Dinav Imperial Deployment

So here we have the pictures relating to the Imperium's deployment. If you see anything you have any questions about or want more pictures of a model then please feel free to let me know. We had 3 Space Marine Chapters, a Guard Infantry Force, and a Guard Armoured Force working in defence.

Outside the Spaceport Walls massed the lines of tanks.

With more and more appearing all the time.
The Space Marins have deployed.
Then the Guard Arrive.
The Trench line was filled with a 50 Man Guard unit... that made their first combat fun.
The Ravenwing Setup Agressively, as did the few Space Marine Scouts. The Deathwing Terminators were held in reserve, ready to fill the gaps in the defence that were bound to happen.
More Tanks!
The Emporers Champion intended to hold the Shrine of Aquila on his own for the duration of the battle.


Aund said…
The terrain set up look great. Where did you get the castle wall sections from? They are really effective.
Kraggi said…
The castle sections are just from the Warhammer Fortress set.