Dystopian Wars - Ground Forces

Another post on the Dystopian Wars... this really goes to show how much I am enjoying the idea and concepts of this game.

So this time I am focussing on the Landships of the four Starting nations. I really like the idea of the Britannian one, with its three options which means the model itself with have three roles and give you the chance to try out different configurations in each game you play. I love the Cathedral HQ Platform... it looks just awesome.

 So below is the FSA Landship, which as you can see from the text also doubles as an Aquatic ship... the whole look of this is awesome, as it has guns to the fore and aft... so should be an interesting piece to play with. Another model I cannot wait to get my hands on!
Overall I am still very impressed with the renders of this models, and so far Spartan Games have never fallen short of their 3D renders.