The world of Dinav is a simple world on the fringe of the Varcan Cluster. It holds very little strategic value, and no resources of merit, well almost no resources of merit.
A recent excavation on the world found an artefact, one of immeasurable worth. The Imperium archaeologists at first couldn’t believe their eyes. They had managed to uncover a Standard Template Construct. While they were unsure of the exact purpose of the STC the potential of such a device cannot be measured.
They hastily broadcast their message to the Planetary Governor for the machine to be moved to the main space port, in the hope that it could be transported to the nearest Forgeworld for full analysis. In their haste they made a fatal mistake, sealing the fate of their world. The signal they sent was set to broadcast across the planet unencrypted. So while it arrived at the Governor’s office, it also arrived at everyone with a receiver to pick it up, all the way from a lowly hab worker with wireless radio to the many humans working to subvert the Imperium.
Within a week of the STC being found, the planetary Governor had moved to secure and begin the preparations to move the STC to the planets only spaceport. His Planetary Defence forces worked quickly and methodically securing the site and the route used to move the STC. The nearest Forgeworld was Alderac and it sent fast ship with tech priests to do some preliminary investigations and to ensure that the STC was handled with the respect it deserved. When they arrived their initial findings were startling. It appeared that the machine made a psychic hood… a more potent version of. From the information they deciphered it seemed to indicate that this new psychic hood would amplify the psykers abilities beyond anything seen since before the Time of Strife.
The Astropaths of Dinav probed it with their abilities, under the guidance of the Tech Priest. This was Dinav’s second mistake. In their scanning they activated a psychic resonance, something buried deep within the machine itself. Suddenly and without warning the machine sent out a psychic burst that liquefied the brains of the Astropaths. It was two weeks after the discovery that the Astropaths inadvertently trigger the psychic burst. As soon as the Tech Priest realised what had happened he sent urgent messages to Alderac asking for the transport ship and escort fleet to arrive with all due haste. He also sent a request for assistance from any Imperium forces in the region, and told the planetary governor to mobilise the planetary defence force to protect the research facility. He knew what a psychic burst like that could bring… he knew the enemy would come and quickly.
A week later the invasion began…
The Tau Empire had agents on the planet at the time of the discovery. They tracked the progress of the excavation and infiltrated the Planets data network to find out as much as they could. When they discovered what it was they sent word to their commanders. A device that could amplify the psychic talents of these humans… well maybe it could assist the Tau in accessing or at least understanding the Warp and the strange powers that the Space Marine Librarians, Chaos Sorcerers and Eldar used against them. A Valuable tool for the greater good.
Chaos insurrectionists learnt of the discovery on the day the signal was sent out planet wide. Even their bent and disturbed minds recognised the significance of such a find. Without waiting to find out what it did or the potential use for it, they sent word to their masters through the warp. Within hours a Great War fleet was assembled and enroute to capture the planet and make the STC create machines in the service of Chaos.
A Tyranid splinter fleet was drifting in space, looking for another word to consume, it had been like this for centuries. When the psychic wave from Dinav reached it, the fleet came alive with activity and set its sights on a new planet to devour.
The Ork WAAAGH had been building for weeks; their Warboss MadBlue Gaz Crusher had been looking for a planet to invade. He needed a war for his WAAAGH soon; otherwise his lads would start fighting each other. He had many sub bosses all trying to gain favour, all point out certain planets. He still hadn’t made his mind up when the Psychic wave hit his war fleet… every Wierdboy screamed out as one… all yelling one word DINAV! Gork and Mork had spoken… the WAAAGH was on the move.
The Eldar Farseer Anayinia had been receiving troubling visions… visions of an unstoppable wave of Chaos… then it would change to the Greenskins cutting a swathe through a thousand star systems. Just as she would find the protagonist behind each vision it would change. The Tau invading Imperium worlds and bring a fierce Crusade of Liberation into the Cluster. The Tyranids absorbing so much Bio Mass that their Splinter Fleet grew into a full Tendril of millions upon millions of ships…. Their Dark Cousins appearing one thousands of worlds taking billions of captives and slaves… all the visions were almost too much to bear. They came in constant waves battering her senses. Slowly… an inch at a time she fought back control of the visions searching for the pivotal point of all that she saw… the event that would begin all of these things Inch by inch she grew closer needing to find it… she found the Star Cluster… Varcan, as the Mon Keigh called it… the star system they called Dinav and the only habitable world there. She saw the discovery of the Standard Construct Template… the foolish message broadcast far and wide… and then the Psychic surge that brought so many Warring Races. She saw the alliances each would form during the invasion, the betrayals they would bring. Still she searched looking for some way to stop all these terrible things from happening, for each and every single one would affect her Craftworld in the years and decades to come. When she found the answer she collapsed to the floor weeping. The truth too painful to bear… her visions… all possibilities, yet one of them must come true… and she must choose who to aid and who to stop.