Uncharted Seas

Another one of Spartan Games creatures, this game has a huge appeal to me... what it lacks (at least in my gaming group) is opponents.

Part of this is because people dont want to buy into a game where they have no one to play. So my idea for resolving this... well its simple really.

I will buy another fleet for myself... thus allowing me to introduce people to the game... and in turn getting myself more games as well.

I now simply need to decide what fleet to buy... and then save up the pennies to buy it. Now fortunately for me I am not in a situation like I am with the Dystopian Wars... not all of the factions appeal to me asthetically.

The ones I like the most are:

Imperial Humans - Since their Act of Cowardice in Deserting the Dwarven fleet at Helg to face the Dragon Lords along, the Humans have becomne targets for the Dwarves, and any encounters between them at Sea result in many Casualties.

 The Dragon Lords - They have been openly Hostile to the Dwarves wiping out entire fleets in early engagements, this make them a perfect counter point to my Dwarf fleet as they are Natural Enemies.

Orc Raiders - These guys just have some nice looking ships, and Orcs in any Fantasy genre are always interesting to play.

I would love to hear anybodies opinions on the look of the fleets I have listed as it may very well help me figure out which one I would like to pick up. 


SC John said…
I have the same problem and had the same solution, but have not played still, and will be getting rid of my stuff and trying my luck with Flames of War.

Let me know if yo would like to trade something for my 2 uncharted seas fleets (Dwarf and Imperial)and a rule book. I don't want much for them, as I got them on the cheap.

fix the following email address if you want to make a deal.

av8hotrod at yahoo.com

Santa Cruz Warhammer
Kraggi said…
Am away from home at the moment, but am def interested. Will drop you a line during the week.
Ragados said…
A word of warning (though it may be too late!)
Imperial Navy starter is significantly weaker than any other fleet so probably leave them out.