Gaming Stats

Here is my current record of games.

This has been updated with everything I have played since January 2011, and I try to keep it updated monthly. 

Less games being played, but finally got it updated for the end of 2014. Now to keep track of the games I play.

This system helps me keep the bad games in perspective as to how I am doing overall, and is useful for me to see how many games I am playing, I have a few ideas of how this will change in 2016, but for now here it is, in all its glory! 

Last updated 19th September 2016

Any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below. 

Spartan Games

Firestorm Planetfall
Played: 42
Won: 23
Lost: 18
Draw: 1

Firestorm Armada
Played: 2
Won: 2

Dystopian Wars
Played: 10
Won: 6
Draw: 1
Lost: 3

Mantic Games

Played: 19
Asterians - 1 Played, 1 Won
(Version 2 Beta)
Played 2
Lost 2


Played: 25
Won: 13
Lost: 11
Drawn: 1 

Played: 1
Lost: 1


Guildball - Engineers (Sold)
Played 5
Won: 3
Lost: 2

Bolt Action

Played 1
Won 1

Warmachines & Hordes

Convergence of Cyriss
Played: 2
Won: 2


Played: 5
Won: 2
Lost: 3

Khador - Sold
Played: 9
Won: 4
Lost: 5
Drawn: 0

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition

Since 7th Edition rolled around I have ended up selling all of my 40k armies, and am in the process of rebuidling a Space Marines army for 30k & 40k... expect to see a 7th Edition section come up here as I get back involved! 

Played: 120
Won: 82
Lost: 30
Drawn: 8
Win Ratio: 68%

Army Specific

Necrons - Sold

Played: 41
Won: 31
Loss: 7
Draw: 3

Grey Knights - Sold

Played: 70
Won: 47
Lost: 17
Draw: 6

Imperial Guard - Sold

Played: 10
Won: 6
Lost: 4

Daemons of Chaos - Sold
Played: 5
Won: 2
Lost: 3
Warhammer 8th Edition

Age of Sigmar is likely to draw me back in at some point, but when I do that I will be returning to a Lizardmen army that I used to collect, when I say returning (as I sold that army back in 2005) I mean rebuying! 

Dwarves - Sold
Played: 34
Won: 16
Lost: 13
Drawn: 2

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition

No overall games played for 5th Edition as I was playing it from when it was released, and only started this record in April 2010, it does however provide a comprehensive list of my games played with Grey Knights, and the vast majority of my Imperial Guard armies. The Necrons I have owned since they first got their own Codex back in the early 2000's. 

Grey Knights:
Played: 64
Won: 42
Drawn: 6
Lost: 16

Played: 24
Won: 10

Draw: 3
Lost: 11
Imperial Guard
Played; 45
Won: 20
Lost: 15
Drawn: 10

Card Games

Played: 63
Won: 20
Drawn: 2
Lost: 41

World of Warcraft
Played: 95
Won: 46
Lost: 49


Played: 7
Won: 3
Lost: 4

Blood Bowl

Dwarf Team (Clan Kragg)
Played: 1
Drawn: 1