, and in combat I had to move my men out of range of the objective to get into combat with him... a cunning tactic!

However I passed my Psychic test for Hammerhand, and with our attacks back managed to Wreck the Warwalker. I then consolidated back onto the Objective.

At that point our opponents conceded the game.

My third tournament in 2 weeks, my third first place, in no small part to the tireless efforts of the Blood Angels and my Brother, cause he did most of the damage in this game.