Space Wolves pt 2

Well yesterday I talked about what I thought I needed to change to deal with the bits of the Space Wolves that worried my Tyranid Army. Today I thought I would cover my Imperial Guard forces. Well like yesterday I am going to list the stuff that really worries my Imperial Guard commander. To start with I will list the one thing I hate with a passion… that is Drop Pods; they aren’t Wolf specific but can cause some serious issues for any army which wants to use the Static Gun Line. If an army has to slog/drive across the board to you then you can prioritise the targets, taking out what you want. Drop pods mean you have to focus down whatever came out of it, or accept that something (normally 1 per Drop Pod) is going to die in the following turn when they are free to Assault. It also dilutes you fire away from things that do need to get across the board to you. Now I don’t worry about Deep Strikers in the same way because it’s much more likely they will have a Mishap if they scatter into troops… not so for Drop Pods. The best I can hope for Drop Pods is for it to scatter into area terrain and Immobilise itself (on a roll of a 1 for the Vehicle Dangerous Terrain test), or off the board for a mishap. The first doesn’t really help me, as all it does is take off the weapon, the second is good in the same way Deep Strike Mishaps are, but can be easily avoided by the controlling player. Anyway, onto my Space Wolf Specific list. Grey Hunters with 2 Special Weapons Any Flank Scouts Long Fangs That’s my list. No seriously. The Grey Hunters with 2 Special Weapons mean potentially 2 Flamers, or 2 Meltas… twice the damage, and given Drop Pods that means a Squad being Fried, or a Tank going bomb. But that’s given Drop Pods, and a Max Size Squad. The Scouts coming in from any edge, if they are geared right is another potential problem… with them being able to target a specific unit if they come on the right edge. I think… and I stress this, but I think that my Officer of the Fleet should allow me to make them re-roll that result… its still Outflanking (I hope). Finally the Long Fangs… well these worry me as its one Unit taking out potentially two Targets a turn… this could be a serious problem. But again I guess careful placement and Torrent of fire should sort them out. Their unit size is a plus for me shooting at them, any Casualties will sting them. The extra combat edge that all the Wolf units have is (for my list) a bonus. The worst thing that can happen to my Guard army is that a unit gets charged and survives and holds the enemy up in combat. All it does is allow my enemy somewhere to hide when I should be shooting them. I frown very strongly on any of my units that decide to be all heroic and stuff and actually hit and hurt, then win or draw combat against a Marine force… well at least when its their turn, if they manage to do it 2 turns on the bounce then that’s fine. So in summary… I don’t have any worries at the moment. The Marines (any of them) are a potentially threat to my army in combat, but at least I know if the Puppies charge me then they will win and be left standing in front of my Gunline. The rest of it might require a bit of tweaking in my list, but I don’t feel the need to change anything significantly, and I am not crying Cheesy when seeing Space Wolves against my Guard (in retrospect I don’t think I need to cry Cheese for any of my Armies, my Armies that do well should stand as good a chance against Wolves, and the others like the Necrons stuggle against a lot of armies anyway).