Ultramarines + Deathwatch - 1850 Points

First up, my initial chance to pick / look at an 1850 point list. Given the models I listed myself as having here, here is the first draft. 

Primary Detachment
Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Ultramarines
Force Organisation: Gladius Strike Force

Core: Demi-Battle Company

Auxiliary: Anti-Air Defence Force

Demi-Battle Company

Terminator Captain - Cataphrattci Armour, Lightning Claw, Combi Bolter
Tactical Squad (10) - Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10) - Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Drop Pod
Attack Bikes (3) - Multi-Melta
Devastator Squad (10) - Rocket Launchers x 4

Anti-Air Defence Force

Stalkers x 2
Hunter x 1

Secondary Detachment
Codex: Deathwatch
Force Organisation: Black Spear Strike Force

Core: Watch Commander
Watch Captain: Combi-Bolter, Power Sword, Artificer Armour, Tomes of Ectoclaides

Auxiliary: Aquila Kill Team
Veteran: Shotgun x 2
Veteran: Deathwatch Fragcannon x 2
Veteran x 3
Terminator: Cyclone Rocket Launcher, Thunder Hammer & Stormshield
Drop Pod

Command: Ancient
Venerable Dreadnought, Plasma Cannon

Total Points: 1849

Kill Points 14

So everything is different with no two units being exactly alike which is nice!

I get to enact each of the tactical doctrines once per game, and the tactical one twice (which works nicely for my Command Squad of plasma gunners... hopefully eliminating those pesky 1's!)

Three drop pods gives me a level of flexibility on what drops when & where without breaking the army into too many small chunks, and won't feel like wasted points assuming I don't HAVE to start in a dedicate transport (I only call that out in case i missed it in my read through of 7th Ed. 

The Stalkers & Hunters could very well end up as wasted points in some games, but at least it gives me a solid Anti Air option, along with a little bit of interceptor (although at a lower BS) if required.

The Deathwatch detachment gives me some added flexibility with the Aquila kill team in a Drop pod to land and try and kill something be it a vehicle, unit etc etc, its threat, while not great against AP 2 opponents is very good against almost anything else.

All in all it feels pretty solid, and doesn't mean I need to spend a load of money on models that won't work when I play 30k (i.e the Stalkers & Hunters just won't convert over, unless I find some awesome way to assemble them that lets me use em as Rhinos as well (or a Damocles!)

What thoughts do you have about this list?