Doubles Setting

The story below was written up to justify my Imperial Guard & my Brothers Blood Angels working together rather than it being my Imperial Guard  & Tom's Space Wolves. At the last minute I took my Grey Knights instead.

Hope you all enjoy the read...

The battle plan had been drawn up many months ago. The likely avenues of attack, counter attack. The kill zones and ambush sites. All painstakingly mapped out across the whole of the city.

Nhojeth knew this, because he had been intimately involved in those planning sessions. His close relationship with the Space Wolves who were spearheading the operation helped immensely. Ever since that fateful mission, he had found doors opened to him that he never thought would be.

The last minute withdrawl of the Space Wolves had taken him by surprise. Not only were they Space Marines, but he counted several of the towering giants as good friends, and believed they did the same.

The replacements for the Space Wolves were the Blood Angels. Another chapter he had heard of but had no contact with. In the few planning sessions he had attended, their arrogance had amazed him, as they systematically rewrote the whole strategy for taking the city.

Their tactics differed from the Space Wolves true… but to re-write months of planning in a matter of days, well that did not sit well with Nhojeth. Although it appeared that the Blood Angels were unconcerned with the thoughts of a lowly Imperial Colonel.

The new strategy called for a fast paced attack. A lightning strike into the heart of the enemy command centre. A strike the Blood Angels wanted to undertake alone. Only by calling in every favour he was owed, and pointing out his regiments success was he able to ensure his place on the mission.

Again he felt a sigh building, to be followed by a complaint at the marginalised roll he and his men would play in the upcoming attack. He ruthlessly quashed both. No more outbursts. The last one had cost him a prime position in the assault.

“Allow us to spearhead the attack, we shall cut the head off this snake quickly and effectively”

The words came from the Captain of the Blood Angels. The Captain himself had seemed nice enough upon his arrival, but that had quickly been replaced by an arrogance towards Nhojeth and his men.

Nhojeth held his tongue, he was glad he did this time as the doors to the Tac centre opened, and in strode an Inqusitor.

"Gentlemen" he started, before nodding towards the Blood Angels Captain, "Captain." The Captain acknowledged the Inqiusitor with a wary look to his eyes.

"Plans have changed. The Inquisition will be dealing with the captiol itself."

A chorus of "whats?!" answered the Inquisitor's statement. All except the Blood Angels Captain were shocked. Nhojeth realised that he had been one of that chorus.

The Inquisitor quickly cut through the hub bub that had started.

"Under the Authority of the God Emporer, I demand that all of you leave this room immediately. Captain Telioc, you will stay. The rest of you leave... now!"

No one argued with the Inqiusitor... the commanders of the Imperial Guard turned heel and left the Tac Centre as quickly as possible. As was proper Nhojeth let the upper ranks leave before him, just as he was leaving he overheard the Inquisitor speaking to the Captain.

"Captain Telioc, I need you to select 20 of your Marines for a special set of Operations alongside a brotherhood. I promise that all that survive will be returned to your Chapter with full honours."

The doors to the Tact centre hissed cloed behind him. Nhojeth shook his head. On the one hand he didnt like being taken off a mission, any mission. On the other hand... the Inquisition. The Inquisition was not something he wanted to get involved in. The Space Wolves had warned him of them prior to leaving. A warning he had barely acknowledged until now.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Nhojeth turned smartly away from the Tac Centre. The Methelas Marines might not get the Honour of reclaiming the capitol, but they would find their own battle. The planet was surely big enough.

The three Battle reports from the KoA Doubles Tournament will follow next week....