The Space Wolves

Yes I went out and got the new Codex. Not to collect them as I am far too much in love with my Dark Angels to want to change chapters. I got the codex for 2 reasons. I have always wanted to own all the Current Codexes, but unless you buy them as they come out it does add up to quite a bit in very little time. Know Thy Enemy, one of my regular opponents has got the Codex as he wants to play the army… and I want to know what type of kitchen sink he will be throwing at me. So. What worries me? Well to figure out what Worries me you need to know the armies I am using the most at the moment, and those are my Tyranids and Imperial Guard. So for this post I will be detailing what I see as new problems (above and beyond any from Codex SM) which the Space Wolf Codex presents for the Tyranids. Ok, so now. What Worries the Nids in the current Codex: Saga of the Beastslayer Jaws of the Wolf World Lukas the Trickster Murderous Hurricane Long Fangs Looks like a long list. Here is why I am worried about each of these things: Saga if the Beastslayer: Re Roll failed to hit against Monstrous Creatures and Models with T5 or more. Well I don’t like this for the obvious reasons, a few Models can take it, and they will be the ones geared to hurt my Fexes and Tyrants… and the Broodlord. Jaws of the Wolf World: Initiative Test thingy ma bob: Well this one is just something that worries me… rolling low is normally easy for me, but I can just see a 200 point Fex going bye-bye to it, and the range really means he will be hitting at least 2 Monstrous Creatures a turn if he positions it right. Lukas the Trickster: Yeah this guy… not really impressed with his Stasis bomb, it really means I need to kill him at the end of the game, from shooting or with Gaunts. Anything else that and its about a 50/50 if it dies too. Murderous Hurricane: Less than fun meaning lots of move through cover moves for my units, while we do get nice advantages when moving through cover the more dice you roll the more likely things are to go wrong for you. Long Fangs: The ability to shoot at two separate units, have 6 Heavy Weapons (including a Wolf Guard) could prove troublesome, depending on their load out. So of these 5 things how do I intend to deal with them with my Nids? Well assuming they cause me enough trouble to have to rejig my army list a bit here is how: Sage of the Beastslayer – Ignore it, cant really stop them from using it, try to avoid Combat where possible against this guy with Monstrous Creatures Jaws of the Wolf World – Shadow in the Warp & Psychic Scream. In addition to cunning deployment Lukas the Trickster – Not much I can do here, other than hope it is a unit of Guants that have Without Number that take him down. Murderous Hurricane – See 2. Long Fangs – Same way I deal with all long range high strength units, Outflanking Stealers, Lictors, or masses of Shooting I guess reading them they all sound kinda obvious, and when I rewrite my list it will be to incorporate things into the army with the intention of dealing with other armies as well. The Psychic scream will be helpful against all forces, especially as my 2000 point list (well the one I am working towards) will include 3 Zoanthropes with it. Shadow in the Warp could very well be a 10 point waste of space against some armies out there, and against others it cant not be taken. I haven’t played any forces with Psykers so haven’t really thought about including this power before, but now I will keep it there just to make things difficult. I suppose the other way to negate the Jaws of the Wolf World being such a killer is to tone down all my Monstrous Creatures and get more Swarms in there, however far more of the Psychic powers worry me for my horde models than do for my Monstrous creatures, and the Space Wolves really are just going to blow through some horde armies, especially Tyranid ones. So really the Tyranids will only have a slight change made to them, and that will be to add in the Zoanthropes to all point sizes of my army that I can, everything else should be possible to deal with if I plan my turns out properly on the day… and the dice don’t desert me lol.


I wouldn't too worried about the sons of russ. Yeah, they've got some neat kit but they still die as easily as any other marines excetp plaguemarines. If you can handle CSMs, you can handle the wolves...
Kraggi said…
Well havent played the CSM's too much recently, but am trying to be prepared lol.

In all honestly am looking forward to my first game against the Space Wolves... wanna see if they can stand up next to their hype :-)