The Silence from me in the last week or so is due to me running out of time, painting and preparing. The preparation is for this Wednesday. Tom, Me and my Brother are running a 12 hour Apocalypse game, with a bring your models with you and leave whenever policy (just to allow any people that cant stay the whole time to join in for as long as they can). The game will be across 3 tables, with an aim to capturing a piece of Technology that the Imperium found on the world. All races are invited and we expect it to be a manic event. I managed to write a back story for it and will get that posted in the next couple of days, once the event is over, and a victor known I will also be able to get some pictures posted of the game, and given that we have a professional photographer in attendance (and he is the man in charge of the event) they will be of a very nice quality. Other than planning for this I have managed to get in a game of Warmachine (don’t cry traitor), which was highly enjoyable, right up to and past the point where my Warcaster got a Double Barrelled Shotgun to the face. The downside is that this is another force to paint… and I am already well behind on my Imperial Guard (Eek!). However when painted I will be after revenge! REVENGE I say! I also just got my tickets for the 40k Doubles Tournament in January, and now we have the rules back (from the website) we are beginning to design our list… hopefully there will not be many changes in the rules, which wont involve us rewriting the whole list. Will more than likely begin posting up lists for consideration, feedback and insight. Also to anyone reading this if you have any ideas what type of Combos / Forces will be good please drop me a line, or a comment. Having an idea of what we will run in to will help greatly. That's it for now, should be more posts up this week.