Dystopian Wars - Preview Pictures

As an update, here is the link to my Dystopian Wars page, and the Review of the game.

Another quick post on the Dystopian Wars... the release date is almost (could already be) upon us and I have a few more pictures. These have all been taken from the Spartan website, but the links to view the pages relating to them are all at the bottom of the post, there is some really good information and fluff for some of these pictures and I suggest reading them at the first chance you get!

I am sure you will all agree that they are true (once again) to their renders and these all look fabulous.

Below are the links to their website, and the fluff associate with each picture.

Britannia Battleship
Britannia Carrier
Prussian Battlegroup
Prussian Sky Fortress
Federated States of America Battleship
Federated States of America Under Attack!
Empire of the Blazing Sun Sky Fortress
Empire of the Blazing Sun Battleship
Bombers & Fighters


RTGamer said…
This looks really good. Depending on the cost in $$ I might pick it up... To the spartan store!