Airborne 1500 Points

So with the Dark Eldar having been released last weekend... what type of list do I want to field with my Guard? The last 1500 point list I posted is here.

Well I figure that using a pretty standard list for me is best... changing things up too much means I wont know my list as well as I might need to deal with any new Tricks the Dark Eldar have.

So I decided to stick to my tried and tested Outflanking Guard list... rolling in at 1500 points it offers more in the way of Anti Tank than it needs to for dealing with Dark Eldar, but it does serve me as a good Army, with lots of options.

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Company Command Squad; Astropath, 4 x Grenade Launchers
Sly Marbo
Stormtrooper Squad (10); 2 Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 Flamers
Veteran Squad; 3 Flamers
Veteran Squad; 2 Grenade Launchers
Veteran Squad; 3 Meltaguns

Vendetta Squadron (2), Door Way Heavy Bolters
Vendetta Squadron (2)
Valkyrie Squadron (2); Multiple Rocket Pods

As mentioned before the list has a fair few options, with Stormtroopers there to contest objectives, 4 scoring units that will hide in their metal coffins until absolutely the last minute should mean that my fleshy type people are relatively safe until I need them.

Twin Linked Lascannons may be a waste agains Raiding Pirates, but being able to pretty much always Penetrate if I hit means that failed cover saves will hurt them a lot more, and they are still useful against all the other armies I may face.

As usual any comments or feedback please let me know.