Games Day

Well I was down at Games Day Uk on Sunday, and I am sad to say that it is probably the last one I will be going to for the foreseeable future. We left here at 1am, and arrived at the event by 6.30am. We were somewhere between 5th & 20th in the queue, and we waited for 3 hours 30 mins to be let in. Surprisingly this proved to be one of the highlights of the day for me. The people in the queue were genuinely wonderful to talk to and have a laugh with about all things GW, and watching the faces of all the other people walking into the queue was kinda entertaining too. One amusing point was when a couple arrived, and when they saw the length of the queue (at around 7am) the girlfriend/wife/partner turned to the guy and said: “You got me up at this time to get here for 20th in the queue?” When we got into the event itself, Tom went to the sales stand, and I hit up Forgeworld. I got 2 Space Pup Door sets (Rhino and Landraider), the XV9 battlesuit for my Brother, and some Death Korps of Kreig Commissairs and Inquisitor Lok. Tom got himself 2 boxes of Grey Hunters (which turned into 3 as I got a set for him kindly giving me the lift down) and a box of Space Wolf Terminators. He was… shall we say less than impressed by the fact that the Space Wolf Codex was not on sale. We then did a walk around the event itself, checking out the displays, golden demon entries and other odds and ends. All in all by 13.30 we were both ready to leave with nothing really grabbing our interests enough to keep us there. So basically we set off at 1am to be leaving the event a little bit later, and I just didn’t really get what I wanted from the time spent there, so I have to say I don’t think I will be heading down again, although it was my third year in a row, so maybe a break for a few years will bring the shine back. Just my opinion, and I know that many many people have been and enjoyed themselves, just this year it wasn’t for me.


Tom said…
Less than impressed - quite a master of understatement aren't you John?

I'm glad I went, as John said the chat beforehand was probably worth it all by itself. Some of the other comments:-
9am as young gamer walks round the corner - "Oh, not first in the queue then!" , er no mate but you're probably in the first thousand though.
From lots of people - "What time did you get here?" and on hearing the reply "You're mad", yes mate I know.
Looking at some of the stuff on display and the upcoming bits and bobs was cool but there was nothing there that said to me "you have to come here every year".
If it was a two day thing and therefore less crowded so you could have a chance for a proper chat with some of the luminaries without people shoving their elbows in your ribs and haliotosis in your face then possibly but as a one day event - only if there was something there I really couldn't wait for and knew it was going to be there.