40k Combat Patrol, Warmachine

Yep… that’s the two types of game I have played this week. Combat Patrol, two games with my Guard. One against the Space Pups and the other against the Eldar. The First was against the Eldar and didn’t last too long as my opponent have a very fragile force: 3 Wraithguard & Warlock 6 Banshees 6 Dire Avengers. Against these numbers the Guard do not struggle, 2 rounds of shooting later and the army consisted of the Warlock and nothing else. A solid victory for me. The second was against Tom’s Space Wolves. This list is a lot tougher and really tears through guard armies. 10 Grey Hunters 6 Long Fangs (5 Rocket Launchers) 1 Typhoon Landspeeder with Multi-melta. His 7 Rocket shots a turn did some serious damage, however it was the first time I have ever stolen the initiative. The game itself was brutal, and in the end he won, but only had 2 Long Fangs Left and 2 Grey Hunters… admittedly this meant I got 1 Killpoint, but I simply could not kill enough of the enemy. My force is listed below: Infantry Platoon Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 Flamers Infantry Squad: Meltagun, Vox Caster Infantry Squad: Meltagun, Vox Caster Infantry Squad: Vox Caster Heavy Weapons Team: 3 x Autocannons Heavy Weapons Team: 3 x Rocket Launchers. I know that the Heavy Weapons teams get limited lifespans given Str 6 weapons, but the enemy has lots of Rockets and I needed something that would Kill Marines and Kill them quick. It ended as a loss, but was much closer than I have EVER been in Combat Patrol against an Marine army. The Warmachine games I got (3 of them) were very enjoyable once again, with my Khador winning two and losing 1 of them. The first of these was against my Brother using the MKII version of the rules and the Protectorate of Menoth. It was a hotly contested affair with my Warcaster very nearly dying. The second used the MKI version rules as it was my first taste of the Trollbloods and the rules for Hordes. The game ended very early as the scenario was to control the central Hill from the end of your third turn, and I managed to edge it by wiping out his one Warbeast. The Third was against my Brother again, and this time he beat me! I foolishly left my Warcaster wide open, and his Warcaster launched into me with some seriously nasty spells that slapped me around. All in all it was a good week. I also managed to get myself a Trollblood Starter Warpack, and am working my way through painting the models. I do aim to have some pictures of my models up on the site soon… especially as my Painting for points hasn’t had an update yet, although I have managed to paint a full Blood Bowl team, a Warmachine Duel force and several other models. I simply don’t want to start giving points until I can show the evidence. I am also nearly there with going through the Pictures from the game we played a couple of weeks ago. I have done three posts on the setup, and both deployments, and will be getting some more pictures up of the action, and what I remember of it.

Dinav Enemy Deployment

So, for todays post these are the photos that were snapped of the Disorder Forces setup. Not quite as many as the Imperiums setup, but there were a lot of things kept in reserve. The first picture shows the Chaso Reserves, which was pretty much their entire army, minus a Warhound. The Dreaded Chaos Warhound, scratch built as well.
Three Stompas, the two to the right of the picture were scratch builts as well, and the one in the forground is a Bik Meks Stompa.
The Forgeworld Khorne Daemon Prince.... have to love this model even if I dont think I could do a paint job to do this justice.
Tyranids! These guys shared the same flank as the Chaos Warhounds and Orks... didnt advance far enough to get into the meat of the Imperiums lines. Yes my Hierodule is missing a Talon... damned problem with transportation for the Forgeworld Models.
The entire Ork and Tyranid Advance, unfortunately the Ork player didnt get into the Shop until a little later, however the Stompas had made good time on their advance.
For the Greater Good! The Tau were on the Opposite Flank to the Chaos, Orks and Tyranids, and shared their deployment zone with the Eldar, unfortunately no I have no pictures of the Eldar force they shared their deployment with.

Dinav Imperial Deployment

So here we have the pictures relating to the Imperium's deployment. If you see anything you have any questions about or want more pictures of a model then please feel free to let me know. We had 3 Space Marine Chapters, a Guard Infantry Force, and a Guard Armoured Force working in defence.

Outside the Spaceport Walls massed the lines of tanks.

With more and more appearing all the time.
The Space Marins have deployed.
Then the Guard Arrive.
The Trench line was filled with a 50 Man Guard unit... that made their first combat fun.
The Ravenwing Setup Agressively, as did the few Space Marine Scouts. The Deathwing Terminators were held in reserve, ready to fill the gaps in the defence that were bound to happen.
More Tanks!
The Emporers Champion intended to hold the Shrine of Aquila on his own for the duration of the battle.

Dinav the Battlefield

Here are the pictures of the Battlefield we played our 12 hour Apocalypse game across. Two 6 x 4 tables, each linked to the main table by a 2 x 2 Bridge, and the main Table was 8 x 6. It was a colossal game, and more pictures will follow of the deployment, the models and some of the combats of the day, along with a battle report and a rough points guesstimate as to what was on the table. Hope you all enjoy all of the pictures here.


The world of Dinav is a simple world on the fringe of the Varcan Cluster. It holds very little strategic value, and no resources of merit, well almost no resources of merit.
A recent excavation on the world found an artefact, one of immeasurable worth. The Imperium archaeologists at first couldn’t believe their eyes. They had managed to uncover a Standard Template Construct. While they were unsure of the exact purpose of the STC the potential of such a device cannot be measured.
They hastily broadcast their message to the Planetary Governor for the machine to be moved to the main space port, in the hope that it could be transported to the nearest Forgeworld for full analysis. In their haste they made a fatal mistake, sealing the fate of their world. The signal they sent was set to broadcast across the planet unencrypted. So while it arrived at the Governor’s office, it also arrived at everyone with a receiver to pick it up, all the way from a lowly hab worker with wireless radio to the many humans working to subvert the Imperium.
Within a week of the STC being found, the planetary Governor had moved to secure and begin the preparations to move the STC to the planets only spaceport. His Planetary Defence forces worked quickly and methodically securing the site and the route used to move the STC. The nearest Forgeworld was Alderac and it sent fast ship with tech priests to do some preliminary investigations and to ensure that the STC was handled with the respect it deserved. When they arrived their initial findings were startling. It appeared that the machine made a psychic hood… a more potent version of. From the information they deciphered it seemed to indicate that this new psychic hood would amplify the psykers abilities beyond anything seen since before the Time of Strife.
The Astropaths of Dinav probed it with their abilities, under the guidance of the Tech Priest. This was Dinav’s second mistake. In their scanning they activated a psychic resonance, something buried deep within the machine itself. Suddenly and without warning the machine sent out a psychic burst that liquefied the brains of the Astropaths. It was two weeks after the discovery that the Astropaths inadvertently trigger the psychic burst. As soon as the Tech Priest realised what had happened he sent urgent messages to Alderac asking for the transport ship and escort fleet to arrive with all due haste. He also sent a request for assistance from any Imperium forces in the region, and told the planetary governor to mobilise the planetary defence force to protect the research facility. He knew what a psychic burst like that could bring… he knew the enemy would come and quickly.
A week later the invasion began…
The Tau Empire had agents on the planet at the time of the discovery. They tracked the progress of the excavation and infiltrated the Planets data network to find out as much as they could. When they discovered what it was they sent word to their commanders. A device that could amplify the psychic talents of these humans… well maybe it could assist the Tau in accessing or at least understanding the Warp and the strange powers that the Space Marine Librarians, Chaos Sorcerers and Eldar used against them. A Valuable tool for the greater good.
Chaos insurrectionists learnt of the discovery on the day the signal was sent out planet wide. Even their bent and disturbed minds recognised the significance of such a find. Without waiting to find out what it did or the potential use for it, they sent word to their masters through the warp. Within hours a Great War fleet was assembled and enroute to capture the planet and make the STC create machines in the service of Chaos.
A Tyranid splinter fleet was drifting in space, looking for another word to consume, it had been like this for centuries. When the psychic wave from Dinav reached it, the fleet came alive with activity and set its sights on a new planet to devour.
The Ork WAAAGH had been building for weeks; their Warboss MadBlue Gaz Crusher had been looking for a planet to invade. He needed a war for his WAAAGH soon; otherwise his lads would start fighting each other. He had many sub bosses all trying to gain favour, all point out certain planets. He still hadn’t made his mind up when the Psychic wave hit his war fleet… every Wierdboy screamed out as one… all yelling one word DINAV! Gork and Mork had spoken… the WAAAGH was on the move.
The Eldar Farseer Anayinia had been receiving troubling visions… visions of an unstoppable wave of Chaos… then it would change to the Greenskins cutting a swathe through a thousand star systems. Just as she would find the protagonist behind each vision it would change. The Tau invading Imperium worlds and bring a fierce Crusade of Liberation into the Cluster. The Tyranids absorbing so much Bio Mass that their Splinter Fleet grew into a full Tendril of millions upon millions of ships…. Their Dark Cousins appearing one thousands of worlds taking billions of captives and slaves… all the visions were almost too much to bear. They came in constant waves battering her senses. Slowly… an inch at a time she fought back control of the visions searching for the pivotal point of all that she saw… the event that would begin all of these things Inch by inch she grew closer needing to find it… she found the Star Cluster… Varcan, as the Mon Keigh called it… the star system they called Dinav and the only habitable world there. She saw the discovery of the Standard Construct Template… the foolish message broadcast far and wide… and then the Psychic surge that brought so many Warring Races. She saw the alliances each would form during the invasion, the betrayals they would bring. Still she searched looking for some way to stop all these terrible things from happening, for each and every single one would affect her Craftworld in the years and decades to come. When she found the answer she collapsed to the floor weeping. The truth too painful to bear… her visions… all possibilities, yet one of them must come true… and she must choose who to aid and who to stop.


The Silence from me in the last week or so is due to me running out of time, painting and preparing. The preparation is for this Wednesday. Tom, Me and my Brother are running a 12 hour Apocalypse game, with a bring your models with you and leave whenever policy (just to allow any people that cant stay the whole time to join in for as long as they can). The game will be across 3 tables, with an aim to capturing a piece of Technology that the Imperium found on the world. All races are invited and we expect it to be a manic event. I managed to write a back story for it and will get that posted in the next couple of days, once the event is over, and a victor known I will also be able to get some pictures posted of the game, and given that we have a professional photographer in attendance (and he is the man in charge of the event) they will be of a very nice quality. Other than planning for this I have managed to get in a game of Warmachine (don’t cry traitor), which was highly enjoyable, right up to and past the point where my Warcaster got a Double Barrelled Shotgun to the face. The downside is that this is another force to paint… and I am already well behind on my Imperial Guard (Eek!). However when painted I will be after revenge! REVENGE I say! I also just got my tickets for the 40k Doubles Tournament in January, and now we have the rules back (from the website) we are beginning to design our list… hopefully there will not be many changes in the rules, which wont involve us rewriting the whole list. Will more than likely begin posting up lists for consideration, feedback and insight. Also to anyone reading this if you have any ideas what type of Combos / Forces will be good please drop me a line, or a comment. Having an idea of what we will run in to will help greatly. That's it for now, should be more posts up this week.

My Game this Week

So, For this week the Methelas Marines took on their one time Blue faced, Greenskin allies... it was not a pretty battle. As seems to be the way things are going for me we played an Annihilation mission, with Dawn of War for the setup (this is about my 6th game on the bounce with Dawn of War). I lost the roll to go first, but my Opponent gave me the choice of which side and setting up first. Now my Guard army does not suffer too badly from Dawn of War, the vast majority of my Troops are in one platoon. I setup aggressively, positioning 2 units of Guard on the Halfway line to reduce his options for deployment, however that was about the only decision that I made right there. I should have picked the other side as the fields of fire were severely lacking due to a Forest (due to my opponents misunderstanding we didn't play TLOS for the forest and just assumed it blocked line of sight) and a Bastion. The Forest was a misunderstanding as mentioned, the Bastion was stupidity on my part. Also the aggressive setup worked against me, as once again (and for the 4th game on the bounce) my opponent stole the initiative from me. The rest of the game followed the bad tune of me realising just how badly I messed up deployment... pretty sure that cost me the game. While on the night I was annoyed (to put it politely) with the dice, in retrospect my deployment was the worst part of the game. It also didn't help that I modified one of my army lists instead of writing a new one... and this meant it wasn't until Turn 3 that I realised my Veterans had a 4+ armour save and could have been a little more aggressive with. I also am not 100% sure what was in his army... not because of any duplicity on his part, but because he didn't get out of his vehicles until the game was already beyond my reach in turn 5, and even then I still never found out what was in the Looted Wagon. So Lessons to learn: 1. Pay far more attention to the board side I pick and deployments. 2. The Orks want to get close to you... use cheaper units if possible to force them away. 3. Expect the worst, be prepared for the Steal of initiative. 4. Orks in Trukks are bad... kill the trucks. Overall the game ended up something like 8-3 to him... my first game against Orks (I know far too many Space Marine & Tau players), so hopefully with a few more things to bear in mind I will be able to get a better result next time. I know I havent posted my list... but I am very embarassed by it so am giving it a miss... at least until I decide on a better way for it to work.

Space Wolves pt 2

Well yesterday I talked about what I thought I needed to change to deal with the bits of the Space Wolves that worried my Tyranid Army. Today I thought I would cover my Imperial Guard forces. Well like yesterday I am going to list the stuff that really worries my Imperial Guard commander. To start with I will list the one thing I hate with a passion… that is Drop Pods; they aren’t Wolf specific but can cause some serious issues for any army which wants to use the Static Gun Line. If an army has to slog/drive across the board to you then you can prioritise the targets, taking out what you want. Drop pods mean you have to focus down whatever came out of it, or accept that something (normally 1 per Drop Pod) is going to die in the following turn when they are free to Assault. It also dilutes you fire away from things that do need to get across the board to you. Now I don’t worry about Deep Strikers in the same way because it’s much more likely they will have a Mishap if they scatter into troops… not so for Drop Pods. The best I can hope for Drop Pods is for it to scatter into area terrain and Immobilise itself (on a roll of a 1 for the Vehicle Dangerous Terrain test), or off the board for a mishap. The first doesn’t really help me, as all it does is take off the weapon, the second is good in the same way Deep Strike Mishaps are, but can be easily avoided by the controlling player. Anyway, onto my Space Wolf Specific list. Grey Hunters with 2 Special Weapons Any Flank Scouts Long Fangs That’s my list. No seriously. The Grey Hunters with 2 Special Weapons mean potentially 2 Flamers, or 2 Meltas… twice the damage, and given Drop Pods that means a Squad being Fried, or a Tank going bomb. But that’s given Drop Pods, and a Max Size Squad. The Scouts coming in from any edge, if they are geared right is another potential problem… with them being able to target a specific unit if they come on the right edge. I think… and I stress this, but I think that my Officer of the Fleet should allow me to make them re-roll that result… its still Outflanking (I hope). Finally the Long Fangs… well these worry me as its one Unit taking out potentially two Targets a turn… this could be a serious problem. But again I guess careful placement and Torrent of fire should sort them out. Their unit size is a plus for me shooting at them, any Casualties will sting them. The extra combat edge that all the Wolf units have is (for my list) a bonus. The worst thing that can happen to my Guard army is that a unit gets charged and survives and holds the enemy up in combat. All it does is allow my enemy somewhere to hide when I should be shooting them. I frown very strongly on any of my units that decide to be all heroic and stuff and actually hit and hurt, then win or draw combat against a Marine force… well at least when its their turn, if they manage to do it 2 turns on the bounce then that’s fine. So in summary… I don’t have any worries at the moment. The Marines (any of them) are a potentially threat to my army in combat, but at least I know if the Puppies charge me then they will win and be left standing in front of my Gunline. The rest of it might require a bit of tweaking in my list, but I don’t feel the need to change anything significantly, and I am not crying Cheesy when seeing Space Wolves against my Guard (in retrospect I don’t think I need to cry Cheese for any of my Armies, my Armies that do well should stand as good a chance against Wolves, and the others like the Necrons stuggle against a lot of armies anyway).

The Space Wolves

Yes I went out and got the new Codex. Not to collect them as I am far too much in love with my Dark Angels to want to change chapters. I got the codex for 2 reasons. I have always wanted to own all the Current Codexes, but unless you buy them as they come out it does add up to quite a bit in very little time. Know Thy Enemy, one of my regular opponents has got the Codex as he wants to play the army… and I want to know what type of kitchen sink he will be throwing at me. So. What worries me? Well to figure out what Worries me you need to know the armies I am using the most at the moment, and those are my Tyranids and Imperial Guard. So for this post I will be detailing what I see as new problems (above and beyond any from Codex SM) which the Space Wolf Codex presents for the Tyranids. Ok, so now. What Worries the Nids in the current Codex: Saga of the Beastslayer Jaws of the Wolf World Lukas the Trickster Murderous Hurricane Long Fangs Looks like a long list. Here is why I am worried about each of these things: Saga if the Beastslayer: Re Roll failed to hit against Monstrous Creatures and Models with T5 or more. Well I don’t like this for the obvious reasons, a few Models can take it, and they will be the ones geared to hurt my Fexes and Tyrants… and the Broodlord. Jaws of the Wolf World: Initiative Test thingy ma bob: Well this one is just something that worries me… rolling low is normally easy for me, but I can just see a 200 point Fex going bye-bye to it, and the range really means he will be hitting at least 2 Monstrous Creatures a turn if he positions it right. Lukas the Trickster: Yeah this guy… not really impressed with his Stasis bomb, it really means I need to kill him at the end of the game, from shooting or with Gaunts. Anything else that and its about a 50/50 if it dies too. Murderous Hurricane: Less than fun meaning lots of move through cover moves for my units, while we do get nice advantages when moving through cover the more dice you roll the more likely things are to go wrong for you. Long Fangs: The ability to shoot at two separate units, have 6 Heavy Weapons (including a Wolf Guard) could prove troublesome, depending on their load out. So of these 5 things how do I intend to deal with them with my Nids? Well assuming they cause me enough trouble to have to rejig my army list a bit here is how: Sage of the Beastslayer – Ignore it, cant really stop them from using it, try to avoid Combat where possible against this guy with Monstrous Creatures Jaws of the Wolf World – Shadow in the Warp & Psychic Scream. In addition to cunning deployment Lukas the Trickster – Not much I can do here, other than hope it is a unit of Guants that have Without Number that take him down. Murderous Hurricane – See 2. Long Fangs – Same way I deal with all long range high strength units, Outflanking Stealers, Lictors, or masses of Shooting I guess reading them they all sound kinda obvious, and when I rewrite my list it will be to incorporate things into the army with the intention of dealing with other armies as well. The Psychic scream will be helpful against all forces, especially as my 2000 point list (well the one I am working towards) will include 3 Zoanthropes with it. Shadow in the Warp could very well be a 10 point waste of space against some armies out there, and against others it cant not be taken. I haven’t played any forces with Psykers so haven’t really thought about including this power before, but now I will keep it there just to make things difficult. I suppose the other way to negate the Jaws of the Wolf World being such a killer is to tone down all my Monstrous Creatures and get more Swarms in there, however far more of the Psychic powers worry me for my horde models than do for my Monstrous creatures, and the Space Wolves really are just going to blow through some horde armies, especially Tyranid ones. So really the Tyranids will only have a slight change made to them, and that will be to add in the Zoanthropes to all point sizes of my army that I can, everything else should be possible to deal with if I plan my turns out properly on the day… and the dice don’t desert me lol.

The Week's Games

Well this week I managed to play a whopping 7 games. 6 Blood Bowl, and 1 40k… yes that’s 6 Blood bowl. I think… although I cannot be sure that something I read online, coupled with Kingdom of Adventures upcoming Blood Bowl League and KingCon event brought this addiction back to the fore. My Orc Team from the game have been getting trounced, performing the trouncing and generally kicking the living daylights out of everything they have played… well mostly (I mean exclusively) Humans. My First two games were at home against my brother with the standard teams from the Boxed set. I lost the first 2-0, and drew the second 1-1. The third game was at KoA and again againt my Brother, it was a high scoring game which ended up with a narrow 3-2 victory to me. The fourth was an Intro game for Tom, he was using a standard Human team, and I a standard Orc team, I won 1-0, and the whole of the second half was spent with 16 of our 22 players beating each other up on the touch line… all with the Ball in the middle and 4 Tackle zones sitting on it. The Firth and Sixth Games were once again against my Brothers humans, and luckily resulted in Victories. This week I will be entering myself into the Shop league… and I am hungrily awaiting my Dwarf team to arrive, recently ordered. I am also eyeing up the Dark Elves as they were the first team I ever used in Blood Bowl, and I found them very fun to play… squishy but fun. The 40K game was my Necrons in a Dawn of War Kill points mission against the Tau. It was the first time in a while that I brushed the dust off the Necrons and fielded them in an army, however that is no Excuse for the terrible performance they put in, basically getting massacred. I had totally forgotten how frickin annoying the Tau Battle Suits are for popping out and shooting, then popping back, While they wont catch me out again for a while it was that, and the fact that they were all fielded as individual units that meant my army died very quickly. While it would be a disadvantage against most other 1000 point armies, (which my opponent knew but wrote the list like that anyway, it wasn’t tailored) it worked a treat against my Forces. I had a total of 4 things on the table that could cause serious harm to his Battle Suits… 3 Wraiths and 1 Heavy Destroyer… all of which died on turn one. The list I wrote wasn’t awesome, and certainly could have been better. Necron Lord w/ Resurrection Orb 10 Necron Warriors 10 Necron Warriors 3 Destroyers 3 Destroyers 3 Wraiths 1 Heavy Destroyer It was more of a pie in the Sky list. I knew he would focus on the Wraiths given their potential damage against the Tau in combat, however he caused 4 Wounds and I managed to fail 3 of them… so the unit kinda went *Poof*. As that was his first Suits shooting, the rest of the army had the leisure to shoot at what they wanted and needed too. Ah well, back to the drawing board for the Necrons, and a better list I hope for next week… although to be honest I am probably taking my Nid’s as I know for a fact there will be at least 1 Space Pup army that needs disciplincing.

Games Day

Well I was down at Games Day Uk on Sunday, and I am sad to say that it is probably the last one I will be going to for the foreseeable future. We left here at 1am, and arrived at the event by 6.30am. We were somewhere between 5th & 20th in the queue, and we waited for 3 hours 30 mins to be let in. Surprisingly this proved to be one of the highlights of the day for me. The people in the queue were genuinely wonderful to talk to and have a laugh with about all things GW, and watching the faces of all the other people walking into the queue was kinda entertaining too. One amusing point was when a couple arrived, and when they saw the length of the queue (at around 7am) the girlfriend/wife/partner turned to the guy and said: “You got me up at this time to get here for 20th in the queue?” When we got into the event itself, Tom went to the sales stand, and I hit up Forgeworld. I got 2 Space Pup Door sets (Rhino and Landraider), the XV9 battlesuit for my Brother, and some Death Korps of Kreig Commissairs and Inquisitor Lok. Tom got himself 2 boxes of Grey Hunters (which turned into 3 as I got a set for him kindly giving me the lift down) and a box of Space Wolf Terminators. He was… shall we say less than impressed by the fact that the Space Wolf Codex was not on sale. We then did a walk around the event itself, checking out the displays, golden demon entries and other odds and ends. All in all by 13.30 we were both ready to leave with nothing really grabbing our interests enough to keep us there. So basically we set off at 1am to be leaving the event a little bit later, and I just didn’t really get what I wanted from the time spent there, so I have to say I don’t think I will be heading down again, although it was my third year in a row, so maybe a break for a few years will bring the shine back. Just my opinion, and I know that many many people have been and enjoyed themselves, just this year it wasn’t for me.

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