Horus Heresy 30k - World Eaters so Far.

Hey guys it's Dragkon again, been away....

So Kraggi has been keeping you all updated with some of the stuff that I have been painting.
all the rest after the jump
 So yea I have been having a blast with this set. I'm just taking my time with getting them painted up. As you all will be aware i have been painting these guys up as the World Eaters (I just like the colour scheme ).

Well I hope you enjoyed this update hopefully I will get some more posts sorted for Kraggi when I can get round to sorting them out.

There is one thing I would like to hear about from you guys I am thinking of doing something more to the bases like possible adding some snow to them. Just to make a little different to the rest of the marines I have.

well catch you all later and hope you all have a good New Year :).