The Week's Games

Well this week I managed to play a whopping 7 games. 6 Blood Bowl, and 1 40k… yes that’s 6 Blood bowl. I think… although I cannot be sure that something I read online, coupled with Kingdom of Adventures upcoming Blood Bowl League and KingCon event brought this addiction back to the fore. My Orc Team from the game have been getting trounced, performing the trouncing and generally kicking the living daylights out of everything they have played… well mostly (I mean exclusively) Humans. My First two games were at home against my brother with the standard teams from the Boxed set. I lost the first 2-0, and drew the second 1-1. The third game was at KoA and again againt my Brother, it was a high scoring game which ended up with a narrow 3-2 victory to me. The fourth was an Intro game for Tom, he was using a standard Human team, and I a standard Orc team, I won 1-0, and the whole of the second half was spent with 16 of our 22 players beating each other up on the touch line… all with the Ball in the middle and 4 Tackle zones sitting on it. The Firth and Sixth Games were once again against my Brothers humans, and luckily resulted in Victories. This week I will be entering myself into the Shop league… and I am hungrily awaiting my Dwarf team to arrive, recently ordered. I am also eyeing up the Dark Elves as they were the first team I ever used in Blood Bowl, and I found them very fun to play… squishy but fun. The 40K game was my Necrons in a Dawn of War Kill points mission against the Tau. It was the first time in a while that I brushed the dust off the Necrons and fielded them in an army, however that is no Excuse for the terrible performance they put in, basically getting massacred. I had totally forgotten how frickin annoying the Tau Battle Suits are for popping out and shooting, then popping back, While they wont catch me out again for a while it was that, and the fact that they were all fielded as individual units that meant my army died very quickly. While it would be a disadvantage against most other 1000 point armies, (which my opponent knew but wrote the list like that anyway, it wasn’t tailored) it worked a treat against my Forces. I had a total of 4 things on the table that could cause serious harm to his Battle Suits… 3 Wraiths and 1 Heavy Destroyer… all of which died on turn one. The list I wrote wasn’t awesome, and certainly could have been better. Necron Lord w/ Resurrection Orb 10 Necron Warriors 10 Necron Warriors 3 Destroyers 3 Destroyers 3 Wraiths 1 Heavy Destroyer It was more of a pie in the Sky list. I knew he would focus on the Wraiths given their potential damage against the Tau in combat, however he caused 4 Wounds and I managed to fail 3 of them… so the unit kinda went *Poof*. As that was his first Suits shooting, the rest of the army had the leisure to shoot at what they wanted and needed too. Ah well, back to the drawing board for the Necrons, and a better list I hope for next week… although to be honest I am probably taking my Nid’s as I know for a fact there will be at least 1 Space Pup army that needs disciplincing.


Tom said…
Oh and whose Wolves will that be then?

I'll definitely have enough made up for a Combat Patrol game, hopefully more but I'll let you know on Monday what the likely points total will be - I should be able to get to 1000pts if you don't find facing headless mini's.
Kraggi said…
Hehe... as long as all the mini's minus a head lose 1 wound I am cool with it. Lol