Deadzone: Asterians

Some snaps of all the Asterian Models I currently own... a lot of painting and basing still required though! Along with some small bits of background about how they fight in Deadzones

More piccys after the jump!

These guys are mostly (well pretty much all) Cyphers, or Robots, where someone is controlling them from a remote location, and therefore not in serious danger of being killed.

Of course the shock of the Neural link being severed by the Cyphers sudden demise can kill you but that is less likely than the bullets / grenades / fangs that would usually fly at you in a Deadzone.

The Cyphers have lots of special rules in Deadzone 1.0 (and I am sure they will in Deadzone 2.0 as well), things like;
  • Construct, which makes them able to ignore pinning - after all they arent really shooting at you, just a robot
  • Vulnerable - pretty much how it sounds, the Cyphers, while advanced are pretty fragile... any damage can take them out.
  • Toxic Smokescreen - they can fill their cube with Toxic smoke, basically making anything in it Vulnerable.. which is pretty neat! 

In the middle of this picture you can see the Gun / Shield drones that the Asterians can take to battle with them. 

I suspect I have enough to give some Firefight / Warpath games a go when the rules come out.

In the front middle here you should just about be able to make out the two Sword Wielding Cyphers that are in essence the battlefield leaders.

And between them the guy with the Staff is an actual flesh and blood Asterian. They like to have one Asterian commander on the battlefield to make true snap & gut decisions based on the feel of the combat.

Something that their Cypher controllers cannot do being so far detached from the actual combat! 

Some close up shots of each one will come around when I get round to painting them up


Thomas Richter said…
Nice bunch of robots!

Is the casting quality (mould lines) as bad as with the other early mantic releases?

I'm tempted buying an Asterian starterbox ...
Kraggi said…
I will look to do some closer up images of these guys. I am terrible at not sorting out mould lines and painting around them, but I don't remember that these guys had bad mould lines.
Rich McGee said…
Casting quality on the Asterians is fine IME. Less mold line cleanup required than the average GW plastic fig, albeit a bit more than Reaper's Bones models usually require.

If you want to see some closeup photos of my own efforts at painting Asterians, there are a bunch posted over here (at least until ebay clears them out, but the url should be good for images for at least a month or two):