Dystopian Wars - More Pictures, Dates and Prices

So, more pictures have been released on the Dystopian Wars website, and their Forums are awash with ideas from hobbyists and their game designers.

This I think is a really positive sign as their Game designers are really keen for community to give them ideas and suggestions.

I have also been told of a provisional launch date of the 24th November. This includes Starter boxes for all four Nations, the Rulebook and the Card Packs for armies.

The prices for these are as follows:

Rulebook: £16
Starter Fleet: £32
Cards: £6

Below are pictures of the four nations ships and their carriers that are up on the Dystopian Wars website.

The pictures do not have the Planes on the flight decks paint at the moment, and the Federated States of America does not actually have a Ship Carrier & a Air Carrier. The ship has two flight decks and they have simply put the top section on a stand so you can see the detail on the lower flight deck.

Exciting pictures... can't wait for them to come out, and now i jsut have to pick my first two factions... purely on the look of their models and I can't decide as all four still look awesome! Any suggestions or hints about which two factions to pick up please feel free to let me know.