Winter War 2016

In at the deep end.... thats sort of how I am viewing what are likely to be my first proper games of 40k in 7th Edition. 

Our local club hosts its annual Charity even in the middle of November, and I am going to be taking a Space Marine force (probably Ultramarines, with a smattering of Salamanders... depending on how many of my Ultramarines I can get painted). 

I would love to build a Formation based detachment as my primary, although in all likely hood I will end up with Combined Arms detachment that allows me to throw something together.

So far I have the following models now:

Two Cataphrattci Terminator Captains (One Painted)
Two Power Armour Captains (1 half painted)
70 Marines (10 Painted + 20 75% painted)
10 Terminator Cataphrattci (5 Painted)
3 Centurions
1 Attack Bike
1 Landspeeder
1 Drop Pod
3 Predators
2 Contemptors (1 Painted)

1 Venerable Dreadnought
1 Deathwatch Captain
5 Deathwatch Veterans
5 Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans

All of this (plus spares I may steal from my brother) some how needs to fit into an 1850 point force that can at least be accused of turning up, even if it loses all of its games! 

The army composition is based around two Detachments, and allows the Primary detachment to be a Combined Arms detachment, or a detachment take from a codex that consists of formations.

The Secondary detachment can be a standalone Formation, Allied Detachment or another, although its likely that I cannot spend more than 900 points on the secondary attachment (not an issue).

Looking at how little I have painted, I suspect i will need to spend a significant chunk of my time getting these guys battle ready, one month to go!