Dinav Enemy Deployment

So, for todays post these are the photos that were snapped of the Disorder Forces setup. Not quite as many as the Imperiums setup, but there were a lot of things kept in reserve. The first picture shows the Chaso Reserves, which was pretty much their entire army, minus a Warhound. The Dreaded Chaos Warhound, scratch built as well.
Three Stompas, the two to the right of the picture were scratch builts as well, and the one in the forground is a Bik Meks Stompa.
The Forgeworld Khorne Daemon Prince.... have to love this model even if I dont think I could do a paint job to do this justice.
Tyranids! These guys shared the same flank as the Chaos Warhounds and Orks... didnt advance far enough to get into the meat of the Imperiums lines. Yes my Hierodule is missing a Talon... damned problem with transportation for the Forgeworld Models.
The entire Ork and Tyranid Advance, unfortunately the Ork player didnt get into the Shop until a little later, however the Stompas had made good time on their advance.
For the Greater Good! The Tau were on the Opposite Flank to the Chaos, Orks and Tyranids, and shared their deployment zone with the Eldar, unfortunately no I have no pictures of the Eldar force they shared their deployment with.