Deadzone Version 2!!! (New Rules for testing)

 It is with great joy that the new rules for Deadzone found their way into my hands, mainly by chance.

As I checked my facebook feed and someone had shared them from the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter update.

Good news for those who (like me) pledged for the original Kickstarter, but didnt for the second one, they will be sending us all a digital PDF of the new rules when they are complete.

So how do the rules read?

Well the foreword of the document is from Jake Thornton the games designer and he states the aim was to keep the feel of deadzone but to make it much faster to play and remove some of the complexity.

I am pretty happy with these ideas as it should lower the barrier for entry, and make it easier to demo! Thats the hope at least.

Assuming the PDF we all have is the format of things to come, then I am liking the new look to the rule book.

Its basically broken into:

Setting up a Game
The Core Rules
The Model Stats
Campaign rules

I played my first game of Plague vs Enforcers (the traditional factions in the main boxed game).

They said they sped it up and made it brutal... they weren't lying.

Despite only getting three rounds in before the Enforcers reached their 16 Victory Points needed to win, 12 models were removed from the table top as casualties. Most from shooting.

That is a flip from most of the games I have played previously where the casualties seem to come from Combat far more than shooting.

The new damage rules (total damage a model can take is equal to their size +1 means that the larger models feel more worthwhile because they take a more damage, but they don't feel too powerful as they can and do die if focussed down.