Horus Heresy (Marines)... painted so far.

This time out its having a quick look at my Tactial Squad / Veteran Squad / Heavy Support Members / Support Team members

While these guys have been assembled as a Veteran Squad for 30k (more commonly know as the Tactical squad in 40k), the squad will be broken up for 30k games to form up into larger 30k Tactical Squads, Support Squads and Heavy Weapon Squads. 

Again happy with how these guys look, although the faces need a little extra detail on the face masks, and the gold trim looks decidedly brown on a couple of the models.

The Sergeant given a Power Fist & Bolt Pistol, from an actual game perspective very expensive, from a modelling point of view I quite like at him. 

More piccys to come as there are another 60 MK IV armour marines for me to model / convert / paint...