To confirm my status as a Game Collector (a much politer term than I was going to use), I have now also taken the plunge into the world of Heroclix.

For those of you who don't know what this it is a game based around the Super Heroes, Villans and their Sidekicks and Minions from the Marvel and DC comic universes.

The models come in Starter and Booster boxes. A Starter box contains a selection of models in a specific theme (i.e Fantastic Four, Iron Man), along with a full set of rules and a Map for you to play on.

The Booster boxes contain 5 Random models, one of which is a Rare one. Each model regardless of where you get it from has a Stat card to use.

The game itself is very simply, yet because of each of the Characters special Rules it offers many oppourtunities for you to Combo certain Characters and skills leading to a lot of Tactical flexibility.

Once I have a few more games under my belt and a better understanding of the rules I will post a review. I advise people against looking at the game as just for Kids as it offers differing levels of difficulty, and while it has not oppourtunity for you to Model Characters, a lot of the models they produce are very nice sculpts.

Anyway, the contents of my First booster box are displayed below... I will let you know how they perform in their first Game.

                                           Diana Prince - Wonder Womans Alter Ego.

Kid Zoom

Mikron O'Jeneus

Parademon Drill Sergeant & Parademon Grunt (Only one picture as the Grunt is the same as below except his Brown tripping is Dark Green).