Model Size Comparisons: GW - Mantic - PP

Something I have been thinking about for a while, and one of those questions I always have come to mind when looking at a new model / games system.

How big is it actually?

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So I took some models out when we still had a thing called daylight in Scotland and took myself a few pictures. 

At the moment its only really some 40k, Deadzone & Privateer Press comparisons, along with the Deadzone terrain. 

Ideally it should give you all some scale to work with.

Let me know what you think, if this has been useful I will look at getting more pictures of models to give people a few more perspectives. 


Greg Hess said…
This is absolutely perfect. I will not kid friend was just looking at the deadzone mini you posted in your scale photos...and he plays necrons. This could not have been a better timed scale photo post :).
Thanks so much!
Kraggi said…
Happily this makes my day for posting something that people find useful.

Very glad it has been beneficial, going to try and do a few more scale comparisons for some of the other games I have as I think that should be useful for everyone.

The Deadzone tiles are 3" x 3" squares, I was surprised that the daemonprince fits under a level.

Love the terrain though.