Planetfall Aquans - 3,000 Points

Time ago I used to write a lot of Army lists for the blog, lots and lots of them. I dont think I will be returning to quite as many as before (unless I get a tonne of comments asking for it), but its definately time to start getting a few more of these posted. 

So first up we have the Aquan list that I used in a game recently against the Dindrenzi, more info after the jump.

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For those of you not to sure about Planetfall, its definately worth having a look at some of the earlier posts I wrote about their Helix structure and how the army lists are written / built. 

3,000 points is actually a pretty small point size to write a list for and makes you face lots of hard choices about what to take or not take.

So, first picture, 3000 points all on the table. As you can see it only Consists of 31 models, and of those only 16 distinct activations, of which only 7 of them are mobile! 

Above you can see my Core Helix, this consists of (moving clock wise from the top left)
4 Stingray Emplacements, 2 units of 2.
4 Vorati Crystals, 4 units of 1
2 Sednas, 1 unit
8 Imzani's, 2 units of 4

In this picture you can also see the rest of the Helix.

6 Lamana's, 2 units of 3
1 SirSir, attached to one of the Lamana units. 

Outside of the Core helix we have the Heavy Helix, which consists of only 6 models.

1 Haumea
3 Locatu's
2 Vorati Crystals

All together this rocks in at the 3,000 point mark.

So the Heavy Helix, the Haumea provides some amazing Anti-Air firepower and is now slouch against Ground Targets either with its long range and decent attack dice totals. 

The Locatu's are very good long range Tank Destroyers, with Pinpoint (2) they can really do some additional damage to their opponent if they dont quite destroy him.

The Sedna's are some of my favourite units, they have very good Attack dice totals, a massive range and are very manoeuvrable for a Heavy Tank. Like the Locatu's they have a pinpoint value so can really boost their damage output with some decent rolls! 

The Lamana's used to be poorly thought of but some recent boosts to their Attack Dice & Shields have made a really difference. 

The Medium tanks should always be the main stay of your force, and I didnt skimp when picking up all six of them. 

The SirSir gives me the Sky Drop markers (only 2 of them) to allow me to call in my Crystals & Stingrays and serves as either a meat shield for the unit, or a way to deny my opponent tactical points (Victory points in essence) if the rest of the unit dies. 

The Imzani's are the only scoring units I have in the game, this is a risk, one that I am not sure I am comfortable with just yet, but I think it might work, with some decent luck they should be able to hold a Seconday & my Teriarty in the opening turn getting me 6 TV from the off, and given that the Zero Hour Tracker only starts at 30, this a decent chunk of the total for the game.

They are also my Anti-Infantry unit so will need to be used wisely to wipe out enemy Infantry converging on Objectives (or my tanks).

The Stingrays bring 12 Attack dice per squadron, and given their ability to land behind or on the flank of an enemy where their defences are weaker this works quite nicely. After their arrival their shooting only gets better as they hit on 3's instead of 4's and they dont give up many tactical points either (only 2 per unit). 

The Crystals (all six of them) can be used for various reasons from their main purposes of bending lasers around corners to blocking line of sight / routes to advance to just give me additional activations to let me see what my opponent does. Given that they are worth 0 Tactical points it doesnt matter if they land out of position either.