On the Modelling Table (no paint yet)

Decided to go through my boxes of models and figure out what else I have stored away that hasnt been built yet. 

In doing so (as you can see from the table above) I found a significant number of Mantic models from my DBX kickstarter that I needed to look into. 

Here we can see the Plague team, which I decided to convert into Plague for Deadzone (more on that in another post).

The Crystellan Dreadball team.

The Ada-Loranna Dreadball team.

Some converted Kaylishi, can't decide if they should be the Kaylishi for my Dreadzone Asterians, or if they should join the Reb's... they were involved in DBX so would have a good reason to hate the Corporations...

The Giants from the DBX expansion.

Another Giant... although I think this Chovar will work well for Deadzone again! 

Some more DBX Kickstarter MVP's that are joining the Rebs in Deadzone. 

Below are some of the snaps of my conversion work in making the Plague team into Deadzone models..