Another Guard List Revision

Most weeks that I post contain some variation of my current Guard List. I keep meaning to change this, however I haven't played any other games or systems to post about in the last few weeks, well except for Magic The Gathering and I dont think too many people want to hear about that here.

The list itself has undergone some serious thinking recently. I really felt that the list lacked the Armour to stand up to the Rockets / Metla / Lascannon that I was seeing.

I also wanted the list to be themed, or at least themed enough that I could write a bit of a background to it. The list you are about to see is my revised list, more armour... teneous themed links and 2 games under its belt now.

In total I have played 2 games with it, and still need to ge the tactics right, I have won 1 and drawn one, with a lot of luck preventing me from losing. Hopefully as I get better with it I will need luck less.

So without further ado:

Company Command Squad; 4 x Grenade Launchers, Astropath

Sly Marbo

Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 x Flamers
Veteran Squad; 3 x Grenade Launchers

Vendetta Squadron (2)
Vendetta Squadron (2)

Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Vanquisher, w/ Multi-Melta Sponsons & Pask

This list still allows me to outflank most of it, with the three Tanks sitting on the board at the beginning of the game.

The reasoning behind it is that the Tank Squadron are the survivors of an Armoured company that has been cut off and needs assistance, everything else that is Outflanking is coming in for the rescue.

Works in my head, just need to see if I can actully put finger to keyboard and write myself a back story. Also gives me a good chance to model some wrecked tank Objective markers... although I shudder at the cost.

Also apologies for no pictures this time... will work on this for next time.