KoA Warhammer Escalation League.

So for this League this month I have to pick up a list of 750 points of Dwarves to play 3 games.

My Opponents are:

Match 1: Empire
Match 2: Warriors of Chaos
Match 3: Lizardmen

So two games full of high armour opponents and strong combat units, followed by one with Good Leadership and decent combat (although I might strike first in some of those ones). There is a good potential for high levels of Magic in each of these lists.

So with who I am playing known, the list I am going to build is as follows.

Master Engineer - General

Thunderers x 10
Thunderers x 10
Bolt Thrower x 2
Organ Cannon

This comes in at a nice 745 points, and will throw out a lot of firepower, of course the turn it has all the wrong results come up on the Artillery dice things go wrong but every army has its risks lol.

Corrected as Tom was quite correct... I had my match ups wrong!


Tom said…
Are you sure you've got your opponents right?

I have you playing
1) Empire
2) WoC and
3) Vampire Counts
Kraggi said…
So it turns out that I cant read (most likely). I wish I could say it would change my list, but unfortunately not lol. And hopefully none of them read my blog >.>