Planetfall Directorate - 3,000 Points

The second in my posts about army lists, this time one about the Directorate and their evil corporate ways! 

Full details after the jump! 

So above you can see the full 3000 points laid out on the table top. A grand total of 28 models! Even less than I had in my Aquan force, although all of these are mobile. 

First up above you can see my Core Helix above, 

1 Desolator
6 Retaliators
3 Informers

There is not alot to this Helix to be honest, some Informers to hold my Teritary and prevent Sky dropping troops from taking it off me via assault

The core of the force is the 2 units of 3 Retaliators, they dont have the best range in the world, but they do have some very nice attack dice totals when they get close! 

The Desolator on its own I am not too happy with, I would have preferred to have had a second, but I just couldnt do it for the points. 

In the middle of this shot you can see the Wraith, which contains a Haunter troop transport, that holds my Patriot Grand Company. This Leviathan Helix comfortable makes up over a third of my force, with the Wraith rocking in at 800+ points on its own! 

It is there to deliver punishing firepower at long range, and to get the Patriots in place to either take an enemy objective or to wipe out an enemy combat unit. 

Finally we have the Recon Helix, apologies for the tanks still not being painted! This consists of 3 Witches & 5 Crones. 

The fliers are there to deal with any enemy flyers as well as providing additional firepower that can get in the enemy flank or rear and do some damage.

The Crones are a scoring unit of some considerable speed that should put a lot of pressure on my opponents Tertiary objective (my Primary), especially when tooled up alongside the Grand Company. 

The final thing to add to this is that I have 4 Logistic points to give me a boost to trying to go first in a specific turn (normally turn 2 is key).

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