Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Attunement Servitors

The write up below is from the previous version of Warmachine, but all in all I suspect I will continue to take these guys as I do like the models, and they are useful to fill points gaps! 

Annoying to the last, their AOE makes them very good at getting -2 DEF onto multiple targets, and that further increases the potential of the entire force, for a PC of 2 they are just amazing.

Consder that with three of them, you stand a decent chance of getting the flare off against something, and that then provides a buff off (in essence +2 RAT, MAT & SPELL to all your models).

Also dont be afraid to target something with Flare already, even though it doest stack your AOE should mean you can clip something else, further giving your better options.

With them being Solos, and able to move independently you can get yourself some nice flank & rear shots, specifically looking for those rear shots to increase your chances.

Additionally they are quite good as charge lane blockers, I really need to look at getting me a few more of these guys, maybe one of the other variants to further boost the forces potential.

While I dont see these guys as game winning, they synergise very well with the rest of the force!

Works Raptor Recon Helix Tactics & Comments

The Works Raptor helix has changed a few times since I first used or played against it. 

I think the latest incarnation is less powerful than previous versions, but now means that its slightly better points.


The first fliers available to the Directorate as Natural Allies, these guys rock in with Cloak, and 6 Interceptor shots each at both Long & Effective range, they are your go to guys for anti-air.

With the Elite quality you don't need to worry about Dis-Order tests too much, but they are fragile, with (at the time of posting) a stat line of 4+4.

Cloaked & Flying will help immensely with this, and the final bonus for them is the Aerial Assault special rule, this allows them to go flat out (forcing your opponent to need 6's to hit them, and with cloaked, they can't re-roll for extras) and still shoot. The shooting is Rushed, so you only hit on 5's, but with 18 shots to use that should average out at 9-12 successes. 

Planning your targets should give you some decent options here, and the 3 CQB each, while it isnt amazing, careful positioning may mean you can get your 9 CQB vs one low CQB or damaged model.

All in all I like their flexibility, they do tend to die early for me, but in doing so they go for the must kill enemy unit on the table top (potentially that Hawkers Industry Flyer that can call in Artillery strikes ::shudders:: 

With their flay out move of 28", and their ranges when shooting they have a very respectable threat range, and should you find yourself with only one model left and badly outnumbered, that movement means you can easily get them off the table to deny your opponent 3TV.

The Crone is a recon specialist in every sense of the words. Sure Hover, Hard Target (-1) & Cloaked can make them tough customers to deal with outside of Effective range, but with a DR of 4 each, no shields and a CQB of 1 they are very weak. 

What they excel at are grabbing / threatening those back field objectives, or getting those flank / rear shots on enemy units. 

If they get in range, then the 5 of them can put out 20AD, which in someones Flank or Rear arc can be devastating. 

Their recon move means they can shoot 17" before the game begins to help get in those positions, and with the Elite quality its not such a big deal that they might run out of range of their command element. 

While they will excel at killing infantry with the Anti-Personnel MAR on their weapons do not limit yourself to just using them for those purposes, sometimes the best bit is to surprise your opponent with that 20AD rear shot, and if they shoot at these guys, they are not shooting at the rest of your army.

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Reductors

Another old post, dug out of limbo for you all to have a look at!

At a full unit of 10 of these guys all with a 6" spray that can't hit themselves (due to a special rule) is actually really good. 

Even against an ARM19 Warjack at -6 damage to their damage rolls they were consistently putting damage on it, which is huge! 

Against anything with less arm (although higher base DEF like units they will not get as many hits), but will get significant numbers of attempts to hit given the Spray and volume of them on the table top! 

Limited Edition Legion Herald Unboxing

 Good evening all,
 A quick post about a purchase I made today, I have to admit I rarely get Limited edition models, and this one's price tag very nearly put me off.

However I decided to treat myself... probably not something the wife will let me do again! 

As you can see from the image above the price was £22.50 for the model (which is pretty much how much I needed to spend on a drop pod for my army)... very much a case of crazy pricing, but I still bought it. 

When you open it up you get to see the four main parts to the model, the arms are separate (which can allow those more adventerous types to give them new arms and new poses. 

The main body & arm, there are only (that I have spotted) two Ultramarines signs on the model, on on the arm shoulder pad, and one on the knee pad of this left leg. 

This should make it pretty easy for someone to change his chapter allegiances and get a bit more scope out of this model.

This shot shows the backpack with its cape, and the standard, I have to admit I am not keen on the cape, mainly because of the awesome detail on the back of the model itself, I will have to see how it goes together but i am likely to swap it out for one of the spare backpacks I have from Betrayal at Calth

The top of the standard for those of you interested.

Followed by his left arm and head, again not so impressed with non-helmeted models, although I do have a few, so this might be getting changed as well.

His holstered bolt pistol

And then a couple of different shots of the models components. 

Finally once you get the model out it shows you how to glue it all together, nice to have instructions for a model from FW!

Winter War 2016 - The List!!!

So without too much thought, minimal planning, very little time and crossing the 30k & 40k streams... here is my first attempt at an 1850 point Winter War list.

Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Ultramarines
Force Organisation: Gladius Strike Force

Core: Demi-Battle Company
Auxilary: Anti-Air Defence Force

Demi-Battle Company
Terminator Captain - Cataphrattci Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi Bolter
Tactical Squad (10) - Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Drop Pod
Contemptor Dreadnoughts (2) - Kheres Assault Cannons
Attack Bikes (3) - Multi-Melta
Devastator Squad (10) - Rocket Launchers x 4
Command Squad (5) - Plasma Gun x 5, Drop Pod

Anti-Air Defence Force
Stalkers x 2
Hunter x 1

Total Points: 1850

Kill Points 13

So everything is different with no two units being exactly alike which is nice! 

Three drop pods gives me a level of flexibility on what drops when & where without breaking the army into too many small chunks, and won't feel like wasted points assuming I don't HAVE to start in a dedicated transport (I only call that out in case i missed it in my read through of 7th Ed. 

The Stalkers & Hunters could very well end up as wasted points in some games, but at least it gives me a solid Anti Air option, along with a little bit of interceptor (although at a lower BS) if required.

All in all it feels pretty solid, and doesn't mean I need to spend a load of money on models that won't work when I play 30k (i.e the Stalkers & Hunters just won't convert over, unless I find some awesome way to assemble them that lets me use em as Rhinos as well (or a Damocles!)

Ultramarines vs Tau (1000 Points) Battle Report

Out of the blocks, you can actually watch the full game (all 2 hours of it) on You tube here

Dragkon & I were playing our first game of 7th Edition against each other in prep for a tournament on the 12th November. 

It takes us 2 hours because of all the rules questions, and a little bit of getting use to playing again (I hope, cause we have to fit 1850 points into not much more time soon!).

The forces we used were:

Ultramarines - 1,000 Points

Formation - Battle Demi Company
Terminator Captain in Cataphrattci Armour with Lightning Claw + Combi Bolter
Tactical Squad, 10 Marines, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun
Tactical Squad, 10 Marines, Rocket Launcher, Flamer, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad, 5 Marines, Flamer
Assault Bike Squad, 1 Bike, Multi-Melta
Devastator Squad, 10 Marines, Rocket Launcher x 4
Contemptor Dreadnought, Kheres Assault Cannon

Tau - 1,000 Points
Tau Commander
Battlesuit Bodyguard x 3, Smart Missiles x 3, Plasma Gun x 3, Interceptor
Tau Breacher Team x 10
Tau Fire Warriors x 10
Tau Pathfinders x 10
Broadside, Heavy Missile System, Interceptor
Tau Riptide, Gatling Gun thingy, Interceptor

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Deployment: Dawn of War
Night fighting: Yes
First Turn - Ultramarines
Initiative Stolen - No

Ultramarines Turn 1: 
The Ultramarines Drop pod landed next the Objective in the centre of the board, well tried to, but scattered 10" closer to the Tau than I had hoped, the Marines disembarked to try and hide behind the Drop Pod, although couldnt get themselves all out of sight of the Battlesuits. 

The rest of the army advanced, with the 5 man Tactical Squad moving towards the objective on the left, while the Combat Squaded tactical squad moved up, the Terminator Captain with the Rocket Launcher 5 man unit.

The Contemptor fluffed its difficult terrain rolls and only got 3", while the Attack Bike surged forward to target the Broadside.  

The Devastators stayed put with a good view of the battlefield from the off. 

The shooting from the Interceptors killed 4 marines, and caused the Tactical squad to break, their shooting was ineffective as snapshots, as was the tactical squad split into combat squads, the 5 man tactical squad ran to claim the Objective, while the Contemptor fluffed his run roll trying to close the range. 

The Devastators had an effective shooting phase, killing 4 of the Breacher team, although they passed their breakcheck, while the Assault Bike took a wound of the Broadside (not with its multi-melta, with its bolter!).

Tau Turn 1: 
The tau moved themselves around to poor more fire onto the damaged tactical squad, while the Riptide tried to overcharge, failed and lost a wound. 

The Breacher team moved up preparing for the later turns.

The Tau shooting did its job with the Pathfinder unit taking the 6 remaining Marines of the Tactical squad down to just the Sergeant, while the Battlesuits killed the Drop Pod for First Blood,

The rest of their fire was poured into the Attack bike & Plasma gun section of the tactical squad, killing three of the combat squads marines, but failing to harm the Attack bike. 

Tau: 4 (1 Objective + First Blood)
Ultramarines: 3 (1 Objective)

Ultramarines Turn 2:
In the second turn the Ultramarines moved further up to secure the central objective, and positioned themselves on the far left objective so they could fire on the Pathfinders.

The Contemptor again rolled poorly for its difficult terrain test (wont be setting him up in that again...).

The Attack Bike made a suicidal run forward to bring its multi-melta to bear on the Battlesuits, while the remaining sergeant from the drop pod tactical squad moved right upto the central objective. 

The shooting phase for the Ultramarines was shocking, with 4 hits & wounds caused on the Pathfinders, they passed all 4 armour saves. 

The Combat squadded tactical squad unleashed all their shots on the Battlesuits, causing only one unsaved wounds, despite forcing 6 armour saves (1 of which was AP3 and therefore a cover save).

The Attack Bike missed with the multi-melta, while the twin Linked Bolters did no damage, the Devastator squad got 10 hits on the Breacher Squad, only caused 4 wounds, and all of those were saved. although one of the scatters managed to kill the leader of the Fire Warrior unit.

The Contemptor made a run move, but rolled poorly again! 

At this point I had serious worries about how much damage the largely untouched Tau might do to my already damaged marines! 

Tau Turn 2:
The Riptide again chose to try and Nova Charge, failing its roll and taking its second wound of the game. 

The Breacher squad moved up to put its shots into the attack bike, while the Tau Commander broke off from its Bodyguard to go and deal with the 5 man tactical squad holding the objective on the left. 

The Bodyguards moved up to unleash their plasma & missiles on my Warlords unit, while the Riptide lined up on the attack bike. 

Their shooting phase started with 6 Marker light hits on my Warlords unit, followed by me taking 3 Plasma wounds and 5 standard armour saves from the Bodyguard. Now at this point I messed up my armour saving method, while Dragkon messed up his batch of dice he made me save (I think at least). 

He chose to inflict the Plasma first, while my Warlord was the closest model, I look out sir'd all of those wounds successfully, and passed 1 of the resulting cover saves. The Warlord then took the 5 wounds on himself (which I rolled all together rather than splitting it into a batch of 3, then 2). Fortunately I didnt roll so many 1's that he died and it mattered, but I did manage to roll two 1's, leaving him on 1 wound. 

The Attack bike took a Tau Breacher squad to the face, and only jinking saved it, leaving it on 1 wound, which didn't help it when the Riptide opened up on it and took it down. 

The Broadside fired on the Contemptor, but its invulnerable save prevented any damaged, while the Tau Commander managed to kill two of the Tactical squad holding the far right objective. 

Tau: 4 (1 Objective, First Blood)
Ultramarines: 6 (2 Objectives) 

Ultramarines Turn 3
I finally remembered that I had a thing called a tactical doctrine, and actually called it into action this turn!

The Contemptor moved up on the right, finally closing the range to deal with the Tau, the Warlords unit rejigged to put the surviving marines between him and the Tau, while the other Combat squad (now just a Plasma Gunner & Sergeant) moved up to get range on the Breacher Squad.

The 5 man tactical squad  moved behind the terrain to consolidate their hold on the objective (with that Tau Commander bearing down on them), and the Devastator squad stayed still.

My shooting phase was more successful (as you would expect), we played it that the Contemptor benfitted from the Tactical Doctrine (because it was part of the Demi-Company), although if that is wrong please let me know in the comments. He wiped out the Breacher squad with his first volley. 

The Warlords unit shot at the Tau commander out on his own, but only caused one wound (his cursed Invulnerable shield saved the Rocket hit).

The Devastator squad unleashed 4 Kraks, three of which hit onto the Bodyguard through the ruins, but all three passed their cover saves again, the remaining tactical marines around the central objective tried to potshot the Bodyguard, but didnt cause any wounds.

Tau Turn 3
The Tau Commander continued his advance on the left hand side objective, while the Bodyguards lined up another volley against the Warlords unit.

The Riptide successfully overcharged his gun, and lined it up on the advancing Contemptor, as did the Broadside.

In the shooting phase the Tau Fire Warrior squad killed plasma Gunner from the Tactical squad, leaving me with two Sergeants running around on their own (hey they are still Objective Secured scoring right?!)

The Bodyguards shooting was ineffective for once, with my Marines making their cover saves to protect the Warlord.

The Riptide Overheated his main gun three times, but passed all his armour saves, while the remaining 6 hits failed to score a rending result. The Broadside was equally ineffective against the Contemptor. 

Tau: 4 (1 Objective + First Blood)
Ultramarines: 6 ( 2 Objectives)

Ultramarines Turn 4
With my forces running out of models, it was time for the Contemptor to shine, he continued his advance keeping the riptide in his front arc, but lining up for more shots on the Bodyguard, while the few tactical marines in the central objective shifted around to get the best firing position. 

I also remember to enact my second Tactical doctrine (which didnt affect the Contemptor this time) at the beginning of the turn. 

In the shooting phase I managed to kill one Bodyguard outright, and reduce the other unwounded one to 1 wound, meaning both Bodyguard were now just more manoeuvrable marines. 

The Devastators managed to kill 3 more Tau Fire Warriors, although they did not break despite missing their leader. 

Tau Turn 4
The Tau Commander rounded the building to line up the shots on the three Tactical marines holding the the far left objective, while the bodyguard ran into the central ruins with the objective, to line up yet more fire on the Warlords unit.

The Pathfinders landed 2 marker light hits, that the Bodyguard used to get BS5, and unleashed their plasma & missiles on the Warlord and his two comrades. Fortunately only one marine died due to the fire they used.

The Tau Commander killed one more of the Tactical squad near the objective on the left, while the Broadside & Riptide (who had managed to Novacharge again without a problem) failed to hurt the Contemptor. 

The Tau Commander then decided to heroically charge the three Tactical Marines, whose snapshots got 5 hits (three from the flamer, and two boltgun hits). From those 5 hits I got 4 wounds, and he failed three of his saves, killing himself as he ran in! Slay the Warlord!

After hearing over their broadcast net the Riptide abandoned plans to charge the Contemptor...

Tau: 4 (Objective + First Blood)
Ultramarines: 7 (Objective x 2 + Slay the Warlord)

Ultramarines Turn 5:
The Ultramarines unleashed hell this turn, starting with the Devastator Doctrine, the Contemptor continue his moved to get Line Breaker, while lining up on the Riptide.

The 3 Marines & Warlord took careful aim on the Battlesuits, while the 2 marines on the far left hid behind the building. 

The Bodyguards died in a hail of boltgun shells, before the Broadside (Big Guns VP) died to the Devastator fire, although the Contemptor was unable to hurt the Riptide.

Tau Turn 5:
The Tau were convince the game was beyond them if it didnt go onto Turn 6 now, although they went Balls to the walls to get my Warlord.

The Riptide successfully overcharged again and moved up to put pressure on the central objective. 

Their shooting was largely ineffective with a Fire Warrior & Pathfinder team out of range and Line of Sight it came down to the Riptide, he managed to cause 8 wounds on the Warlord and his lone comrade. I rolled my first two saves, a 1 followed by a 1, which dropped my Warlord and his marine buddy. 

Random Game Roll: 2 Game ends

Final VP's
Tau: 5 (Objective + First Blood + Slay the Warlord
Ultramarines: 8 (Objective x 2 + Slay the Warlord + Big Guns Never Tire (Heavy Support killed)

Post Game Analysis:
So we got a few bits wrong, I forgot that my Contemptor had fleet for the whole game, what a difference that would have made! 

Also forgetting about the Tactical Doctrines while I had 25 models on the table would have made a difference as well methinks! 

Dragkon thinks he should have focussed his fire on the almost wiped out squads a bit more, meaning he would have taken the central objective off me if he killed them (giving him a draw), and not wasted shots on the Contemptor despite the damage it did. 

Unit of the Match - has to be the 5 man tactical squad in killing the Tau Commander as he charged in! 

Anything you see in this report, or the video that we got wrong, let us know in the comments as we are very much relearning 40k! 

Thanks for reading, hope it was enjoyable! 

Ultramarines + Deathwatch - 1850 Points

First up, my initial chance to pick / look at an 1850 point list. Given the models I listed myself as having here, here is the first draft. 

Primary Detachment
Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Ultramarines
Force Organisation: Gladius Strike Force

Core: Demi-Battle Company

Auxiliary: Anti-Air Defence Force

Demi-Battle Company

Terminator Captain - Cataphrattci Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi Bolter
Tactical Squad (10) - Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Drop Pod
Attack Bikes (3) - Multi-Melta
Devastator Squad (10) - Rocket Launchers x 4

Anti-Air Defence Force

Stalkers x 2
Hunter x 1

Secondary Detachment
Codex: Deathwatch
Force Organisation: Black Spear Strike Force

Core: Watch Commander
Watch Captain: Combi-Bolter, Power Sword, Artificer Armour, Tomes of Ectoclaides

Auxiliary: Aquila Kill Team
Veteran: Shotgun x 2
Veteran: Deathwatch Fragcannon x 2
Veteran x 3
Terminator: Cyclone Rocket Launcher, Thunder Hammer & Stormshield
Drop Pod

Command: Ancient
Venerable Dreadnought, Plasma Cannon

Total Points: 1849

Kill Points 14

So everything is different with no two units being exactly alike which is nice!

I get to enact each of the tactical doctrines once per game, and the tactical one twice (which works nicely for my Command Squad of plasma gunners... hopefully eliminating those pesky 1's!)

Three drop pods gives me a level of flexibility on what drops when & where without breaking the army into too many small chunks, and won't feel like wasted points assuming I don't HAVE to start in a dedicate transport (I only call that out in case i missed it in my read through of 7th Ed. 

The Stalkers & Hunters could very well end up as wasted points in some games, but at least it gives me a solid Anti Air option, along with a little bit of interceptor (although at a lower BS) if required.

The Deathwatch detachment gives me some added flexibility with the Aquila kill team in a Drop pod to land and try and kill something be it a vehicle, unit etc etc, its threat, while not great against AP 2 opponents is very good against almost anything else.

All in all it feels pretty solid, and doesn't mean I need to spend a load of money on models that won't work when I play 30k (i.e the Stalkers & Hunters just won't convert over, unless I find some awesome way to assemble them that lets me use em as Rhinos as well (or a Damocles!)

What thoughts do you have about this list?

Warmachine Convergence of Cyiss - Clockwork Angels

On to the Clockwork Angels this week for my Convergence forces, I do have another blister of these I need to glue together.

Frustrating models to glue, but very nice to look at! 

Winter War 2016

In at the deep end.... thats sort of how I am viewing what are likely to be my first proper games of 40k in 7th Edition. 

Our local club hosts its annual Charity even in the middle of November, and I am going to be taking a Space Marine force (probably Ultramarines, with a smattering of Salamanders... depending on how many of my Ultramarines I can get painted). 

I would love to build a Formation based detachment as my primary, although in all likely hood I will end up with Combined Arms detachment that allows me to throw something together.

So far I have the following models now:

Two Cataphrattci Terminator Captains (One Painted)
Two Power Armour Captains (1 half painted)
70 Marines (10 Painted + 20 75% painted)
10 Terminator Cataphrattci (5 Painted)
3 Centurions
1 Attack Bike
1 Landspeeder
1 Drop Pod
3 Predators
2 Contemptors (1 Painted)

1 Venerable Dreadnought
1 Deathwatch Captain
5 Deathwatch Veterans
5 Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans

All of this (plus spares I may steal from my brother) some how needs to fit into an 1850 point force that can at least be accused of turning up, even if it loses all of its games! 

The army composition is based around two Detachments, and allows the Primary detachment to be a Combined Arms detachment, or a detachment take from a codex that consists of formations.

The Secondary detachment can be a standalone Formation, Allied Detachment or another, although its likely that I cannot spend more than 900 points on the secondary attachment (not an issue).

Looking at how little I have painted, I suspect i will need to spend a significant chunk of my time getting these guys battle ready, one month to go!

Halo Ground Command (Picture Heavy)

While searching through my dropbox earlier I cam across the pictures I took at Claymore when I was helping demo at the Spartan games Table.

Below are a selection of the models from Halo Ground command, painted my the excellent Gr1mdan (you can find him on the Spartan Games forums.


Warmachine Convergence of Cyiss - Perforators

Trawling through my draft posts, I found a selection I had around Warmachine.

These guys havent been looked at for a while, but I will do my best to post a few pictures of the painted Models I have for Convergence.

First up the Perforators! 

Nice chunky models these guys, really enjoyed gluing and painting them up! 

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