KoA Doubles Battle Report - Game 1

So another week, another tournament. The doubles tournament went very well for my Brother and I. This time the tournament was held at our local gaming store, Kingdom of Adventure.

We took a Blood Angels Grey Knight force.

The plan was to get in the faces of our opponents early in the game and cause them problems.

The lists we took is below:

Blood Angels:

Librarian: Jump Pack, Shield of Sangquinius & Unleash Rage
Assault Marines x 10, 2 x Flamers
Assault Terminators x 5, Thunder Hammer & Stormshield
Stormaven, Plasma Cannons & Multi-Melta.

Grey Knights

Inquisitor, 3 Servo Skulls, Psychotroke Grenades
Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons
Grey Knight Interceptor Squad x 6, Psybolt Ammunition, Incinerator, 5 Force Halberds
Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator.

Total: 1500 Points.
Scoring Units, 2 or 4.
Kill Points: 8 or 10.

We played three games with the following missions.

Game 1: Annihilation, Dawn of War

Game 2: Sieze Ground, Spearhead

Game 3: Capture & Control Pitched Battle.

So slightly different missions than I had played recently, with different setups which was good.

Game 1

Our first game was against a Dual Ork list. This was the same list we played at the end of the last Doubles tournament… Tom and I would have been lucky to draw that game let alone win it had we had time for all the turns.
Now the list we faced was something like this:

Warboss : Power Claw
MekBoy: Custom Force Field

30 Boyz w/ 3 Rocket Launchers
30 Boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas
19 Boyz w/ 2 Big Shootas

Lootas x 7

3 Ork Helichoppas

3 Killa Khans
3 Killa Khans
3 Killa Khans.

Now this list scares the bejesus outta me. The force field made the Killa Khans a real problem last game.

We lost the roll to setup so the Orks setup on the halfway line with both the 30 Boyz units and the Mekboy.

This meant the rest of their force walking on from the Board edge… small mercies at least.

We castled in a corner, with all of our units in range of the Shield of Sangquinius if we needed it. The HQ was the Librarian, and we had the Strike Squad & Assault Squad start on the table.

Turn 1:

In their turn one all of their guys moved onto the table, while the Ork Horde surged towards us in the centre of the board. Fortunately the terrain saved us issues in turn 2 as they would be out of range for a charged without their Waaagh!

Their shooting in turn 1 was terrible, although Night fighting certainly helped us.

In our turn 1 the Stormraven turned up as did the Inquisitor, Dreadknight & Interceptors. Our return shooting killed 7 Orks from one of the units, and 1 Killa Khan on the left flank.

Turn 2:

Again the Ork Horde Surged towards us, their shooting once again very ineffectual except for the lootas who unloaded 21 shots into the Stormraven and down it. Fortunately the Terminators were not pinned.

In our turn with the distances so close our Assault elements leapt forward. The Assault Squad & Librarain moving to deal with one of the Ork Boyz units, while the Interceptors, Dreadknight & Strike Squad moved in on the second unharmed squad.

The Terminators started to advance on the Killa Khans that shot down their Stormraven.

The Assault Squad & Librarain shot at the Orks, reducing them again down to 18 guys, while my Dreadknight, Interceptors & Strike Squad hammered into the other Ork Unit, knocking it down 12 models so it was also at 18.

In the Assault phase the Blood Angels charged in, killed 15 Orks and breaking the unit with only 1 casaulty in response. Unleash rage helped a lot lol.

The Grey Knights did similar to the Orks reducing them down to only 3 models left who broke and ran. The Dreadknight flattened the Mekboy as well. This mean that two units of fleeing
Ork boyz would not rally and got us our first Kill Points on the Board.

Both armies consolidated back towards our Battlelines to ensure the remaining 19 man Ork unit had further to travel to get to us.

End of Turn 2

Ork Killpoints: 1
BA & GK Kill Points: 3

Turn 3:

The previous turns slaughter seemed to leave our Orkish opponents stunned. Their movement phase consisted of a unit of Killa Khans moving towards the Assault Squad, with the unit down to 2 Khans also moving into towards them.

The Warbosses unit charged direction and started heading towards the Terminators, while the Heilchoppas turbo boosted over the Interceptors and Strike squad dropping their bombs. Fortunately for me I took very few Casualties so no Break checks were required.

In the shooting phase 2 units of Killa Khans opened up on the Assault Marines, killing a couple of them, the third unit shots at the Dreadknight, between them they managed to cause 3 wounds. Reducing it to 1 wound.

In combat the 3 man Killa Khan unit charged the Blood Angels, Unleash Rage was cast, and allowed them to get 6 Krak hits, however no glances or penetrates landed. The Response from the Killa Khans killed the Librarian & reduced the assault squad to 4 men. The broke and fled away from them an impressive 16”.

In our turn the Assault Squad had to continue fleeing although they only fled 6” this time as the Helichoppas were within 6”.

The Dreadknight moved up to support the Terminators in their charged against the two Killa Khans, while the Interceptors took aim on the 3 Killa Khans in front of them. The Interceptors moved to deal with the Helichoppas.

In the shooting phase all of the Killa Khans were stopped from shooting at my Interceptors as their combinded fire failed to kill any of them. In the shooting phase I caused 3 wounds on them, killing one of them outright.

In combat the Dreadknight and Terminators charged in with the Dreadknight killing all the Killa Khans before they got to respond… both units consolidated ready for the charge of the Ork Warbosses unit next turn.

The interceptors charge killed another Helichoppa, with the last one reduced to 1 wound, however their attacks back were ineffectual causing me no problems.

End of Turn 3 Kill Points:

Orks: 2
BA & GK: .4

Turn 4:

In the Ork turn 4, very little shooting took place. Their Killa Khans charged my Strike squad, while the Orks themselves charged the Terminators and multi-charged the Dreadknight as well, with the Warboss getting into Base to base with the Dreadknight.

In combat, the Psychotroke grenades from the Inquisitor meant the Killa Khans got only 1 hit and were hit automatically, which when combined with Strength 6 Krak Grenades meant I killed 2 of the Khans and immobilised the third.

The Dreadknight did his job, directing all his attacks against the Ork Warboss and killing him in one go. The Terminators fought valiantly taking 9 more Orks to their graves. In response the Orks killed 4 of the Terminators, and the Nob failed to kill the Dreadknight result in them losing combat but passing their Breakcheck.

The interceptors finished off the last Ork helichopppa, meaning the Assault marines would rally next turn.

At this point time was called on the game, so we counted up the Kill Points:

Orks: 3
BA & GK: 6

A good victory for us, although it came a lot closer than the scored suggested. Had we had another turn then the Assault marines would have rallied, and I am sure that the Dreadknight, Assault Marines, Interceptors and remaining Terminator would have killed the last of the Ork Boyz for us, but time ran short.

Next time Game 2.