An Example Gaming Table: Deadzone / Necromunda

Today we have some pictures of a Deadzone table I setup for a game vs Dragkon.

Admittedly most of the table is still unpainted past its base coat (although in the pictue below you can see at least one section is painted!

Deadzone plays in 3" x 3" x 3" cubes, no measuring, but for a sense of scale, the mat I am playing on is 24" x 24", and with each cube being 3" high, some sections of this table are over 9" tall.

The models you can see below are of a comparative scale to 40k models (for a full comparison click here.)

Love my Walk ways, not the most ingenious of connectors to hold them in place, but love having people running across something suspended in mid air!

The scale of the board, despite being in a realtively small space still gives you some nice dynamic lines of site. 

Overall despite having premeasured Squares I think this will work quite well as terrain for Necromunda as you can have a very densely packed table for a pretty cheap price (something like £50 will give you a decent coverage for this size of table!).


Malduran said…
The Terrain set looks brilliant, i might have to look into getting one or two for myself. How easy was it to put together?
Kraggi said…
Thanks Malduran.

It's pretty straight forward. They made it to be snap fit akthough I didn't find that worked too well so it's all glued.

Fitting it together was fine for the snap fit but taking it apart without breaking connectors was the hard part.