40k Combat Patrol, Warmachine

Yep… that’s the two types of game I have played this week. Combat Patrol, two games with my Guard. One against the Space Pups and the other against the Eldar. The First was against the Eldar and didn’t last too long as my opponent have a very fragile force: 3 Wraithguard & Warlock 6 Banshees 6 Dire Avengers. Against these numbers the Guard do not struggle, 2 rounds of shooting later and the army consisted of the Warlock and nothing else. A solid victory for me. The second was against Tom’s Space Wolves. This list is a lot tougher and really tears through guard armies. 10 Grey Hunters 6 Long Fangs (5 Rocket Launchers) 1 Typhoon Landspeeder with Multi-melta. His 7 Rocket shots a turn did some serious damage, however it was the first time I have ever stolen the initiative. The game itself was brutal, and in the end he won, but only had 2 Long Fangs Left and 2 Grey Hunters… admittedly this meant I got 1 Killpoint, but I simply could not kill enough of the enemy. My force is listed below: Infantry Platoon Command Squad: Vox Caster, 3 Flamers Infantry Squad: Meltagun, Vox Caster Infantry Squad: Meltagun, Vox Caster Infantry Squad: Vox Caster Heavy Weapons Team: 3 x Autocannons Heavy Weapons Team: 3 x Rocket Launchers. I know that the Heavy Weapons teams get limited lifespans given Str 6 weapons, but the enemy has lots of Rockets and I needed something that would Kill Marines and Kill them quick. It ended as a loss, but was much closer than I have EVER been in Combat Patrol against an Marine army. The Warmachine games I got (3 of them) were very enjoyable once again, with my Khador winning two and losing 1 of them. The first of these was against my Brother using the MKII version of the rules and the Protectorate of Menoth. It was a hotly contested affair with my Warcaster very nearly dying. The second used the MKI version rules as it was my first taste of the Trollbloods and the rules for Hordes. The game ended very early as the scenario was to control the central Hill from the end of your third turn, and I managed to edge it by wiping out his one Warbeast. The Third was against my Brother again, and this time he beat me! I foolishly left my Warcaster wide open, and his Warcaster launched into me with some seriously nasty spells that slapped me around. All in all it was a good week. I also managed to get myself a Trollblood Starter Warpack, and am working my way through painting the models. I do aim to have some pictures of my models up on the site soon… especially as my Painting for points hasn’t had an update yet, although I have managed to paint a full Blood Bowl team, a Warmachine Duel force and several other models. I simply don’t want to start giving points until I can show the evidence. I am also nearly there with going through the Pictures from the game we played a couple of weeks ago. I have done three posts on the setup, and both deployments, and will be getting some more pictures up of the action, and what I remember of it.


Ubberdorc said…
I have never played Warmachine, does it play alot different than 40k?
Kaptajn Congoboy said…
Yes, it is a quite different system, with more emphasis on individual models than 40k. The rules and balancing are quite a bit tighter than 40k, and the "dice philosophy" is different: where 40k typically rolls lots of individual d6 and groups them up, Warmachine rolls 2d6, adding the "attack value"(WS/BS) for every attack, trying to equal the "defense value" (no real 40k equivalent) of the defender, to which a number of bonuses or penalties can be added depending on cover, elevation and special abilities. Some models can even add extra d6 to the roll. The damage system works in a similar fashion.
Kraggi said…
It is a very fun system, as Kaptajn Congoboy says, very different to 40k, but not too difficult to pick up and some of the Minis are truly awesome.

I am gonna get some pictures of the ones I have painted up here in the nxt few weeks.... just need to get my Memory card reader fixed lol.