My Game this Week

So, For this week the Methelas Marines took on their one time Blue faced, Greenskin allies... it was not a pretty battle. As seems to be the way things are going for me we played an Annihilation mission, with Dawn of War for the setup (this is about my 6th game on the bounce with Dawn of War). I lost the roll to go first, but my Opponent gave me the choice of which side and setting up first. Now my Guard army does not suffer too badly from Dawn of War, the vast majority of my Troops are in one platoon. I setup aggressively, positioning 2 units of Guard on the Halfway line to reduce his options for deployment, however that was about the only decision that I made right there. I should have picked the other side as the fields of fire were severely lacking due to a Forest (due to my opponents misunderstanding we didn't play TLOS for the forest and just assumed it blocked line of sight) and a Bastion. The Forest was a misunderstanding as mentioned, the Bastion was stupidity on my part. Also the aggressive setup worked against me, as once again (and for the 4th game on the bounce) my opponent stole the initiative from me. The rest of the game followed the bad tune of me realising just how badly I messed up deployment... pretty sure that cost me the game. While on the night I was annoyed (to put it politely) with the dice, in retrospect my deployment was the worst part of the game. It also didn't help that I modified one of my army lists instead of writing a new one... and this meant it wasn't until Turn 3 that I realised my Veterans had a 4+ armour save and could have been a little more aggressive with. I also am not 100% sure what was in his army... not because of any duplicity on his part, but because he didn't get out of his vehicles until the game was already beyond my reach in turn 5, and even then I still never found out what was in the Looted Wagon. So Lessons to learn: 1. Pay far more attention to the board side I pick and deployments. 2. The Orks want to get close to you... use cheaper units if possible to force them away. 3. Expect the worst, be prepared for the Steal of initiative. 4. Orks in Trukks are bad... kill the trucks. Overall the game ended up something like 8-3 to him... my first game against Orks (I know far too many Space Marine & Tau players), so hopefully with a few more things to bear in mind I will be able to get a better result next time. I know I havent posted my list... but I am very embarassed by it so am giving it a miss... at least until I decide on a better way for it to work.