Intrepidation 1750 Battle Report (Pt 2)

Game 2: Capture & Control Spearhead

This time I was playing a Deathwing list. Not my preferred choice as there were a lot of TH/SS guys in it , and my brothers TH/SS terminators showed me the way.

5 Deathwing Terminator Squads,
Ravenwing Squad with Attackbike and 3 Biker
Two Typhoon Multi-Melta Speeders.

His objective was guarded by two Deathwing squads with the rest held in reserve. I won the roll to go first, and had my Strike squad deployed in one group to defend my objective. My Grandmastery was used to give my H.Incinerator Scoring and the Interceptor squad as well.

Below is a picture of my setup.

He scout moved his bikes and attack bikes towards me to ensure they were in the best position for his teleport homers. The Deathwings, Ravenwing element after deployment.

In my first turn I moved all of my offensive elements up towards him, and succeeded in killing his Attack Bike and 2 of the normal bikers. I had cast Warp Quake in my movement phase on both my Strike Squad & Interceptors to be sure he couldn’t get close to my objective.

In his turn he had Belial's Squad arrive along with a TH/SS unit arrive. The bike with a homer was about 1" out of the range of my Warp Quake meaning they got to arrive where he wanted them to.

Fortunately for me he had a primarily combat army, and was unable to do any significant amount of shooting to me.

In my 2nd turn, my Incinerator Dreadknight, Grandmaster and Terminator squad surrounded Belials unit. shooting them before charging.

The Interceptors did the same to the Terminator unit that Deepstriked near them, while the other Terminator combat squad & Strike Squad opened up on the Landspeeders crippling one and killing the other. This was after the Strike Squad cast Warp Quake just to be sure of no last Deathwing unit appearing in their midst.

In combat my Psychotoke Grenades reduced his Fearless unit to Ld2... not so hot. However with Hammerhand and Rad Grenades I was wounding on 2's accross the board. The Dreadknight killed Belial, while the rest of my unit killed everything save two TH/SS Terminators. Their response killed one of my Terminators. They also passed all of the No Retreat saves.

The Interceptor squads combat went well with me reducing him down to only 1 terminator, before he killed two of mine. He also passed his No Retreat saves.

On the left Flank my Greatsword Dreadknight charged a the unit of Deathwing on the objective... and bounced off... only to be killed by a quick succession of Power fist attacks. Disappointing, but I was hopeful it wouldnt change the result.

In his following turn his third unit of Deathwing arrived well away from my WarpQuakers. However they had only a unit of Terminators left to shoot at, of which they killed no one.

In combat my Terminators, Dreadknight and Grandmaster killed the last of the Terminators from Belials retinue, freeing them up for another charge in the following turn.

My Interceptors were unabel to wound the lone TH/SS Terminator in their midst, while he hit and wounded twice. However I managed to pass my Morale check without a problem.

In my turn 3, the Grandmaster, Terminators & Dreadknight Surrounded the new Terminator unit, while the Strike squad shifted positions again to bring their weapons to bear. My central Terminator Combat squad moved out of cover intent on finishing off the Landspeeders, as there was no space to get into b2b with the TH/SS terminator in combat with my Interceptors.

My shooting was largely ineffective. In combat my Terminators charged and killed the surviving Landspeeder, while his terminator took another one of my Interceptor squad out of the game. Again I passed my break check so the combat continued for another round.

My Grandmaster, Terminators and Dreadknight charged into his Terminator unit, this time the Psychotoke grenades reduced his unit to only 1 attack each, and me with Automatic hits this round! Needless to say I killed them all before they could strike back.

In his Turn 3 Chris began to realise that with only 9 Terminators left the game was getting away from him, so he castled both of his Deathwing units on his objective. In combat my Interceptors and the TH/SS terminator failed to hit anything resulting in a drawn combat, however the casualty from the previous round had opened up enough space for my Terminators to get in next turn.

My Turn 4 rolled round and the Dreadknight and Grandmasters unit charged towards my enemies objective. The Strike squad moved back into cover on my objective with their job basically done now.

The terminators near the Interceptors moved in ready to charge in and finish off the last terminator.

In my shooting I managed to reduce his 4 man Deathwing squad to 2 men from shooting at them.

My combat went well as the Terminators charged in and wiped out his renaming TH/SS unit. The Interceptors and Terminators the consolidated towards his objective.

In his turn he shot back at my Dreadknight & Grandmasters Squad, however he caused only 1 casualty, no morale check was required.

So on rolled Turn 5, and my Grandmaster & Terminators got ready for the charge, while my Interceptors shunted into the building with his objective, passing all the Dangerous terrain tests in the process. My Dreadknight also shunted into the terrain piece close enough to capture the objective if all the Deathwing died.

My Interceptor shooting wiped out the two man terminator unit, and the Grandmaster & Terminators managed to take another one off the full squad in the back.

I charged into combat but was unable to get the Grandmaster into b2b so didnt get any Psychotoke Grenades, or Rad Grenades. However the combat was over quickly with my Terminators killed all but 1 of the terminators I charged, and his reply attacks missed.

His turn came, and with no movement or shooting we went straight to combat, with my Grandmaster & Terminator squad screwing up totally and not managing to kill my opponent. His attacks back also missed.

At the end of the game we rolled to see if it ended and I got a 2, much to Chris's relief as I hadnt tabled him.

Result: Win
Kill Points: 9
Kill Points lost: 1
Objectives: 2-0

So another win and this put me in a very good position to win the tournament... only one game left to go.