Doubles Tournament... Round 2

It was with great joy I was informed by my Doubles Partner from earlier this year that the tickets for the Doubles Tournament were coming on sale.

It was met with even more joy when I found out the date had moved to mid-late February which mean I might actually have some money for Warhammer world goodies this time round.

Last year our Space Wolf & Imperial Guard combination didnt do too badly... this year, well this year we are going to have a long and hard think about what it is we want to take.

Last year we themed our list with a very clear backstory in place, this year we may look at a more Competitive list and a less themed one this time. Note I said may. The Doubles Tournament is a much more fun tournament but it also helps when you feel like your list has some chance of wining.

At the moment we are looking at another Wolf and Guard Alliance. Last year we went with the following list:

Company HQ; 3 x Flamers
Rune Priest

Sly Marbo
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Veteran Squad; 3 x Meltaguns
Veteran Squad; 3 x Flamers
Grey Hunter Squad (10)
Grey Hunter Squad (6)


Long Fang Squad

It will be interesting to see how much our list changes with another year of games under our belts.