Battle Report Aquans vs Dindrenzi (Planetfall)

Managed my first game of Planetfall in too many months. 3000 points a side. 

Details of the game, after the jump! 

Facing off against the Dindrenzi, and a (by proxy) Charon command module. 

The Aquans had:

Core Helix

Sedna x 2
Lamana x 3 (with SirSir)
Lamana x 3
Imzani x 4
Imzani x 4
Stingray Emplacements x 2
Stingray Emplacements x 2
Vorati Crystals x 4

Heavy Helix

Locatu x 3
Vorati Crystals x 2

The Dindrenzi had

Core Helix

Kratos  x 1with Circe
Eyriss x 3 with Circe
Letos x 5

Heavy Helix

Ares with Circe
Gorgos x 3 with Circe

Field Support

Grand Company Nyx (all upgrades)
Field Support Guns x 2

The Battlefield & Setup

First Turn:

The lack of terrain was not going to lend itself well to hit and run, not until the later turns at least. First Turn had his Heavy Helix advancing and shooting at the Haumea. 

The Huamea took damage from the Gorgos & Ares before being destroyed by the Leto's, not before it put one damage onto one of the Eyriss medium battle tanks. 

The Locatu Tank Destroyers continued the trend of hammering the Eyriss, as did the Sednas & one Squad of Lamanas, finally being destroyed by the unit of light tanks that had Recon'd to the Secondary objective. 

The Charon came in at the end of the first turn, killed one of the Sedna's outright, before taking two damage (one from shooting, the second from pinpoint) from the Lamana's on the right flank. 

The Nyx disembarked to kill the remaining Sedna, I only failed one command check to take one disorder on the Lamana's with a SirSir attached. 

The final activation of the round after bringing in two units of Stingrays was to move my Tertiary objective holding Imzani's so that they still held the tertiary but allowed them to put some Anti-Infantry damage into the Nyx Grand Company, killing three of the 7 (an Officer, Gun Team & Sweeper Team). 

At the end of the first round I had claimed both the secondary & territory objectives (4+2 TV) and killed the Eyriss squadron with the Attached Circe for another 8, leaving me on 16 ZHT. 

My opponent had managed to kill the Sedna squad & Haumea (8 + 5), but had spent 2TV on improving his Opposed tactics roll off for first activation leaving him on 19 ZHT.

Turn 2.

I won the roll off to go first, and played the Overcharged cells on my Lamana's while my opponent added Pinpoint to all his EF attacks from his Kratos. 

The first activation was from the Imzani's to take out another 3 bases of Nyx, leaving just a gun team that Forlorn hoped. 

The Nyx jumped forward to try and do some damage to the Imzani unit through CQB & Shooting but failed to make an impact before breaking and running. 

My second Imzani unit focussed all fire on the Command barge and managed to take its final wound out as well bringing me down to 1 on the ZHT only two activations in! 

The rest of the turn consisted of me losing my Imzani squad on the secondary objective to the Leto's (4 for him), he also (sneakily) got one Leto in base to base of the secondary and out of LoS of most of my army (pre movement). 

I then spent pretty much all of the rest of the turn hammering the Leto's, with both of my Stingray Units, Locatu's & Lamana Squadron firing on them, it did take everything but i managed to batter down the Leto's.

His Heavy Helix fair poorly and didn't managed to kill anything else before the game ended. Although his Kratos took out my remaining Locatu's with relative ease. 

At the end of the turn it was: 

-6 / 8, a Major win to the Aquans and for the Kurak Alliance!