Intrepidation 1750 Battle Reports (Pt 1)

My second tournament of the weekend just gone was at the shop Intrepidation in Perth. It was a tournament set for 3 games of 1750 points, in a competitive environment. Their rules pack said not to bring fluffy armies as you would lose, or if you did not to complain. Their actual army example was Footdar, which my friend Finlay took over with him.

The list I ended up taking varied from either of the two I listed prior to the tournament... mainly because I built the list the night before.

Grey Knight Grandmaster - Incinerator, Rad & Psychotoke Grenades

Grey Knight Strike Squad - 10 Marines, Psybolt Ammo, Psycannon x 2

Grey Knight Terminators - 10 Terminators, Psybolt Ammo, Psycannon x 2

Grey Knight Interceptors - 10 Interceptors, Psybolt Ammo, Force Halberds x 7, Incinerators x 2

Dreadknight - Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Dreadknight - Personal Teleporter, Nemesis Greatsword

The three games were as follows:

Game 1: Seize Ground, Pitched Battle
Game 2: Capture & Control, Spearhead
Game 3: Annihilation, Dawn of War.

I was going to do all three battle in one post, but then I had a look at the size of it after I had written two of the reports... so instead, this will be part 1 of 3,

Without further ado here is the first battle report.

Game 1: Seize ground, Pitched Battle

In my first game I played a lad called Jamie. He was using the Imperial Fists, with a Mech heavy element. His list looked like this:

Captain w/ Stormshield & Relic Blade, with Company Command Squad (Combat Shield & Powersword x3, Apothecary & Company Standard) w/ Twin Linked Lascannon Razorback
3 Tactical Squads in Rhinos
1 Scout Unit, 4 Sniper Rifles & Rocket Launcher.
3 Predators, 3 Lascannons & 2 Auto & H.Bolters.
3 Landspeeders, Dual H.Bolters, Dual Multi-Melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher & Multi-Melta.

Some pictures from the game below. This one shows how my Grey Knights were deployed. About as aggressively as I could.

The next three shots show various views of his first turn and the movement he did.  Didn't get too many in this game. Apologies!

My Grand Strategy got me 3 units, so I gave both Dreadknights & the Interceptors the Scoring rule to increase the amount of Scoring units I had.

All of my units combat squadded upon deployment to maximise the amount of havoc I could cause and reduce the chances of a good concentrated swath of firepower wiping out whole squads. I lost the roll to go first, and it worked out to my advantage, as Jamie charged his Rhinos & Razorback across the board at me. Popping smoke on all of them. His shooting was ineffectual against me.

In my movement the Interceptors Shunted the full 30” on the right & left hand flank, getting a good view of the side armour of one of his Predators on the right, and his scouts on the left. My shooting popped his Annihilator Predator the most advance Rhino on the right & his command Squads Razorback. The Interceptors shook the Predator they shot at, and took off its Autocannon Turret. The scouts that got shot at by my interceptors died to a man.. Emperor bless a Ap4 flamer.

In the assault phase his tactical Squad got charged by my Greatsword DreadKnight, while his command squad got charged by my other Dreadknight. I won both of the combats, and he chose to fail the Ld test with his Tactical squad, and my Dreadknight failed to catch them with a sweeping advance, leaving him in the open and potentially Vulnerable, but within 6" to prevent the surviving Tactical squads from rallying. My other Dreadknight managed to do some damage to the company command squad however failed to win combat due to the relic blade his Captain had causing wounds on me.

In the second turn Jamie tank shocked my Interceptors who failed their Morale check and fled 17" away from it (fortunately there was no way he was getting anyone close enough to stop me rallying). His Landspeeders jetted into range to start putting some hurt on my Terminators & Dreadknight, while his second Tactical squad moved in to assist his command squad.

In his shooting he again proved unlucky with very little damage being done to me, my Terminators & Dreadknight surviving with minimal hassle.

In my turn, I rallied the Interceptors, who then charged back across the board at another of his tactical squads. Making sure they got in range of his fleeing squad as well. My unengaged Dreadknight moved so that it would be able to deal with the dual Multi-Melta speeder, while the Grandmaster & Terminators moved towards the other Speeders. On the left flank the Terminators advanced through cover to charge into combat and help the Dreadknight.

My Strike squads, Grandmaster & Terminators on the right directed their firepower into the Landspeeders, making them easier to deal with in combat due to the string of results, which did cause one of them to blow up.  On the left flank the Strike squad opened up on the Rhino with tactical marines that were coming in to support the Command squad, and wrecked it.

In combat my Terminators charged the command squad and killed them, while the Captain took another wound off my Dreadknight before the Dreadknight squished it in response, both consolidated towards the Tactical Squad.

The Interceptors once again charged into a Tactical squad, and managed to win combat again, although this time the marines did not elect to flee and passed their morale check.

In the centre of the Board the Grandmaster & Dreadknight made quick work of the two remaining Landspeeders.

At this point in time my opponent had a Tactical Squad left intact & a Autocannon, H.Bolter Predator. The rest of his army was either badly damaged or fleeing.

The next few turns went in my favour as he had little left to deal with my overwhelming numbers. I lost my wounded Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator to a Power Fist, before the Terminators finished the squad off. The Interceptors manage to ensure that the first tactical squad they charged never rallied, the second managed to wipe out my Interceptors, just like the on the left took out my other unit of Interceptors (it would have helped had I remembered to cast Hammerhand).

At the end of his turn 5 he had only a damaged predator left, at which point he conceded granting me a resounding victory. A great start against a potentially tricky gunline army.

Result: Win
Kill Points: 16
Kill Points lost: 3
Net Kill Points: 13
Objectives 5-0

Come back tomorrow for the second games battle report.


Rusty Nail said…
Nice report - Your maths however may be a touch suspect?

KP 16
KP Lost 3
Net KP 15!! Really?

Or am I being stupid, not for the first time.

Kraggi said…
Oops... should be net KP 13!

Thanks for spotting that.