Ever Evolving Dwarfs

So my last 1500 point didnt do badly, although it was teamed up with Wood Elves (this was around 4 months ago now... yes it has been a while since I played Warhammer).

I decided that after the game that what I lacked was combat units... or rather ones that could last more than one round of combat.

So my list for 1500 points now is:

Thane (General); Rune of Stone, Great Weapon
Thane (Battle Standard); Rune of Stone, Great Weapon
Runesmith; Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking, Shield

Dwarf Warriors (42); Shields, Full Command
Longbeards (20); Shields, Full Command, Master Rune of Grungi
Thunderers (10)



This list comes in at 1498 points. My Percentages come in at.

Heroes:  21.3%
Core:      57.2%
Special: 12%
Rare:       9.3%

This list gives me a lot more in the way of combat. The loss in shooting is a unit of 10 Thunderers will potentially hurt, however the Organ Cannon has been very hit and miss in my last few games so dropping it and saving the points shouldnt hurt too much.

The thing with shooting is that its all well and good, if you can stop the enemy getting to you. Now while I do intend to field an army entirely built of shooting (for giggles if nothing else) I think that when it boils down to it that unless you can wipe your enemy out before they get to, limiting the shooting to win combat should work out better.

My Anti magic is a lot less, but given the number of spells that went by me with irresistable force made me rethink the strategy on magic defense and basically I am just taking less points to see how it works.