Dystopian Wars - Pictures (Landships Ahoy!)

So while I have been waiting with bated breath for my Forces and rulebook. I have actually had the Delivery gods decide to be mean to me.

Unfortunately my order for models has been delays due to unknown reasons... which means the Review of the game I had planned for this post will have to wait, as did my Friday's post of the models I am due to buy. Ah well.

On the positive side they have released more pictures of futures models. Below are the Images so far, and at the bottom of the page is the link direct to the Preview page for people to book mark for future goodiness.

Lots of nice pictures of painted Tanks and Landships... again not a model I dont like. Gotta love Spartan for that.  

For a direct link to the page, please click here.

Doubles Tournament... Round 2

It was with great joy I was informed by my Doubles Partner from earlier this year that the tickets for the Doubles Tournament were coming on sale.

It was met with even more joy when I found out the date had moved to mid-late February which mean I might actually have some money for Warhammer world goodies this time round.

Last year our Space Wolf & Imperial Guard combination didnt do too badly... this year, well this year we are going to have a long and hard think about what it is we want to take.

Last year we themed our list with a very clear backstory in place, this year we may look at a more Competitive list and a less themed one this time. Note I said may. The Doubles Tournament is a much more fun tournament but it also helps when you feel like your list has some chance of wining.

At the moment we are looking at another Wolf and Guard Alliance. Last year we went with the following list:

Company HQ; 3 x Flamers
Rune Priest

Sly Marbo
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 x Flamers
Grey Hunter Squad (10)
Grey Hunter Squad (6)


Long Fang Squad

It will be interesting to see how much our list changes with another year of games under our belts.

Ever Evolving Dwarfs

So my last 1500 point didnt do badly, although it was teamed up with Wood Elves (this was around 4 months ago now... yes it has been a while since I played Warhammer).

I decided that after the game that what I lacked was combat units... or rather ones that could last more than one round of combat.

So my list for 1500 points now is:

Thane (General); Rune of Stone, Great Weapon
Thane (Battle Standard); Rune of Stone, Great Weapon
Runesmith; Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, Shield

Dwarf Warriors (42); Shields, Full Command
Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi
Thunderers (10)



This list comes in at 1498 points. My Percentages come in at.

Heroes:  21.3%
Core:      57.2%
Special: 12%
Rare:       9.3%

This list gives me a lot more in the way of combat. The loss in shooting is a unit of 10 Thunderers will potentially hurt, however the Organ Cannon has been very hit and miss in my last few games so dropping it and saving the points shouldnt hurt too much.

The thing with shooting is that its all well and good, if you can stop the enemy getting to you. Now while I do intend to field an army entirely built of shooting (for giggles if nothing else) I think that when it boils down to it that unless you can wipe your enemy out before they get to, limiting the shooting to win combat should work out better.

My Anti magic is a lot less, but given the number of spells that went by me with irresistable force made me rethink the strategy on magic defense and basically I am just taking less points to see how it works.

Uncharted Seas

Another one of Spartan Games creatures, this game has a huge appeal to me... what it lacks (at least in my gaming group) is opponents.

Part of this is because people dont want to buy into a game where they have no one to play. So my idea for resolving this... well its simple really.

I will buy another fleet for myself... thus allowing me to introduce people to the game... and in turn getting myself more games as well.

I now simply need to decide what fleet to buy... and then save up the pennies to buy it. Now fortunately for me I am not in a situation like I am with the Dystopian Wars... not all of the factions appeal to me asthetically.

The ones I like the most are:

Imperial Humans - Since their Act of Cowardice in Deserting the Dwarven fleet at Helg to face the Dragon Lords along, the Humans have becomne targets for the Dwarves, and any encounters between them at Sea result in many Casualties.

 The Dragon Lords - They have been openly Hostile to the Dwarves wiping out entire fleets in early engagements, this make them a perfect counter point to my Dwarf fleet as they are Natural Enemies.

Orc Raiders - These guys just have some nice looking ships, and Orcs in any Fantasy genre are always interesting to play.

I would love to hear anybodies opinions on the look of the fleets I have listed as it may very well help me figure out which one I would like to pick up. 

Plans for the Future

A few changes to how I am running the Blog at the moment... I am posting about more games, basically the whole variety that I play, hopefully this will tweak peoples interest in some of them, and will help everyone expand their hobby in some way or another.

I have also got around 12 posts planned now at 2 a week with occaisional weeks (like this one having 3 posts a week), this has me currently covered all the way through to the end of November at the moment, and will mean there should be something new for people to read and think about every few days.

Hopefully giving myself a bit of a lead time on my posts, will improve how frequently I post... I would like to be posting at least once a week, every week. It should also improve the quality of the posts. This is not to say I rushed out posts when I wasnt happy... just that having a lead time means I have more time to think about what I want to post.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new regulary Varcan Cluster... and fingers crossed it will continue well into December and the New Year!

Dystopian Wars - Preview Pictures

As an update, here is the link to my Dystopian Wars page, and the Review of the game.

Another quick post on the Dystopian Wars... the release date is almost (could already be) upon us and I have a few more pictures. These have all been taken from the Spartan website, but the links to view the pages relating to them are all at the bottom of the post, there is some really good information and fluff for some of these pictures and I suggest reading them at the first chance you get!

I am sure you will all agree that they are true (once again) to their renders and these all look fabulous.

Below are the links to their website, and the fluff associate with each picture.

Britannia Battleship
Britannia Carrier
Prussian Battlegroup
Prussian Sky Fortress
Federated States of America Battleship
Federated States of America Under Attack!
Empire of the Blazing Sun Sky Fortress
Empire of the Blazing Sun Battleship
Bombers & Fighters

Dystopian Wars - Ground Forces

Another post on the Dystopian Wars... this really goes to show how much I am enjoying the idea and concepts of this game.

So this time I am focussing on the Landships of the four Starting nations. I really like the idea of the Britannian one, with its three options which means the model itself with have three roles and give you the chance to try out different configurations in each game you play. I love the Cathedral HQ Platform... it looks just awesome.

 So below is the FSA Landship, which as you can see from the text also doubles as an Aquatic ship... the whole look of this is awesome, as it has guns to the fore and aft... so should be an interesting piece to play with. Another model I cannot wait to get my hands on!
Overall I am still very impressed with the renders of this models, and so far Spartan Games have never fallen short of their 3D renders.

KoA Warhammer Escalation League.

So for this League this month I have to pick up a list of 750 points of Dwarves to play 3 games.

My Opponents are:

Match 1: Empire
Match 2: Warriors of Chaos
Match 3: Lizardmen

So two games full of high armour opponents and strong combat units, followed by one with Good Leadership and decent combat (although I might strike first in some of those ones). There is a good potential for high levels of Magic in each of these lists.

So with who I am playing known, the list I am going to build is as follows.

Master Engineer - General

Thunderers x 10
Thunderers x 10
Bolt Thrower x 2
Organ Cannon

This comes in at a nice 745 points, and will throw out a lot of firepower, of course the turn it has all the wrong results come up on the Artillery dice things go wrong but every army has its risks lol.

Corrected as Tom was quite correct... I had my match ups wrong!

Airborne 1500 Points

So with the Dark Eldar having been released last weekend... what type of list do I want to field with my Guard? The last 1500 point list I posted is here.

Well I figure that using a pretty standard list for me is best... changing things up too much means I wont know my list as well as I might need to deal with any new Tricks the Dark Eldar have.

So I decided to stick to my tried and tested Outflanking Guard list... rolling in at 1500 points it offers more in the way of Anti Tank than it needs to for dealing with Dark Eldar, but it does serve me as a good Army, with lots of options.

*** Disclaimer ***
*** Does contain some SPAM ***

Company Command Squad; Astropath, 4 x Grenade Launchers
Sly Marbo
Stormtrooper Squad (10); 2 Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 Flamers
Veteran Squad; 3 Flamers
Veteran Squad; 2 Grenade Launchers
Veteran Squad; 3 Meltaguns

Vendetta Squadron (2), Door Way Heavy Bolters
Vendetta Squadron (2)
Valkyrie Squadron (2); Multiple Rocket Pods

As mentioned before the list has a fair few options, with Stormtroopers there to contest objectives, 4 scoring units that will hide in their metal coffins until absolutely the last minute should mean that my fleshy type people are relatively safe until I need them.

Twin Linked Lascannons may be a waste agains Raiding Pirates, but being able to pretty much always Penetrate if I hit means that failed cover saves will hurt them a lot more, and they are still useful against all the other armies I may face.

As usual any comments or feedback please let me know.


To confirm my status as a Game Collector (a much politer term than I was going to use), I have now also taken the plunge into the world of Heroclix.

For those of you who don't know what this it is a game based around the Super Heroes, Villans and their Sidekicks and Minions from the Marvel and DC comic universes.

The models come in Starter and Booster boxes. A Starter box contains a selection of models in a specific theme (i.e Fantastic Four, Iron Man), along with a full set of rules and a Map for you to play on.

The Booster boxes contain 5 Random models, one of which is a Rare one. Each model regardless of where you get it from has a Stat card to use.

The game itself is very simply, yet because of each of the Characters special Rules it offers many oppourtunities for you to Combo certain Characters and skills leading to a lot of Tactical flexibility.

Once I have a few more games under my belt and a better understanding of the rules I will post a review. I advise people against looking at the game as just for Kids as it offers differing levels of difficulty, and while it has not oppourtunity for you to Model Characters, a lot of the models they produce are very nice sculpts.

Anyway, the contents of my First booster box are displayed below... I will let you know how they perform in their first Game.

                                           Diana Prince - Wonder Womans Alter Ego.

Kid Zoom

Mikron O'Jeneus

Parademon Drill Sergeant & Parademon Grunt (Only one picture as the Grunt is the same as below except his Brown tripping is Dark Green).

Magic Games Day

This weekend just gone I took part in my first Pre-Constructed Magic Tournament.

That makes 3 Magic Tournaments in the last 2 Months, the first of which were constructed using Cards you got on the day.

This format of Tournament really gave me a chance to design a deck that would (or should) work well, and was my first attempt at constructing a deck for a tournament.

The main trick of a format like this is to design a deck that doesnt beat you. What I mean by that is that the Deck does not have too little Mana, too many High Cost cards or no real strategy.

So my Plan? Well after a bit of research, and asking people at my local store I found that when you build a deck (any deck really, but especially for a tournament) you should make sure you have a clear strategy.

So what is the deck meant to do? Is it meant to Poison your Opponent, Burn them, Mill them, Control them, Rush them? There are many different strategies and I have barely scratched the surface of what is possible.

I decided a while ago to try my hand at a Red Deck and this is what I have been using for the last few weeks. The aim of a red deck is damage... basically burn... take the opponent out as quick as possible.

To that end my deck included lots and lots of cheap Burn spells, and ways to buff them. I am running very light on Creatures, so I have also included some low cost spells to kill multiple enemy creatures.

However you do need to have a backup strategy... after all what happens if my Opponent plays a card like Leyline of Sanctity which means I cannot target him with my direct damage spells. In these cases I will resort to some big Creatures to attack in the combat phase, and will switch most of my Damaging spells to target their creatures and take them out so they cannot block me.

So with a Strategy in mind I now need to figure out a Deck Composition. I know that a lot of people use many different ways of figuring this out, myself I took a roughly a third of my deck as land... so as I was running a 63 card deck I had 20 Land. I also included 4 Myrs that can be tapped to give me Red Mana... these were for early pushes and if required blockers.

With 24 of my Cards decided I then picked the rest of my deck. I wont be going into big details as to which card I picked and why, I am just going to list the deck I took, the 15 card sideboard and what I learned from the tournament.

So below is my 63 Card Deck:

20 x Mountain

4 x Lightning Bolt
4 x Cerebral Eruption
4 x Iron Myr
4 x Arc Trail
3 x Hoard-Smelter Dragon

3 x Lave Axe
3 x Fire Servant
3 x Fireball
3 x Reverberate
2 x Melt Terrain
2 x Galvanic Blast

2 x Blood Crazed Goblin
2 x Prodigal Pyromancer
2 x Pyroclasm
1 x Dragon's Claw
1 x Inferno Titan

This deck did not do badly for me, however the main problem I had was that of Mana. I would struggle to draw mana, and this meant in my first 2 Matches on Saturday that I had some problems getting off the ground. Please understand I am not blaming the deck purely for this, as the construction is my fault. My opponents beat me fair and square as I had not thought about the Mana carefully enough.

The problem is that while the Iron Myrs fufill two roles, they do allow my opponent to destory, enchant or even control my Mana... meaning I could wast two Mana to bring it out and instead of getting to use it the following turn it dies, setting back my start.

Below are a quick summary of some of the Cards I used.

Blood Crazed Goblin is an excellent card, as it is a Cheap 2/2 blocker... and when I damage the opponent it is a cheap 2/2 attacker.
Reverberate is an awesome card, especially as it allows me to unleash two Lava Axes in the same turn for only 7 Mana. With my Fire Servant up one time I did that I managed to hit my opponent for 20 damage in one go.
Pyroclasm did not really get used, mainly because it would kill Iron Myrs... and this would reduce my Mana Effectiveness so I decided against it, in future hower I will certainly be keeping this card.
Arc Trail proved very useful, with its cheap cost, and ability to slow my opponents game down, by clearing out cheap creatures and still dealing damage to them.
Melt Terrain was also a Star for me in a few games as it really screwed with my opponents early game... the 2 damage is just a nice bonus.
Cerebral Eruption is a very nice card, and with 4 of them I can really frustrate my opponent, and it can wipe out creatures on the battlefield... you just need a little luck as to what card it turns over.

I am going to rebuild and tweak this deck a little, and I will post a revised deck list up in the next week or so.

Dystopian Wars - More Pictures, Dates and Prices

So, more pictures have been released on the Dystopian Wars website, and their Forums are awash with ideas from hobbyists and their game designers.

This I think is a really positive sign as their Game designers are really keen for community to give them ideas and suggestions.

I have also been told of a provisional launch date of the 24th November. This includes Starter boxes for all four Nations, the Rulebook and the Card Packs for armies.

The prices for these are as follows:

Rulebook: £16
Starter Fleet: £32
Cards: £6

Below are pictures of the four nations ships and their carriers that are up on the Dystopian Wars website.

The pictures do not have the Planes on the flight decks paint at the moment, and the Federated States of America does not actually have a Ship Carrier & a Air Carrier. The ship has two flight decks and they have simply put the top section on a stand so you can see the detail on the lower flight deck.

Exciting pictures... can't wait for them to come out, and now i jsut have to pick my first two factions... purely on the look of their models and I can't decide as all four still look awesome! Any suggestions or hints about which two factions to pick up please feel free to let me know.

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