Setting up the Stream...

Something that Dragkon has been looking into over the past few weeks is setting up a weekly (or something like that) Stream. 

This will give him the opportunity to share some of his models up close, and potentially do some live painting on the day.

Last night he spent an hour fiddling around with how best to setup the camera & lights & himself so that people could actually see what he was doing. 

Any feedback for how we can do this better will be greatly appreciated as we try to figure out what else we might be able to stream (with some inventive Camera positioning... maybe even a short game or two?

You can find his first video here: 

And of course if you are interested in following him to see what happens in the future then please go ahead! 

In the mean time I hope you all have an excellent New Year and we will speak again on the other side! 

Some Live Painting Streaming / Chat

Dragkon is testing out his camera setup and lighting with some live painting and miniatures.

If you have time check it out here.

Planetfall Aquans - 3,000 Points

Time ago I used to write a lot of Army lists for the blog, lots and lots of them. I dont think I will be returning to quite as many as before (unless I get a tonne of comments asking for it), but its definately time to start getting a few more of these posted. 

So first up we have the Aquan list that I used in a game recently against the Dindrenzi, more info after the jump.

Dont forget you can find all of my posts about the Firestorm Universe here

Horus Heresy 30k - World Eaters so Far.

Hey guys it's Dragkon again, been away....

So Kraggi has been keeping you all updated with some of the stuff that I have been painting.
all the rest after the jump

Planetfall Directorate - 3,000 Points

The second in my posts about army lists, this time one about the Directorate and their evil corporate ways! 

Full details after the jump! 

Horus Heresy Unboxing a Primarch - Video

My first attempt at an Unboxing video... I will follow it next week with an actual article on this. 

Hopefully you will all enjoy this and can actually hear me properly!

Battle Report Aquans vs Dindrenzi (Planetfall)

Managed my first game of Planetfall in too many months. 3000 points a side. 

Details of the game, after the jump! 

Deadzone: Asterians

Some snaps of all the Asterian Models I currently own... a lot of painting and basing still required though! Along with some small bits of background about how they fight in Deadzones

More piccys after the jump!

Gaming Stats

Here is my current record of games.

This has been updated with everything I have played since January 2011, and I try to keep it updated monthly. 

Less games being played, but finally got it updated for the end of 2014. Now to keep track of the games I play.

This system helps me keep the bad games in perspective as to how I am doing overall, and is useful for me to see how many games I am playing, I have a few ideas of how this will change in 2016, but for now here it is, in all its glory! 

Last updated 19th September 2016

Any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below. 

Spartan Games

Firestorm Planetfall
Played: 42
Won: 23
Lost: 18
Draw: 1

Firestorm Armada
Played: 2
Won: 2

Dystopian Wars
Played: 10
Won: 6
Draw: 1
Lost: 3

Mantic Games

Played: 19
Asterians - 1 Played, 1 Won
(Version 2 Beta)
Played 2
Lost 2


Played: 25
Won: 13
Lost: 11
Drawn: 1 

Played: 1
Lost: 1


Guildball - Engineers (Sold)
Played 5
Won: 3
Lost: 2

Bolt Action

Played 1
Won 1

Warmachines & Hordes

Convergence of Cyriss
Played: 2
Won: 2


Played: 5
Won: 2
Lost: 3

Khador - Sold
Played: 9
Won: 4
Lost: 5
Drawn: 0

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition

Since 7th Edition rolled around I have ended up selling all of my 40k armies, and am in the process of rebuidling a Space Marines army for 30k & 40k... expect to see a 7th Edition section come up here as I get back involved! 

Played: 120
Won: 82
Lost: 30
Drawn: 8
Win Ratio: 68%

Army Specific

Necrons - Sold

Played: 41
Won: 31
Loss: 7
Draw: 3

Grey Knights - Sold

Played: 70
Won: 47
Lost: 17
Draw: 6

Imperial Guard - Sold

Played: 10
Won: 6
Lost: 4

Daemons of Chaos - Sold
Played: 5
Won: 2
Lost: 3
Warhammer 8th Edition

Age of Sigmar is likely to draw me back in at some point, but when I do that I will be returning to a Lizardmen army that I used to collect, when I say returning (as I sold that army back in 2005) I mean rebuying! 

Dwarves - Sold
Played: 34
Won: 16
Lost: 13
Drawn: 2

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition

No overall games played for 5th Edition as I was playing it from when it was released, and only started this record in April 2010, it does however provide a comprehensive list of my games played with Grey Knights, and the vast majority of my Imperial Guard armies. The Necrons I have owned since they first got their own Codex back in the early 2000's. 

Grey Knights:
Played: 64
Won: 42
Drawn: 6
Lost: 16

Played: 24
Won: 10

Draw: 3
Lost: 11
Imperial Guard
Played; 45
Won: 20
Lost: 15
Drawn: 10

Card Games

Played: 63
Won: 20
Drawn: 2
Lost: 41

World of Warcraft
Played: 95
Won: 46
Lost: 49


Played: 7
Won: 3
Lost: 4

Blood Bowl

Dwarf Team (Clan Kragg)
Played: 1
Drawn: 1

An Example Gaming Table: Deadzone / Necromunda

Today we have some pictures of a Deadzone table I setup for a game vs Dragkon.

Admittedly most of the table is still unpainted past its base coat (although in the pictue below you can see at least one section is painted!

Deadzone plays in 3" x 3" x 3" cubes, no measuring, but for a sense of scale, the mat I am playing on is 24" x 24", and with each cube being 3" high, some sections of this table are over 9" tall.

The models you can see below are of a comparative scale to 40k models (for a full comparison click here.)

Love my Walk ways, not the most ingenious of connectors to hold them in place, but love having people running across something suspended in mid air!

The scale of the board, despite being in a realtively small space still gives you some nice dynamic lines of site. 

Overall despite having premeasured Squares I think this will work quite well as terrain for Necromunda as you can have a very densely packed table for a pretty cheap price (something like £50 will give you a decent coverage for this size of table!).

On the Modelling Table (no paint yet)

Decided to go through my boxes of models and figure out what else I have stored away that hasnt been built yet. 

In doing so (as you can see from the table above) I found a significant number of Mantic models from my DBX kickstarter that I needed to look into. 

Here we can see the Plague team, which I decided to convert into Plague for Deadzone (more on that in another post).

The Crystellan Dreadball team.

The Ada-Loranna Dreadball team.

Some converted Kaylishi, can't decide if they should be the Kaylishi for my Dreadzone Asterians, or if they should join the Reb's... they were involved in DBX so would have a good reason to hate the Corporations...

The Giants from the DBX expansion.

Another Giant... although I think this Chovar will work well for Deadzone again! 

Some more DBX Kickstarter MVP's that are joining the Rebs in Deadzone. 

Below are some of the snaps of my conversion work in making the Plague team into Deadzone models..

Forgefathers Team

To start fleshing out the Dreadball section of the Dreadball & Deadzone page, here is the first snapshot of the Forgefathers team I have.

Deadzone & Dreadball Information

I thought it might be worth while having a quick and easy page to help people find some of the information about the two Mantic games that take a lot of my time and attention. 

Hopefully you will find a chunk of these posts interesting, if there is a particular type of article you would like to see please let me know! 

Reviews - to be updated when the Deadzone Redux comes out of Beta.
Reviews of the main game and the supplements that are out so far.
Deadzone / Deadzone Redux Beta Campaign
Deadzone Nexus Psi
Deadzone Incursion
Deadzone Contagion

Some quick Comparison shots to help you see the size of the terrain & models. 
Model & Terrain Comparison

Deadzone Terrain:
More pictures of Deadzone terrain in all its colours. 
Deadzone Terrain
A Wall of Yellow

Campaign Ideas:
Some home brew campaign ideas, probably not balanced, but feel very fluffy to me. 
Outbreak Part 1
Outbreak Part 2
Containment Protocol

Factions (Coming Soon)
Pictures of the factions that I own, hopefully with some funny and interesting experiences or situations my models get into (that could be overly ambitious, but only time will tell).


Forgefather Team

On the Painting Table... (Picture Heavy)

Some quick snaps of the items on my painting table at the moment... 

Lots of pictures after the jump

Deadzone Redux Campaign Changes Review (Beta)

Bright colours for this Deadzone

The recent rules drop for the Deadzone Redux has seriously got me back into my gaming, not just Deadzone, but back into painting Mini's and planning further things.

One of the bits I love for Deadzone was the additional rules around the Campaign, and I want to take a bit of time to talk through them and the improvements I think they offer to Campaign gaming.

More after the jump...

Deadzone & Blaze Away

With the release of the Deadzone Beta rules there is lots and lots of talk about the Blaze away action, and its removal from the game.

From what I have read a lot of people feel that this is one of the best representations of Modern combat and advancing through urban locations.

The action used to work that if you could draw line of sight to the 3" x 3" cube that a model was in, then you could Blaze away at it.

The number of successes you scored would potentially force a models alert level from level 3 (the default) all the way down to level 1. And at level 1 or less you had to spend actions to remove the effect, in essence it would allow you to pin models down and move about without threat.

Some cards would allow people to get out of this faster, but at any point you could just choose to blaze away again.

My view on this rule was that it was powerful, too powerful. It didn't matter the faction I was using I would elect to Blaze Away at the enemy, forcing enough of them to be pinned / suppressed that I would then advance my Combat elements forward un-hindered.

It really came down to the faction that choose to do this first would win, especially if someone put three models in a cube, because then you could get three guys at once.

The mechanic has been changed that some weapons have this effect in addition to any damage shooting at them, and the effect is applied automatically and isn't something that you could avoid through good dice rolling.

I can see both sides of the argument, but not sure that this is the defining rule of Deadzone, it was simply a tactic that in my view was the go to tactic for any faction that could elect to Blaze Away, its success rate was so high that you were better doing this and then picking off the enemy at range or in combat one by one.

With its removal the game is much more about thinking about what and how to do, and playing as the Close Combat faction, I have lost the two Beta games, against an opponent I would normally beat hands down, one was a landslide (16-8 VPs in his favour), the second was a narrow narrow loss with 16-15 VPs), however both of use enjoyed the game a lot more as it was close and competitive, compared to the previous incarnation where one of us would run away with it, normally based off how many people we were willing to blaze away with in our opening turns.

What are your experiences of Deadzone v1 & the Beta? Do you miss blaze away, or not?

I really want to hear some other views, as I know this is just from my point of view at the moment, and I am not objectionable to Blaze Away coming back, but I think that despite peoples views that Blaze away generates tactics, my view is that if it is there everyones tactic is the same, which is just a tad too boring for me.

Betrayal at Calth - 40k

So in the Betrayal at Calth set you get the following Models.

30 Mk IV Marines
5 Cataphactic Terminators
1 Contemptor Dreadnought
2 Characters

So for £95 from Games Workshop itself or potentially less from online retailers, how many points does this buy you?

Much later than intended, but at last I have my hands on the Space Marine Codex and can finally do a bit of a point up of what you get in the box.

First thing to call out is that you can probably count the Contemptor as Venerable or Standard Dreadnought (with your opponents permission), alternatively you can just use it as a Contemptor from Forgeworld. This decision really comes down to you, and what you think your opponents / local store will be ok with you doing (proxies being proxies and all).

Some quick notes though when assembling your models... if you are going for a Codex Space Marines army, you need to make sure that all of your Terminators are Close Combat or Ranged, unlike the Horus Hersey era lists (and some non Codex SM forces) you can't mix and match! Don't make the mistake I made if you want this force to play perfectly across both games.

So what units from Codex Space Marines can you make up from this boxed set?

Assault Terminators
Tactical Squad
Sternguard Squad (just)
Devastator Squad
Command Squad

So whats the list?

Captain - Terminator Armour, Chain Fist, Combi-Melta - 140

Chaplin - Plasma Pistol - 105

Terminators - Chain Fist x 3, Heavy Flamer - 200

Dreadnought - Assault Cannon - 110

Tactical Squad - Rocket Launcher (Inc Flakk), Meltagun, Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist - 210

Tactical Squad - Rocket Launcher (Inc Flakk), Plasma Gun, Veteran Sergeant with Combi Plasma - 200

Tactical Squad - Rocket Launcher (Inc Flakk), Plasma Gun, Veterna Sergeant with Combi Plasma & Power Fist - 225

Total: 1190

So while thats a pretty static force you can build up a force for less than 1250 points from the Horus Heresy boxed set. Which is pretty awesome to be honest!

So I decided to see how the list might look if I added some mobility to it, and assuming if I haven't misread the latest 40k Space Marine codex I came up with:

Captain - Terminator Armour, Chain Fist, Combi-Melta - 140

Chaplin - Plasma Pistol - 105
Terminators - Chain Fist x 3, Heavy Flamer - 200

Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Drop Pod - 145

Command Squad - Combi Weapon x 3, Power Fist x 1, Power Weapon x 3, Plasma Gun x 2, Drop Pod - 255

Tactical Squad - Rocket Launcher (Inc Flakk), Meltagun, Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist, Drop Pod - 245

Tactical Squad - Rocket Launcher (Inc Flakk), Plasma Gun, Veteran Sergeant, Drop Pod - 225

Devastator Squad, Heavy Bolter x 3, Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod - 150

Drop Pod (Fast Attack) - 35

Total 1500

This would give the ability for the entire force to deploy via drop pod (assuming there isn't something somewhere that I missed with Terminators and not getting in drop pods, which I don't think there is.

While its only six pods, and therefore only three on turn 1, it should allow you to focus your forces in one area and hopefully eliminate what you land next to.

Alpha strikes you either love em or hate em.

Deadzone Version 2!!! (New Rules for testing)

 It is with great joy that the new rules for Deadzone found their way into my hands, mainly by chance.

As I checked my facebook feed and someone had shared them from the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter update.

Good news for those who (like me) pledged for the original Kickstarter, but didnt for the second one, they will be sending us all a digital PDF of the new rules when they are complete.

So how do the rules read?

Well the foreword of the document is from Jake Thornton the games designer and he states the aim was to keep the feel of deadzone but to make it much faster to play and remove some of the complexity.

I am pretty happy with these ideas as it should lower the barrier for entry, and make it easier to demo! Thats the hope at least.

Assuming the PDF we all have is the format of things to come, then I am liking the new look to the rule book.

Its basically broken into:

Setting up a Game
The Core Rules
The Model Stats
Campaign rules

I played my first game of Plague vs Enforcers (the traditional factions in the main boxed game).

They said they sped it up and made it brutal... they weren't lying.

Despite only getting three rounds in before the Enforcers reached their 16 Victory Points needed to win, 12 models were removed from the table top as casualties. Most from shooting.

That is a flip from most of the games I have played previously where the casualties seem to come from Combat far more than shooting.

The new damage rules (total damage a model can take is equal to their size +1 means that the larger models feel more worthwhile because they take a more damage, but they don't feel too powerful as they can and do die if focussed down.

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