Plans for the Future

A few changes to how I am running the Blog at the moment... I am posting about more games, basically the whole variety that I play, hopefully this will tweak peoples interest in some of them, and will help everyone expand their hobby in some way or another.

I have also got around 12 posts planned now at 2 a week with occaisional weeks (like this one having 3 posts a week), this has me currently covered all the way through to the end of November at the moment, and will mean there should be something new for people to read and think about every few days.

Hopefully giving myself a bit of a lead time on my posts, will improve how frequently I post... I would like to be posting at least once a week, every week. It should also improve the quality of the posts. This is not to say I rushed out posts when I wasnt happy... just that having a lead time means I have more time to think about what I want to post.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new regulary Varcan Cluster... and fingers crossed it will continue well into December and the New Year!